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Pics added.
Yep. Can post a pic tonight when I get home from work. The mark is a manufacturing defect, not user damage.
Fostex TH-X00. Virtually new. Came with one small divot in the finish. The bass is just not for me. Price includes paypal and shipping to CONUS.   EDIT - I have a couple offers pending already. If you're interested the best I can do is add you to the list!    
 A: No. I'd put money on you leaving them in the closet after the initial "new and shiny" phase.
 Mine have a divot in the finish. Noticeable enough that if I sold them I'd have to make a note of it.
Received mine today. Based on only a brief listen, I generally agree with a lot of the positive impressions in here but would argue that the bass is a bit more boosted, and the treble a bit hotter/not as natural as people are reporting. Rock/metal? Hell yeah. Acousitc/vocals? Maybe not as much.
Buyer's remorse/financial issues. Can't back out once it closes. Seems like a lot of headphones in the for sale section were just barely purchased. I think it just sticks out more with the massdrop items. Sometimes you can follow a phone back across like 3 owners in less than a month. 
I'm not sure that beyers being on sale even counts at this point. More like it's news when they AREN'T 40% off. People feel like they got a good deal but not really.
I bought a diet coke every morning for 4 years from the same guy. One day he paused to tell me his stand was closing, and he asked forgiveness for any discrepancies in the change he had given me over the years. I dont remember him ever giving me incorrect change, and I never knew his name. Never saw him again but i still think about that moment. Similar thing happened with a guy who owns the snack shop in the lobby of my building. He doesnt know my name but in terms of my...
 College was a good time. Ahh the good ol days.
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