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  Anyone know what amp is all the way to the left on the front corner of the table? EDIT - I figured out it's a JDS Labs Element
 I somehow completely missed them and am pretty bummed about it. Doh!
Thanks for the impressions! That location though... This is the first year you couldnt get to the show on the subway. Even if you took the train up you still had to walk like 2 miles. Was anybody there?
On my way but unfortunately without my Bifrost multibit because the drivers are not playing well with the only laptop I can bring today.
I should be able to come. I'll bring:   Schiit Bifrost Multibit Schiit Lyr 2 - LISST tubes Senn 650 Fostex T50rp MK3
 $1200? Won't buy if over $49.99
 For some reason the larger planars mess with my tinnitus even at low volumes. Switch to a dynamic headphone and my ears feel fine.
By "refurb (return)" unit I mean I purchased this from Oppo as a refurb unit at a discount, and Oppo sells returned phones as refurb. I didn't send these in for repair. I don't remember how I made the marks but they weren't there when I purchased the phones.
Schiit Asgard 2. Purchased new from Schiit 3 months ago. Excellent condition. Includes everything that comes in the retail box. $200 shipped CONUS or local pickup in NYC. Sorry, no international sales. Not interested in trades.
New Posts  All Forums: