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I just called Audeze and they confirmed the LCD-2 no longer comes with a wood care kit or balanced cable. So... Foolish me. Probably should have figured that out for sure before writing B&H an angry letter. I'm that guy. Ugh!
Thanks guys for the thoughts. I gave them another good listen and definitely part of it is me not being used to the resolution, and my right ear seems to be a bit sore so that could be part of the issue as well. I'm going to lay off my IEMs for a while and see how the sound is.   Final edit - Found out the LCD-2s no longer come with the wood care kit or balanced cable, so user error. 
The first NY meet I went to I just couldn't believe that people were giving others permission to kind of wander off with their $$$ headphones to try on some other system. I thought it was amazing. I sincerely hope the recent thefts won't put a damper on the sharing! Major bummer.
No UE this time around?
OK, serious observation here - I've heard maybe 4 different LCD-2s over the last couple years. At no point did I think the treble was rough or bright, but I don't believe any of the ones I heard had the fazor. The 2fs I just purchased, with a manufacture date of late December 2014, can seem to have kind of a sharp/hard treble response that can be kind of physically uncomfortable. I'll be grooving along and sometimes when a treble instrument or effect drops into the mix I...
I hooked these into my RSA HR-2 and pretty much immediately identified a MAJOR design flaw. I can't jump around or head bang without them flying off my head. I can't listen to them without wanting to jump around. Please advise.
I just purchased a new pair from B&H. I sat down in the waiting area to open the box and verify all was well. Plugged them straight into my phone to check function... Not impressed with sound. Returned immediately.         jk you can pry these from my cold dead fingers.
I went to B&H today and took a quick look at their new high end headphone demo area. It’s in a glass-enclosed space (shared with studio monitors) set off from the general pro audio area. The display has a beefy-looking Tascam CD player with a front USB input. It’s hooked up to an Antelope Zodiac headphone amp. I couldn’t get the front USB to recognize my S5 through the USB cable I had with me, so I listened to the CD that was in the player. There were no other CDs and no...
Tomorrow I'm going to check these out at b&h in nyc. Is there a way to identify the Rev on the retail box?
Do you guys think there are any legitimate reasons to buy a new LCD-2 over a new EL-8 open back?
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