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 Oops post slipped my mind. I checked my power settings and while I had USB power management turned off in Device Manager, I had left Selective Suspend turned ON in my power plan. I toggled it off and we'll see how it goes. Thanks!
I've had my Bifrost multibit for a few months now and it's been working fine. Today the USB connection started dropping randomly. Nothing in my setup has changed. I'll be listening to music and the unit will click, and my pc (Win 7) will switch output to the system speakers. The lights on the front of the unit don't start scrolling, the unit doesn't turn off, it just clicks and loses connection. I tried disabling all audio output devices besides the bifrost and it still...
For sale is my EVGA GTX 780 SC. I just upgraded to a 980ti. Quiet card would work great for an htpc. Sale includes card in original box. Used in filtered case but the blades have managed to gather some dust that is resisting my air can.  Price includes insured shipping to the US.
 If sponsors placing ads directly in threads becomes a thing, I think a lot of people, myself included, are going to get really annoyed.
For sale is my Marantz SR5008. I purchased it new from Bestbuy in Feb 2014, so the warranty runs through Feb 2017. I just received this back from service at United Radio. Box is unopened. Service consisted of cleaning and re-seating the internal rca harness, and updating the firmware to fix some hiss I was experiencing. I switched to the 5009 so I'd have bluetooth/wireless. My asking price is $100 off what is essentially the same unit you'd get from accessories4less with...
Pics added.
Yep. Can post a pic tonight when I get home from work. The mark is a manufacturing defect, not user damage.
Fostex TH-X00. Virtually new. Came with one small divot in the finish. The bass is just not for me. Price includes paypal and shipping to CONUS.   EDIT - I have a couple offers pending already. If you're interested the best I can do is add you to the list!    
 A: No. I'd put money on you leaving them in the closet after the initial "new and shiny" phase.
 Mine have a divot in the finish. Noticeable enough that if I sold them I'd have to make a note of it.
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