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My rig is below. GTX 780 and watercooling in the MiniITX box (with a printer stacked on top because gf) under my desk.     and I have optical running over to my Dynaudio x34s and Revel B112. Too much speaker for the space? Yup. Just the way I like it. Compromises had to be made regarding the size of the media center between my speakers...  
 Aaaaaand that did it. Yikes. edit - Also want to mention that these sound a lot better from my pc than my phone.
I can't get the Momentum to connect to my pc with Bluetooth. My motherboard has Bluetooth 4.0 and can connect to my Roku just fine, but it doesn't see the headphones as a device. I feel like I've tried everything. Is there some trick I'm missing?
 Try Bleak, where the guitar line comes in at the :20 mark. I don't listen much straight out of my phone, so that could be part of the issue... The bit about the mic issues is a major bummer. I was listening in wireless mode. /shrug
My quick thoughts after the first 30min of listening to the wireless momentum from my S5: Booming midbass bump conceals the mids. It thumps like a cheap car sub. I was listening to some Opeth and literally could not make out some guitar lines I know are there. I’m not talking background stuff but rather the main guitar lines. Sixteenth notes turned into one lengthy line of mush. I’m not sure who thought this was acceptable for a $500 item. The good: The noise cancelation...
 Yep, I got a price break so didn't insist on waiting for a "new" one. I kind of got the feeling you only get their full service when you spend big $$, but I could be wrong.
I've purchased a couple items from Lyric and both times they told me "this is the last one we have so we can only sell it as a demo with no return policy." It seemed a bit fishy, so watch out.
I'd like to hear a pre-fazor LCD-2 if anyone can bring one, to compare with my fazor one.
Pickles seem to be pretty big in Brooklyn, but the problem is the popular ones aren't any good, and they could be turning people off to pickles for good. I think the Brooklyn pickle craze must be more of a hipster style/social thing than any actual affinity for pickles, because all of the popular local, organic, blah blah blah brands sell vegetables soaked in vinegar and spices. That, my friends, does not a good pickle make. A real lacto-fermented pickle is the only way to...
 I just switched to the Lyr 2 and immediately thought THIS is what I've been missing! LCD-2f is just effortlessly putting out ridiculous bass.
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