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Anyone know how to get the voice prompt to tell you the battery level? The manual says "When the battery is almost completely empty or when the headphones are being charged, the LED lights up or flashes as indicated in the table below and a voice prompt announces the charge condition of the battery." I've tried and tried but can't get the voice part to work. 
 I brought along a non member a few years ago. He walked in with iPhone buds and walked out with UE customs. You should warn them now.
Oops i didnt realize it was that small.
 Fair enough, but I'm worried how some headphone bits have vanished from meet tables recently...
It is with great sadness that I report I left my e18 in an airplane seat back pocket. May he rest in peace...
Up to 140mW into 32 ohms   Is that number correct? That's what a Schiit Magni puts into 600 ohms.
I hope to spend a lot of time auditioning IEMs and don't really want to leave my LCD2/Lyr2 sitting alone on a table all day, so I may just leave the rig at home. We shall see.
If you unplug the inputs and still hear a hiss I think it's either the speakers or you still have a power problem. I'd try plugging them into a different socket, maybe try only plugging in one at a time as well, and probably unplugging/turning off other devices (i.e. the computer) in your apt/house to see if anything makes a difference.    I had strange and annoying hissing and buzzing issues in my home theater. I thought I had a probelm with my subwoofer and sent it...
Can't really offer a solution but is the hiss still there if you unplug the audio input?
When your gf texts you that the window washers moved your sub and you are instantly terrified.
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