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Up to 140mW into 32 ohms   Is that number correct? That's what a Schiit Magni puts into 600 ohms.
I hope to spend a lot of time auditioning IEMs and don't really want to leave my LCD2/Lyr2 sitting alone on a table all day, so I may just leave the rig at home. We shall see.
If you unplug the inputs and still hear a hiss I think it's either the speakers or you still have a power problem. I'd try plugging them into a different socket, maybe try only plugging in one at a time as well, and probably unplugging/turning off other devices (i.e. the computer) in your apt/house to see if anything makes a difference.    I had strange and annoying hissing and buzzing issues in my home theater. I thought I had a probelm with my subwoofer and sent it...
Can't really offer a solution but is the hiss still there if you unplug the audio input?
When your gf texts you that the window washers moved your sub and you are instantly terrified.
I’m looking for a small dac/preamp/headphone amp to replace my Audinst mx-1. I switched to Windows 8.1 and the drivers do not enable the properties tab where you disable sound “enchancements.” So, I need a small usb or optical dac that also has a headphone amp and variable rca outs. When I say small I mean smaller than a Benchmark Dac1, smaller than a Schiit Asgard. You don’t notice it’s there kind of small. The Fostex A4 looks the part but reviews aren’t exactly glowing....
 I have this as well. What could possibly be the problem with crossing the street? It makes no sense.
After a few days of use I've decided that while I'm not exactly thrilled with the bass, everything else is pretty sweet and I'll probably keep them. There's just too much bass and it's not tight. I think the looseness of the bass accentuates the actual boost in an unflattering way. I  eq'ed the bass down a bit which tightened things up.  I can deal with the bass issue but there's one problem that might make me return these. Connectivity while walking around is rough. I...
Headphone.com (HeadRoom) will give you 20% off any item they sell (hello there LCD-3) if you send them a broken pair of Beats. The site says some exclusions apply, but I asked them what that meant and they told me they don't currently have exclusions but wanted to leave open the possibility of changing something later if issues come up.
 For a long time there was no table and the tv sat on a narrow open audio component stand. I'm told the new look is more "adult" and "we need more storage." Can't win them all unfortunately.
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