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Would love to hear comparison between M70x and Momentum M2, when available.
With the new wireless model is the noise cancellation always on? As in can you turn it off?
 edit - I should read more before posting.
I couldn't pull the trigger on the lcd3s at 20% off and now it's out of stock. Nerd rage.
I'm interested in coming as well, but am not totally sure I'll be able to make it.
A friend picked up my custom UE18 Pros and stuck them in his ears (without asking). Said, "Sounds pretty good" and handed them back to me. He asked how much they cost, so I told him, and he laughed in my face.
 This is seriously disappointing. I'd be very interested to hear more about this from anyone at CES.
 "...to my ears, perhaps, the most technically capable headphone available currently at its price." I just don't know what to make of that. Anyway, this is my last negative post. 
 Jude's qualifiers and somewhat reserved praise definitely made me raise an eyebrow. I'm also a bit worried that his more open and less lush comments might translate to real world lack of bass, but who knows! 
 I would choose universals, but I'm not sure how a universal could ever be as comfortable as a custom. For some reason the pressure from universal tips just kills my ears. Customs feel almost like nothing is there at all.
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