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"Sadly, once you actually start listening to them, it becomes obvious that besides the bass, everything else is painfully harsh and piercing, with a shrill, metallic characteristic to the sound."     ^This. If you like anything other than bass, don't get the pro 900. I had mine for maybe a few hours before deciding to sell them.
I went last year. If you like audio gear, it will be awesome. It's that simple.  Where else can you listen to hundreds of thousands of $ of audio equipment (single rooms were filled with small fortunes), set up by  manufacturers/real professionals, all day, for $20? I think I got $20 of free audio magazines the second I walked in, along with a show magazine that detailed exactly what each vandor was showing in each room, and a map of the whole place.   For headphone...
I'll be there!
My favorite bands (at the moment) in no particular order: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Mastodon, Animals as Leaders, Katatonia, Opeth, Transatlantic, Pink Floyd.   Any suggestions for similar, perhaps somewhat obscure, bands I might want to check out? Bonus points if the lead guitarist is nasty.   Please don't suggest Avenged Sevenfold.   Thanks!
  I listened to both at the event. I actually listened to every model and Mike Dias spent a generous amount of time talking with me about the different models. It's been a while so I'm not going to try and drop a bunch reviewer speak, but to me the UERMs sounded neutral and detailed, as you might expect. Switching to the new custom monitors my first thought was that the music sounded ALIVE. It was really incredible. I'd say at the very least it's worth going out of your...
  I think J&R's return policy excludes iems but when I went in and talked to a sales guy he said I could buy a few and return the ones I didn't want. Might be worth asking them what the deal really is. I ended up only buying one and didn't try to return it.
Thanks for the reply. I'm running Foobar into an Audinst MX-1 via USB, not the stereo jack. As far as I can tell, Foobar is actually sending out a digital signal.  
I recently read that you should max the volume in Windows (If your dac doesn't bypass it altogether) in order to get the full bitstream to your dac. I've been using my dac with the Windows volume at whatever level it happened to be at which is usually around 50%. So I gave it a shot with the volume all the way up and turned my amp volume down to compensate. I don't know if it's just in my head and I'm going crazy, but it does seem as though the sound has seriously...
Sending you a PM.  
Ah. I missed it by 10min. Thanks
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