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I was playing around with the device settings on my pc today and noticed that if you set the bluetooth M2 as the default playback device, and disable the headset microphone on the Recording tab, the bass response (volume and extension) while playing music is cut back significantly. Overall playback resolution suffers as well (edit - might actually be the lack of bass letting you hear what's really happening in the treble). Why would disabling the mic as a pc input affect...
A couple weeks ago I noticed that when I turned on my Marantz SR 5008 my sub would put out this soft low rumble/hiss and after a couple minutes it would pop, like you might hear through speakers when you turn on the amp, then the sub would operate as normal. I don’t believe it’s a ground loop issue as I had one when I first hooked up my system but fixed it.   Today, I noticed that a similar rumble/hiss was coming from my mains so turned off my sub and did a factory reset...
I recently demoed the universal version at the NY meet and on a couple tracks the vocals were spookily real, even compared to significantly more expensive products. Can't get it out of my head. Maybe I only got the right seal on this model?
A few weeks ago I bought a Lyr 2. With my LCD-2 it's dead silent and sounds fantastic. Today I plugged in my custom IEMs, UE 18 pros, for the first time. Low gain. They also sound great, except there's a slight hiss in the left channel only. Could this be a tube issue?
Note to anyone who tried the Noble iems - If you listened to the 10s but the case was regular black rather than kind of sparkly, you weren't listening to the 10s. I'm fairly certain I thought I was listening to the 10s but in fact had the 6s, which have a strong bass boost. Thinking back I don't remember seeing the 10s on the table at all but I could be wrong. The 10s look like this.  
I've decided to keep my m2 wireless. I vastly underestimated the awesomeness of noise cancellation, wireless and comfort for office use. I'm even starting to come around to the boosted bass for how I use these which is mostly relatively quiet background noise while I'm working. However, it's not going to replace my wired headphones for "real" listening.
 Aaahhhh wish I had noticed that. But wait a sec, did the demo 10 have the different finish as shown on your site? The one handed to me as the 10 (that's the only reason I thought it was the 10) had the same black finish as the others. I have a feeling it may have in fact been the 6, which would explain the bass. Kind of a bummer if everyone at the meet heard the wrong unit.
I had the chance to try the universals at the NY meet last weekend. Overall I was impressed, but preferred the lower models to the k10, which just had too much bass for my tastes. The real issue was since the Woo rep was showing the units for Noble and since the demo units looked exactly the same, as far as we could tell, I didn't know which model I was listening to, except for the k10...
I have 3 sets of ICs. When used between my dac and my amp, there's a strong buzz with 2 of them. With one of those two the buzz will change based on touching the metal of the connectors or simply moving the cable around. With both of them the buzz goes away if I unplug the usb connection between the dac and pc. With the 3rd set it's always dead silent. What could be wrong with the 2 that buzz?
I really enjoyed the HE-6 at the Headamp table. Does anyone know what the amp was? I cant remember.
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