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Sending a pm
Led Zep hands down.
  I saw them at the Opeth show actually and think a lot of the people in attendance liked Katatonia more. People were ready to get amped up and half of Opeth's set was acoustic.   My favorite song they played was Soil's Song.    
Schubert string quintet in C, D 956   Here's the first movement:   One of my favorite pieces to play or listen to.
I saw Katatonia last night and instantly became a fan. Just sick.
Yes, their last album was basically a warning but I had hoped they would at least give the crowd a taste of the older stuff. No dice though.  
I just got out of the show and it was decidedly NOT ridiculous or epic or even high energy. They played 3 acoustic songs to open the concert sitting down. The next song the drummer was using brushes. There was not one single growl the entire concert. At the end I heard multiple people mention selling their tickets for tomorrow. I heard people say "wasn't this supposed to be a metal concert?" Low low energy. Was more like a jam band concert. People were trying to get the...
I'm going to the show in NYC tonight. Going to be ridiculous! With the online fees I paid like $43. One of the few things I like about living in nyc is being able to leave my office, take the subway 1 stop, and see world class music.
To quote the FAQ of a well-known audio player, "I have an ASUS Xonar card and am experiencing problems...   Asus Xonar drivers are known to be completely broken on multiple levels. Get rid of this card and get a card from another manufacturer."     I don't have personal experience with the card but I've read about a lot of people who have major problems with it. A lot of people with Windows 7 seem to be having issues.   Wish I could help you more.
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