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Thanks for the review! I too recently purchased new W40s. I also noticed what sounds like, in my opinion, rather thick mid-bass that isn't quite as precise as you'd like it to be. I left them to play a full 12 hours overnight and the bass did seem to tighten up a good bit, but what I feel is left is an intended mid-bass emphasis that lacks a bit of control, and it can make complex/layered music sound muddy. I don't know if damping is a thing with ba drivers but it sounds...
I let them play sitting on my desk for the last 2 hours and you know what, they do already seem to sound a bit different. I'm going to let them play overnight, reprogram my ears with the SE535, and have another go. I'd really prefer to not believe in break in... I've bought a few other new IEMs and never noticed the sound change. Who knows. 
Hey thanks. I admit to generally being in the burn in your ears rather than the driver camp but I'll give it a go!
I just received W40s. My very first impression (10min of listening) is that the mid and treble detail is fantastic but the bass range around kick drums and bass guitars sounds artificial and muddy/loose. Is anyone else hearing this? I'm comparing to SE535 and UE 18 Pro. Just want to make sure I didn't get a bad pair.
Yep, free 132 actually included. Free overnight shipping as well.  Guess I'll just keep talking to myself, lol.
EDIT - No longer for sale. Sorry!   For sale is my Ray Samuels Audio HR-2 (amp plus power supply). It works and looks great but has a few small scratches and dings. Would give it a 7/10 on Audiogon. Recommend for use with relatively efficient cans as noise floor rises when you crank the volume. Planning to put up pictures tomorrow. Asking $325 shipped and insured to conus.
Thanks for the tip! At this point I feel like I'm giving it away so am a bit surprised I keep having to lower the price.
I just want to mention that I have wandered around stereo exchange a number of times without ever being pressured or asked to leave. I do not fit the profile of a typical audiophile. I've felt out of place in other nyc audio establishments but not here. It's refreshing.
I've been playing around and it looks to be a free addon for any purchase over $275 or so but I'm not totally sure. Seems like a a pretty sweet deal.   edit - I made a purchase with the free 132 in my cart and I guess we'll see whether the deal is real or not. I just tried adding the same item to my cart and it doesn't offer me the free iems any more so who knows.
I'm not sure where this thread belongs but... I was just playing around on earphonesolutions and added a Westone W40 ($499) to my shopping cart and the Phonak PFE 132 appeared as well for $0. They are currently selling the 132 for $215. I can't find any info on the site about any sort of promotion like this. Anyone else seeing this? Is it a glitch?
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