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Has anyone else had a chance to try out this amp? There doesn't seem to be much talk about it anywhere.
I'm pretty sure my wireless M2s were stolen out of the outer pocket of my backpack on the nyc subway about a week ago. I am beyond pissed. I'm also an idiot.
Has anyone compared the G109 to any of the RSA desktop amps like the HR-2? In the only direct comparison I could find, the reviewer seemed to prefer the HR-2. 
Im told this had nothing to do with my listening habits. Just a random virus probably related to a cold i had at the time. I supposedly messed up my inner ear pressure while chewing with blocked tubes. Didnt have any visible ear infection, wax, etc. Just totally random. Cant remember the exact words but that's basically it.
 Hey thanks. Extended break for sure. I even put all my gear back in the boxes. I'm told I have another 4-5 months before we're into permanent tinnitus territory.
 I had some strange event where I was eating lunch and all of a sudden it felt like the air in the room super compressed instantly. I expected to turn around and see the building behind me had collapsed or something. Lost all hearing for a few sec then just heard a loud rushing sound for a few more. Like a grenade went off next to me. Ringing started the next day and it's been with me for about 6 weeks. I went to the audiologist, ENT and general physician. My hearing is...
Anyone experience a particular amp aggravating tinnitus? The last 2 times I've used my Lyr it has aggravated mine. Both times it hadn't been bothering me for at least a week and within the first 60sec of listening through my Lyr it was back with a vengeance. Still bothering me days later. 
 I was told I'd get a totally new set. Just have to wait for it.
11 days ago Senn support told me a replacement would be on backorder for 4-6 weeks, and I could send my pair in now or wait until then. I'm just gonna wait.
 I thought that might be it but also thought that disabling the mic as a pc input shouldn't disable the headphone's ability to use the mic for its own anc. I can't get them to do it again so maybe it was just a glitch. 
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