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For sale is my Shure SE535 in Bronze. They're in great condition but since I bought customs I just don't use these, and need $ to fund other toys. Zero issues whatsoever. Included are the phones, standard cable, metal case, owners manual and in-line volume control. Please note that this will not come with tips, because I don't have any unused ones.   Price is firm and includes Paypal, shipping and insurance to lower 48. International shipping is only available for...
Hey thanks for the help! I think my first step will be to upgrade the M50s and go from there. After reading your post I looked around and I read that the digital out of the Xfi passes on gaming effect processing so adding an external dac/amp might be in the cards as well.
For sale is my beloved pair of Triangle Titus monitors. When I bought these they were a Stereophile recommended Class B product. They are perfect sonically but do have a some corner dings and some wear along the bottom edge. Also, one of the speaker grills is missing 2 posts.   Due to the dings and grill I'm asking $100. Due to this ridiculous low price these are for pickup in NYC area only.
For sale is my Infinity Interlude IL120s subwoofer. 12" driver, weighs 45lbs. It works flawlessly and puts out massive musical bass. It has line and speaker level inputs, room frequency response calibration and a low pass filter. When released this was reviewed as one of the best subs under $1000. Selling due to planned purchase of full-range speakers.   Has some minor scuffs and marks, and some scraping along the bottom edge of the veneer. The speaker grill is included...
I have some $ to upgrade my audio systems but can't decide where to spend it. My current systems: Home theater/2 channel audio: Triangle Titus monitors, Infinity IL120s sub, Sony SA 9000es dvd/sacd, Creek 5350SE, PS Audio Power Plant Premier, Schiit Bifrost DAC for the digital out of the cable box. Office headphone system: RA HR-2 amp, Audinst HUD MX-1 (Dac only), UE-18 Pro, connected to a PC running Win XP and Foobar. Home computer: Creative X-Fi Titanium HD,...
4770k @ 4.3 - Noctua D-14 Asus z87 PRO 8gigs G.Skill low voltage 7970 Crossfire Samsung 840 Pro 120gb Crucial M4 120gb  x2 Some big storage drive OCZ ZX 850 Some big case with 200mm fans. Can't remember the brand.   It's complete overkill for pretty much everything but it sure is fun.
Sent you a pm. Interested in the Bifrost alone.
This is quite possibly the best thread I've read on head-fi. Period. Thanks to all who contributed.
  There's a place near me that sells mostly Jamaican patties. You can smell the oil down the block but can't smell the food until you go in. Pretty nasty.
I think a lot of them are probably buying them as a gift for a man.
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