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 Don't forget that Audeo is no longer in business so there is no way to get service on these. I got the 132s and after maybe 2 months the sound went out on one side so now I'm stuck. ymmv.
 facepalmYep, that's it. You're a genius. 
Buysonic is driving me crazy. Every time I try to sign in it says my password is incorrect. I reset it, and it works once, then I have to reset it again. So frustrating.
I heard the 700 at the NY audio show today in the Woo Audio room through a WA6-SE. I admit I was impressed, preferred it to the 800 (listened to it right after) and wondered why I hadn't read much about it. I almost ordered a pair on my phone on my way home. The generally negative reviews are somewhat surprising. Maybe the amp is crazy good, maybe I didn't listen long enough, maybe the 700 is actually pretty good, or maybe my ears are broken. Hope it's not the latter. 
 Noooooooooo I missed it! Sent an email asking if I could still get in on the deal. We shall see.
I work in NYC within walking distance to Hide-Chan and Menchanko Tei. I know tonkotsu ramen for lunch is a terrible idea but how can I possibly resist? It's over 90 today but the ramen still calls me.
My current go to iem is my UE 18 pro, but after putting them through the wash in my pants pocket (worst day ever) and having the "repaired" units not sound anything like the original, I'm looking for a universal replacement.  I've had the W40s for a week now. Vocal - centric music and pieces without too many layers can sound hauntingly realistic and intimate, but more complex and layered music can sound a bit congested and the bass a bit muddy. Does the W60 tackle these...
Great, thanks!
Anybody know if it's possible to audition these in the nyc area?
I agree that for a lot of music these sound really really good.
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