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  I think J&R's return policy excludes iems but when I went in and talked to a sales guy he said I could buy a few and return the ones I didn't want. Might be worth asking them what the deal really is. I ended up only buying one and didn't try to return it.
Thanks for the reply. I'm running Foobar into an Audinst MX-1 via USB, not the stereo jack. As far as I can tell, Foobar is actually sending out a digital signal.  
I recently read that you should max the volume in Windows (If your dac doesn't bypass it altogether) in order to get the full bitstream to your dac. I've been using my dac with the Windows volume at whatever level it happened to be at which is usually around 50%. So I gave it a shot with the volume all the way up and turned my amp volume down to compensate. I don't know if it's just in my head and I'm going crazy, but it does seem as though the sound has seriously...
Sending you a PM.  
Ah. I missed it by 10min. Thanks
Thanks for the great event! It really enjoyed getting to put faces to avatars. I definitely added to the list of things I MUST have but also got to cross some things off. I don't know who had the HE-6 and Coda amp setup but just wanted to say that it was really outstanding. Somehow I completely missed the auction which has me a bit bummed, but oh well. Was it run later in the day (I left a bit early) or did I just overlook it?   See you guys next time!  
I might bring a couple budget items if anyone would be interested in hearing them. Grado sr-60i, ATH-M50, Audinst mx1.
Maybe I should frame it.   
No idea what model. He just said, "I'd like to send you some headphones." I'm shocked that they offered me anything really.   Sorry ssrock, I understand why people would want to know who it is but I'd probably not want people knowing what mail I had delivered to my house so I don't want to give out his name. It felt kinda strange to post anything about it at all. Hope you understand.
I got home from work yesterday and UPS had left a package inside my gate. It was from John Grado and was the exact shape of boxed headphones. Funny thing is I hadn't ordered anything from Grado and thought it odd that it was from John Grado and not Grado Labs, Inc. The package had my address on it but not my name. I asked the guy who lives above me if he recognized the name and he told me the guy teaches at Julliard and is a musician of some note, and he lived in the...
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