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Ah. I missed it by 10min. Thanks
Thanks for the great event! It really enjoyed getting to put faces to avatars. I definitely added to the list of things I MUST have but also got to cross some things off. I don't know who had the HE-6 and Coda amp setup but just wanted to say that it was really outstanding. Somehow I completely missed the auction which has me a bit bummed, but oh well. Was it run later in the day (I left a bit early) or did I just overlook it?   See you guys next time!  
I might bring a couple budget items if anyone would be interested in hearing them. Grado sr-60i, ATH-M50, Audinst mx1.
Maybe I should frame it.   
No idea what model. He just said, "I'd like to send you some headphones." I'm shocked that they offered me anything really.   Sorry ssrock, I understand why people would want to know who it is but I'd probably not want people knowing what mail I had delivered to my house so I don't want to give out his name. It felt kinda strange to post anything about it at all. Hope you understand.
I got home from work yesterday and UPS had left a package inside my gate. It was from John Grado and was the exact shape of boxed headphones. Funny thing is I hadn't ordered anything from Grado and thought it odd that it was from John Grado and not Grado Labs, Inc. The package had my address on it but not my name. I asked the guy who lives above me if he recognized the name and he told me the guy teaches at Julliard and is a musician of some note, and he lived in the...
I am looking for the same type of device. I listen to a lot of music at work but the IT guys "aren't allowed" to install any media player other than wmp. So, currently I have to plug my phone into my desktop with mini usb, run foobar from my phone, and output from the desktop to a USB dac/amp. It's crazy.  
My office is 3 blocks from the show. I feel like I won the lottery.
I'm in as well. I'm on an IEM kick so I probably won't have any fun bits to share, but I'll be there.
I've used Etymotic ER-4s for years. I picked up 535s recently and on first listen out of a mobile device wasn't terribly impressed, but have since discovered that it's all about the source and amp quality. Straight out of my Droid the ER-4s generally sound better, but plugged into my dac/amp with lossless files the 535s are clearly better. This experience leads me to believe that many people don't drive them properly and therefor say they lack bass/have the mids too...
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