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Ultrasone Pro 900. Straight cable AND coiled cable. Carrying case, 1/8 adapter, sample cd. Everything is like new. No scratches, no wear. When these weren't on my head they were in the case. $290 shipped to continental US.
Thanks for all the responses guys. Got a lot more info than I was expecting! I'm not really planning to design my own project from scratch but I'm interested in at least generally understanding what went into the designs.   Quick follow-up question... Where did you find discussion of/project specs for the Proac 2.5s? I've found one build journal but it doesn't include any specs, part list, etc.
Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely check out those sites.   Does anyone out there know of any resources that explain the effect of cabinet design/construction on sound?
I've been looking into making myself a pair of monitors but living in NYC I simply don't have the tools or space needed to make cabinets. Is it worth it to make your own if you have to use prebuilt cabinets? Worth it in terms of the quality being significantly higher than that of a similarly priced commercial pair?
Sending a pm
Led Zep hands down.
  I saw them at the Opeth show actually and think a lot of the people in attendance liked Katatonia more. People were ready to get amped up and half of Opeth's set was acoustic.   My favorite song they played was Soil's Song.    
Schubert string quintet in C, D 956   Here's the first movement:   One of my favorite pieces to play or listen to.
I saw Katatonia last night and instantly became a fan. Just sick.
Yes, their last album was basically a warning but I had hoped they would at least give the crowd a taste of the older stuff. No dice though.  
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