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 If sponsors placing ads directly in threads becomes a thing, I think a lot of people, myself included, are going to get really annoyed.
For sale is my Marantz SR5008. I purchased it new from Bestbuy in Feb 2014, so the warranty runs through Feb 2017. I just received this back from service at United Radio. Box is unopened. Service consisted of cleaning and re-seating the internal rca harness, and updating the firmware to fix some hiss I was experiencing. I switched to the 5009 so I'd have bluetooth/wireless. My asking price is $100 off what is essentially the same unit you'd get from accessories4less with...
Pics added.
Yep. Can post a pic tonight when I get home from work. The mark is a manufacturing defect, not user damage.
Fostex TH-X00. Virtually new. Came with one small divot in the finish. The bass is just not for me. Price includes paypal and shipping to CONUS.   EDIT - I have a couple offers pending already. If you're interested the best I can do is add you to the list!    
 A: No. I'd put money on you leaving them in the closet after the initial "new and shiny" phase.
 Mine have a divot in the finish. Noticeable enough that if I sold them I'd have to make a note of it.
Received mine today. Based on only a brief listen, I generally agree with a lot of the positive impressions in here but would argue that the bass is a bit more boosted, and the treble a bit hotter/not as natural as people are reporting. Rock/metal? Hell yeah. Acousitc/vocals? Maybe not as much.
Buyer's remorse/financial issues. Can't back out once it closes. Seems like a lot of headphones in the for sale section were just barely purchased. I think it just sticks out more with the massdrop items. Sometimes you can follow a phone back across like 3 owners in less than a month. 
I'm not sure that beyers being on sale even counts at this point. More like it's news when they AREN'T 40% off. People feel like they got a good deal but not really.
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