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Anyone compare these to the good old SE535?
 You mention that the XR can sound a bit veiled with multiple instruments. Your comment reminded me of some Westones (W40?) I heard recently that sounded great with more simple one-line kind of music, but layered tracks from orchestral to progressive rock/metal sounded quite muddy and slow. Is that what we're talking about on some level here? 
In laws decided to visit this weekend (weekend of the meet), even though we told them it wasn't a good time. Sigh.
Opeth removed Blackwater Park, Damnation, and Lamentations from Spotify. They are my favorite Opeth albums!! Isn't Blackwater Park their most popular album? Why would they remove their best release?
Any idea if someone will be showing UE products?
I sold my  er4-s for a song a while back and I've missed them ever since. To fix the issue I got myself another pair today. . The new problem is that my bass-heavy IEMs have completely ruined me. I don't know if I can go back. ER4 was my first hifi love but now they just sound thin. Makes me sad...
 US version here. In a silent room I'm listening one click below 50% with my UE18 Pro. Anything above the high level warning is way too loud for me.
 Definitely using an s7, snapdragon version. The audio difference wasn't subtle. My keyboard input intermittently lags in firefox, my lock screen has become unresponsive several times, and compared to my s5 the battery just doesn't last as long. Not sure what else to say.
Does the Hifi module include an amp or is it just a dac that ties back into the amp in the phone? Are there specs available?    edit - I see now that it includes an amp.
I haven't read anything, including this thread, about the s7 sound quality. My general thoughts after a week of use (upgraded from an s5) with UE18 Pro and SE535 is that Samsung increased extension on both ends but removed bass weight, some midrange is missing, and they turned up the treble a few dbs. The s5 sounds inviting and smooth with good weight, and the s7 is borderline annoyingly bright and thin. I just want to keep turning the volume down. It sounds almost like a...
New Posts  All Forums: