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Op, you are 1 year older than me and I feel old. My joints hurt, it's so much easier to gain weight, losing my hair, feel like I'm starting to forget things. It's terrible. After much contemplation I'd say getting old started when I turned 24, which is when my hairline began its retreat.
Little taste of luxury? First thing that comes to mind is Ortiz Bonito del Norte Spanish tuna. It's around $7 a tin online and usually $9ish locally, so around 5-600% the cost of a normal can of tuna. Water cracker-->homemade mayo-->Ortiz tuna-->few capers-->little twist of fresh pepper. Soooooooo goooooodddd. Eating that makes me feel absurd but sometimes you just gotta have it.
Three years ago the relatively small company I work for was purchased by a large public company. The public company promised again and again that we would remain largely independent and we could retain our office culture, etc. Fast forward 3 years and every last thing that made this place a unique, engaging, fun, independent place to work has been axed, except for 1. We are the only part of the business allowed to have alcohol at in-office events. This was an intensely...
Sent you a pm.
Yes! Finally!! Is this why there doesn't seem to be a fall NYC meet?
I went to see Periphery last week but left more impressed by Sikth. Crazy energy! Periphery was kind of a letdown after that.      
Anyone get a chance to try the new Elear with some metal? Good dynamic punch without the treble etch of some summit-fi gear seems right up my alley. However, I am a bit concerned by reports of the Elear giving people headaches.
 Thanks for the info! I'd put my knowledge level at just enough to be dangerous.
Specs list this at 80ohms but looking at the innerfidelity measurements I see that the impedance spikes up to 300-325(!!) in the bass.  This could explain the differing opinions regarding bass response. A phone or small portable amp won't give you the bass as intended.
A friend of mine knows I'm in to audio and every time he comes over he tells me how great my stereo setup sounds. One day he asked me for advice about getting some ht stuff for his new apartment. We had emails back and forth back and forth. I'd send him some options, he would ask a couple questions, and then send me links to products I hadn't suggested, all of which "look good." He sent me links to all kinds of random amazon crap with no reviews, products with horrible...
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