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I have SE535s and really like them. I really want to give Shure the benefit of the doubt and buy the 846, but the response graphs show an enormous bass boost, and the filters don't really drop the bass but boost the top side of the treble, creating a scooped rather than flat response. The white filter still leaves a 10db bass boost (twice as loud as it should be?). I was SO excited about these before they were released but am so bummed out now.
I have an Audinst Hud-mx1 that I've been using for about 2 years. I recently moved it from my office system to my home desktop. In my home setup something is creating a crackling sound. When I start my computer it's not there but something is triggering the crackling to start later. If I unplug the USB cable from the Audinst and plug it back in the crackling goes away, for a while, but it always comes back. I can't figure out what's going on. Anyone have a similar...
For sale is my XFX 7970 DD with an Arctic Accelero Xtreme cooler. Accelero keeps the card nice and cool. Card is basically silent with the Accelero but is not an amazing overclocker. Selling due to change to a micro ATX system and the cooler won't fit. I have the original box for the XFX and some extra pieces for the Accelero. I am pretty leery about shipping this card a long distance as the cooler does not have a backplate (cooler didn't come with one, rather than I lost...
 Oops. the H100 isn't silent, I meant the PSU. For anything non-gaming, my refrigerator is louder than the H100i, but during games the fans do spin up a good bit but not helicopter level. I had a Noctua D14 so I'm used to quiet cooling and the H100i isn't too bad at all.
 Yep, I'm using the stock fans. Keeping voltage on adaptive seems to be keeping the temps down. The PSU is definitely too much but I saw a good local deal and couldn't resist. But who knows, maybe having a massive PSU is what's given me the bump in OC. My previous system had a Corsair AX850. The EVGA is also dead silent which is nice. 
Thanks guys. The headphones that live on my desk are ATH-M50s, and the ones I carry around are UE-18 Pros. I'm thinking about upgrading the M50s to a different closed back can but am not sure.
 Where do you live? That looks fantastic.
I just took my relatively large HAF XM system and shrunk it into a Corsair 250D case. Funny thing is my OC is higher with the mITX build. I was running at 4.2 with the full-sized system and with the mITX I can run at 4.7 and even boot at 4.9. Specs are:   Intel 4770k @ 4.7 - 1.3 adaptive voltage MSI Z87I Gaming AC 8gb G.Skill somethingorother EVGA Supernova 1300w Corsair 250D case Corsair H100i EVGA GTX 780 Asus optical drive
I took my Shun chef's knife and tried to hack the bone from a ham in half so I could fit it in my stock pot. Note to self: you are an idiot. Put 4 nice chips in it before I realized what was happening.
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