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Nope, this is only for headphone use. There's a version for powered monitors.    In this case, you need a unit dedicated to power speakers. 
I'm organizing my library after upgrading my HDD. Currently have 800 albums in Mp3 320 and 300 on FLAC
 Even better than the newest version of it (the 400i) in my opinion. You're good to go. :)
How about staying with Beyer and get the DT770 pro 80?
Pompeii 7/10 If you love drama and history it will suit you. Cool 3D effects and good acting..but i was expecting more. 
A music Buff? I'll try again 
Only with music unfortunately. They were at a friend house and spent some time with the portable rig listening music (setting 3). Overall a good experience.    May need to try them for a weekend on games and report back. 
What about this?
Xiaomi pistons
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