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Hello and welcome.   To answer your questions:   1- The STX II will have no problems driving the 250ohm beyers. I'ts a very capable soundcard.  2- I don't see the need for a separate headphone amp, unless you decide to buy hard to drive headphones. It will not affect the sound in any way (but you need to use the STX II as a source) it will only amplify the signal coming from it. 
I'd go for the Beyers, given their flexibility. 
Playing Black ops 2 for the second time, this song is amazing (specially if you are using the right headphones)   
Lazyboy, you need to state a budget for your build, i guess you want advice for the main components. 
If you need accuracy they are not recommended. For non-Fps (racing games, etc) they are good :)
The meridian explorer is a good unit, i take it over the Dragonfly anytime.    Which headphones you own btw? 
Onairplayer is a good a alternative. Not sure if it plays Flac files though. 
A good one @zorrofox, never thought using track pumps as a headphone stand.    I'm building one with an old HDD. Similar to this one:  
Burson recently announced their new Generation of HD opamps, as a soundcard user they caught my attention.       What are your opinions? 
Why not contact your local Hifiman retailer? they may be able to give you assistance
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