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Just got the new Circuit Specialists catalog in the mail, and they're running a sale on variacs. There's a 2 amp one for $39 and an 8 amp one for $89. A variac is highly recommended if you're into vintage gear.
Dan, you seem to be missing the core of what people are saying to you. They're not saying to ditch your system, and they're not saying to add a stepped attenuator. They're suggesting you use a rotary encoder, a digital rotary encoder rather than an up/down toggle switch. That's all they're suggesting. A rotary encoder would be more usable.
[snip - I misread which of your drives went bad]
Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic I don't see 19 as too young. It feels like I should be out there living life right about now and not in school (living life= independent and doing the things I on my "before I die list") You might seriously consider the Peace Corps. They send you somewhere for a year, you get paid, and it looks great on a resume. (Plus the med school admissions people like it.)
Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic And as I said before: plumbing/etc jobs are NOT safe. When the market goes down,no one will be buying new homes as much and much less homes will be built. So massive people will be laid off. This is true. This is one of the major reasons unemployment in California is already over 10%. (That was last month. I haven't been able to find today's revised California numbers, but they're undoubtedly higher.) A...
Quote: Originally Posted by a1b2c3 ...if i was to be normal and have a life, have friends and have a relationship, i obviously couldnt' spend nearly 90% of my disposable money on gear or related which is what currently make my life bearable and indeed pleasurable at times because otherwise i would just come back to my room and it'll be like a prison cell alone. ... but at the same time, i know i won't even start to have confidence/self esteem blah blah...
Another terrible job loss report today. If the recent job loss trend isn't reversed soon, we'll hit 10% national unemployment in just four more months. I'd think long and hard about whether a marketing degree is good preparation for the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidbasement This is illegal in every jurisdiction I've lived in, regardless of whether or not it is in the rental agreement. Non-separate accommodations are typically governed by an Innkeeper's Act or something with a similar name, not the Landlord Tenant Act. Different set of rules.
If you're young and still in school, do everything you can to get into medical school. This will also have the bonus of making you able to easily move from place to place in the world during your career, which meets your goals.
Quote: Originally Posted by ericj The judge dressed her down in court for 20 minutes and told him that the only thing he'd done wrong was offer her too much money to leave, and that he wouldn't allow a settlement larger than $20k. And then my friend did the unthinkable. He withdrew his petition for divorce. Word is that his wife has never been more furious in her life. She screamed and ranted for two weeks and then filed for divorce...
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