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Updated ad to include price without the silver cable.
Pure silver interconnect cable made by Chrishimself at HPL audio. Not sure on the length... Maybe 6 inches? Bought this new for $60. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.
I have a long braided pure silver cable made by chrishimself at HPL audio for the Sennheiser HD600/650. This cable is extremely long... I haven't measured it but I'd guess no less then 10 feet. It was NOT cheap. There is a definite difference in the sound with silver cable opposed to the stock. The bass goes slightly deeper/tightens up, treble is more extended, and the soundstaging is more open and defined with the silver cable. If you don't like the HD650 to begin with...
Up for sale is a pair of Senn HD650's in very good condition. I bought these on head-fi from someone that barely used them. They are still in excellent condition. I can't find any paint peeling on the headband and the earpieces are still in excellent shape. I have put around 100 hours on them. These are the newer version with silver drivers. 1/8" adapter is not included. Comes in original packaging with manual. Price includes PayPal fee's and shipping costs. Shipping will...
      Great singer/songwriter...
Thanks for that!
I am primarily using an HD650. That would be a nice upgrade if that is the case... I definitely feel the HD650 has more potential to grow, although it sounds very solid with the current setup.
Going from the O2 to the Crack+Speedball would be benneficial in what ways? Or maybe what kind of differences can I expect? Never heard a tube amp (guitar amp, yes). I'd like to try something new, but I'm not sure if the law of diminishing returns is applicable here.
I don't think olives will fit without removing the center core.
I orginally thought smaller bore tips increased lower midrange prescence significantly. After more rolling I think the change is not as big as I thought. The main thing with the smaller bore tips is you lose quite a bit of stereo width, and bass and treble extension. This is possibly why, on certain tracks, the midrange can seem more forward.
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