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Yes I did. And its only one side with each pair that sticks until I can't even get it off. I sent it into Westone for repair. Really frustrating. I don't think the build quality is the same as their older models. 
I got a UM Pro 50 and this is the second pair that the cable has not disconnected properly from the same authorized seller. In both cases the connector stayed in the earphone but the cable did not. Really frustrating. I LOVE the sound, but this is unacceptable. Having owned two other headphones with the older connection (3X  and 4), I never had problems like this. Might be time to look at Shure. 
How do you remove the cable on this new series? There aren't any manuals that come with the Pro models. I want to make sure I don't damage anything.
SOLD   Up for sale is a like new Violectric V800 DAC purchased two months ago from Comes with all accessories and packaging in the original box. Will ship ONLY To CONUS.   This unit is simply stunning and has less than 60 hours on it. Everything works flawlessly and it sounds as good as it looks. I am looking to upgrade my sound which is why I am selling.    While I do not have feedback here, I do on eBay. Thank you for...
Hi All,   I just received a V800 in the mail. It is like new cosmetically, but was discounted due to a new "board" needing installation. The unit sounds ok out of the box, but smells like cigarette smoke to me and others who have put their nose to it.   The seller told me that this is normal for the unit and is a coating they use on the case. I agree the case coating is different, but I have NEVER in my 15 years of buying audio/video equipment experienced...
If I am running powered monitors with an XLR input, will this DAC adjust the volume for me. People on this thread have said no, but the front of the unti suggests it will.   Please advise. Thank you in advance.  
I love my Neumann 120s. They go down to 50HZ and sound very flat. For the size and price I do not think they can be beat!
thanks for all the information! i have my research cut out for me. for under $600 what is my best bet? I have heard great things about the Apogee Duet 2.    Will the $129 units work or will the law of diminishing returns apply after that? my speakers are stellar.   so happy with the set up so far. just need a dac...
But to those of you using powered you need a volume control? My understanding is yes. thanks in advance.
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