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I am looking to get these:   http://pmc-speakers.com/twotwo   Because the DAC in the speakers are good I don't want to run through an external DAC but directly to my Mac computer. Does anyone know the best or most minimal solution on how to control volume? I see this question crop up but no one has a great answer. Maybe one doesn't exist, but I thought the experts here might know.   Thanks in dance..I mean advance! :)
Sorry if this was covered but hard to sift through everything...are the RCA outs on the back variable? Thanks much!
 Amazing deal? Do you think given the specs the 850 is TWICE as good as the 800 v2? I am leaning towards no. I don't really see much of a difference in terms of capabilities...
 Your impressions would be awesome too, if you are willing to share! That package is unbelievable. You are totally right that the foam on the older model (my v800) was so much better. And those lights are still bright AS F. They need to have a dimming function as its distracting in a dark room. When I emailed them they said they could turn them down but I would love the ability to do that. Much like the packaging there is more to be desired around totally polishing the...
Any impressions yet?
Can anyone suggest some good tips for the UM Pro 50? I actually like the Shure with them and the silicon stock tips, but looking for something with a better seal. Loving these so much more than even the UM3X.
Details about the 820 are here.
After talking about it on the V850 thread, I emailed Violectric about their V820 that will be coming out (November or December time frame). Here are the deets:     Suggested retail around $1100 Features: -Built-in wide band switch-mode power supply. -Same inputs/outputs like V850: digital 24/192 (USB, AES, Coax, Optical) analog (RCA/XLR)  -Sample-rate converter like V850 - but only on/off function. -Two PCM 1795 converters per channel -Simplified analog output...
Awesome! Yeah lets see that baby...
I messaged them and will let you all know what they say.
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