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Kaysen is awesome to work their turn around time is a week to two weeks
bad service is bad service.....why promote someone who gives bad service, there are way better options out there
When I get Rob to do another pair for me, I will call him up, have a direct discussion, and ask him if he will promise and put in writing that he will have them to me by a certain date.  If he agrees, I will probably use him again based upon the work he did for me the first time.     This is absolutely ridiculous crushes these, and there the same price....the workmenship looks awful
I have a full time job, in graduate school, have a wife, and two kids.....stop taking cheap shots, it takes about two secs to read posts
Sending more in tomorrow!!!
Too many one posts
customs make way more sense to me at this price
i don't use an amp, and they are amazing
mine are the same
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