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The plastic you see is the front is the dust cover, as long as it isnt perforated or torn, you should be good. The diaphragm is between the two hard stators, out of sight.
Sold Vince a pair of Fostex T20v2 headphones, everything went great. Thanks Vince.
Some interest, but nothing firm yet.
Hey Don, just curious how you ended up damping the various 'pants you have played with? Prefer not to open these too often if it can be avoided, due to concerns about the wood threading getting damaged. Good stuff, just need to tame the midbass a bit more on mine without killing the low bass off entirely. Currently just have one of the ports plugged.
Fix it if you have the tools to do so without further damaging the board, leave it out if you don't.
Repairable, but ouch. Looks like the pads are still somewhat intact, so if you carefully clean the solder out of the real holes with either braid or a pump, you can probably get it to work. Measure your connections after soldering the new parts in though. Also, that cap isnt strictly necessary, you could leave it out without a major problem.
Getting home tomorrow bump!
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