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Hello Guys, Ive tried to search on this thread but could not find anything related to o-rings, so excuse me if this topic was already debated. Today I decided to clean my..lets say 1,5 year SE846, and to my surprise as soon as removed the washers Ive found both o-rings coming apart, they were destroyed . I think the other one that seats inside is ruined as well.  Is this normal? Im scared because when I assembled the unit again the washers were a bit loose 
Here we go! 1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3 =3.5mm 4=XLR
Oh, just a couple of hours. About 6 or so....I think you brought some light into the darkness  how long should I burn them?
Geez, FX-1100 is my worst buying in  years! Im a bass head, but this buddy is ridiculously bassy and congested. Ive tried to tune the vent and end up closing it, even all modded this headphone gives me headaches! Ouch! 
I have a RWAK100 and, there is no way to compare. Better imaging, better instrument separation, better bass, and the best part: its fun to listen to it.The only part that RWAK100 wins is in the amp section, stronger class A amp. Regards!
 A $10k dac vs a $2k? That will be fun    
 Thats Analog devices business, no the final manufacturer :DJust an addendum.. 5 years of transferable warranty
All the initial excitement about Pulse, about the upgrades.. but after all those delays and excuses I truly don't care when Im going to receive it, when that time comes,  I will sell it. In my view, LH  too much talk too less result.The game changer is called Yggdrasil, no fentoclocks, no special resistors, no DSD  but true engineering applied for true PCM DAC. No SigmaDelta b$#ˆ%Yggdrasil 
Ive just remembered that " I have a Pulse"  that I still don't have it… and don't know  when Im going to have it. But I'm so in love with my ZX2 and so excited about a real game changer DAC that I truly don't care anymore :D
Ive just connected to wifi and a software update appeared.  As I don't have a clue of Japanese, do you know of what the update is about? Regards!
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