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Japanese ZX2 on the way.  A shot in the dark as we don't have that kind equipment available, can't wait to compare it against RWAK100 II. :D
Today I noticed that something is loose inside my RWAK100 II, probably the battery I think.  Do yours wiggle as well when shaked?   =/
The main point is nowadays we are averaging technologies, unfortunately IMHO. DSD recording/playback is faraway from the hardware it was developed to be used, as well PCM. So we end up having chips that try to do both worlds, and we know  whats at the end we will have.  I think the ESS9018S is today one of the best DAC's on the market, but… you know. Ive never had a pleasure to listen to real DSD recording and playback, but I did on PCM, on a R-2R machine and man.....
If you have time..I highly encourage you to read those 2 papers. Regards
Ive just remembered an important fact. On all those new dacs (except the ones I aforementioned) the volume control is processed in digital domain (plenty room on a 32bit). How can you change the volume level of a DSD stream (you can't)
Yes I do.Unfortunately ESS keeps it the datasheets confidential, but as you can see both PCM and DSD share the same Hyperstream (Sigma Delta Modulator). If you take a look at WM8741, which can operate in Direct DSD or DSD to PCM you can see both paths  I think and the end, there will be no big deal btw.
The great ESS9018.Yes indeed, the DSD data stream is sent directly to DAC via CPLD. But internally the ESS9018 converts the DSD stream to a PCM stream. A true direct DSD DAC (WM8741, AKM4490) bypasses the volume control and delta-sigma modulator. So, all of this to listening to DSD stream converted to a PCM stream. :D
Thats really cool using CPLD.  Too bad ESS9018 does not support DIRECT DSD and still have to convert internally (via modulator) to PCM
ZX2 will be my next dac :) Any differences between the Japanese and US versions? Regards!
Thank you very much! Thats what I need! 
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