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As a proudly owner of a TH900 I must confess, the th-x00 balance across frequencies is wonderful. Most of my listening sessions now come from TH-x00. The bass does not go so deep, and not spacious as TH-900, but oh boy this beast is joy! Best bargain ever!
 Despite being  an ...  I can help you out - 100K Ohm. Can you show me the graphs on a 16 Ohm load for a DSD sweep (not PCM as listed) Ive just stopped following this thread, which btw is devoted only to highlight Mojos flawless performance. 
Can you kindly tell me at what load?
As I said before, the roll of from Hi res files is really noticiable :)
Our brain uses timing (and another variants) to pinpoint things in space given a produced sound. High frequencies have less energy, are more easily absorbed by objects and tend to be much more directional. If you shelve content from the upper treble you loose the sense of size and space in a recording(the ambience generated from other instruments and sounds on a live recording interacting with each other). 
Tested so far:SE846 (not an issue, its FR rolls off before the source).K1001 - Using on other sources (pulse infinity, RWAK100II, ZX2, X3) the flat filter make it unlistenable  and I can really enjoy it on Mojo using the flat filter.FX1100 - Sounds good but, I miss the sub bass region and the upper treble  specially  on cymbals.TH900 - The same as FX1100Momentum 2 - I don't like how it sounds on any device  LOLK701 - sounds Ok. I really don't know if its an impedance issue.
Most of my files come from DSD and CD. On Hi res media the roll-off is really noticeable, and Im not talking about the piercing treble (that I hate btw), I miss the part of treble that gives us the ambience timing 
 There is a chance that Im wrong, but IMO the upper treble abruptly roll-off was an deliberate choice by Chord, otherwise the Mojo would be threat to other Chord more expensive products.Mojo by itselft already caused a disruption on the mkt, Ive been re-listening to all my albums and found a lot of details that I missed, and its been a pleasure.. but on live recorded albums Mojo greatly reduce the space and room sound propagation sense, caused by the lack of natural treble...
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