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Well, I could not read al the 396 pages.. but Ive read some complains regarding channel imbalance.  Mine is getting into the same problem, the left earbud is getting a weak bass if compared to right one. Ive tried to clean the nozzle, change the tips, no results so far. I think Im gonna send it back to Shure and wait =/
Hey Guys! Im back!! Im just testing my completely stock E12 with LT1010 and OPA627. Its a hell of a buffer! Highly recommended!   For those, who like me, use IEM .. this little bastard is dead silent!
H! Do you still have it? Regards!
Well, Ive decided to buy another unit, meanwhile mine gets back from China.  One unit will run on OPA627 and onther one almost sure on Muses01.   Lets wait! 
James, you already made X5 different from the others using the PCM1792 (and won my heart as well). I really would love to see X7 out the factory powered by an AKM beast like AK4490, I truly don't care about if the screen is brighter or the UI is beautiful, most of the times when In listening to music I don't even look at the player. I like this kind of things as simple as possible (I use audirvana at my mac , and used many years foobar on win). Please use an analog volume...
Thank you very much CH23! Gonna check if they ship to Brazil! 
Guys Im sending my E12 to repair, it will take an eternity to get it back in my hands. So I decided to buy another unit. Can you kindly help me where to buy one? Regards
I would like to have a black case now. Btw Ive chosen the silver at the beginning.
FIIO support just sent me the cap value. I will have to look if have a similar cap just to make  test. If it works .. great, if not I will send it back to FIIO for service, They don't have a replacement board to send me, but no problem. I have to tell, FIIO support is really good. They are always trying to help, I really liked. I was thinking about getting a X5 and just decided I will get a X5. Thumbs UP for FIIO! 
Hey CH13,Ive been in contact with Fiio Support, they want me to send it back to them. Ive asked if they could send me the broken cap specs or any help to troubleshoot the E12 (like a service manual) or even paying for a new board. Lets wait =) I hope I can fix it by myself or buy 1 new board, because It will take a huge amount of time to send it back for repair and wait until I get it again in Brasil.
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