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JerryC is awesome. Thanks for reminding me to check up on him.  
Both your system seem like they would reveal the distortion if it were intrinsic to the recording. Adda, if I'm correct, your system is entirely external except for the source? Maybe the difference is in something less obvious within the computer?
But then a handful of others have reported no distortion also, so it doesn't seem like the recording is the issue.
So I was puzzled over designing some sort of locking mechanism for changing the cups without opening the chassis when I realized that the screws holding the cups are accessible from the four holes that the pads lock into. So then since one would be changing the pads when switching between the open and closed modes of the mod anyway, they can simply change the cups after taking off the pads. The only caveat is that the screws are made of a softer material that the chassis...
  Deals are judged by market value, not sentimental value. Since I could resell for a profit if I wanted to, I'd consider that a great deal. It was an opportunity to try a new pair of headphones are no risk, so why not?   As for the JMoney pads, I will probably invest in those for the MarkL mod. However, the open back mod can be done without any cost, so there is no reason not to try it for curiosity's sake   The Dx000 series is anything but neutral though. That's been...
fufula, does your portable player do 24/96 or did you have to downsample? We have one more USB user (firev) who tried with X-Fi HD USB and reported no distortion. However, since justie reports distortion using e7/e9 instead of sound card, I'm back to square one with that theory...
Could those of you with the X-Fi HD USB check out my other thread and tell me if you get clipping listening to the file? http://www.head-fi.org/t/573056/do-you-all-get-distortion-listening-to-this
More setups please. Maybe we can confirm a pattern with internal cards?
Maybe we would rather spend the time doing mods, having fun along the way, rather than just throwing money at our problems. I got my D2k because I found a great deal on a second hand pair. If I didn't like it, I could easily pass it on to someone else at no loss. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose from tinkering with them to better suit my preferences.  
Remember that the only difference between the D2k and D5k is the cable and cups. If your cable goes out, take the opportunity to give yourself a cheap upgrade by buying the stock D5k cups/cable off someone who upgraded theirs. Or at the very least I'm sure someone here would be willing to buy your D2k for parts.
New Posts  All Forums: