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I'm surprised you didn't opt to do the recable yourself.
Hey Hans,   What was the effect of putting the foam on the driver assembly and cups? Mostly, does it do anything to the bass? The markl mod is supposed to reduce some of the bass impact, but with the open mod, there isn't so much bass that you'd want to lose any of it.
There is a huge difference between my laptop's onboard audio, and my desktop onboard. Between my desktop onboard and my X-Fi Titanium HD or Xonar DG it's a smaller difference. The main reason to buy the sound card is for the 3d sound processing capabilities.
Yeah after switching to CMSS-3D, it bothers me now when a game uses its own sound engine that force 7.1 downmixing. It's just not the same.Yes, but we're talking about games here, not music. The audio files in games are compressed to begin with, and I don't place the same hifi requirements on explosions and gunfire that I do with music. I simply EQ a bit to compensate for the CMSS's altered sound signature, and for a game, it's good enough. This isn't a fatal flaw. A fatal...
While this post has been extremely useful for myself and others, I think the OP needs to be more neutral about recommending Dolby Headphone. As much as I resent Creative for pushing 3d sound back a decade with their underhanded tactics, I have to admit after first using Dolby Headphone extensively, then trying CMSS-3D out of curiousity, there's no contest that CMSS-3D is superior at positional accuracy in all degrees of freedom. Dolby Headphone merely downmixes 5.1/7.1...
Why is this blog dick riding these headphones so hard when they haven't even heard them?
Looking to take a set of wood cups off anyone who might have upgraded their Denons to custom cups. I'm located in Canada. Thanks.
Can those of you who have experimented with different stages of this mod give me advice on which steps to take and which to avoid for the following criteria in order of importance:   1. Preserve (or slightly enhance) mid-range 2. Preserve or enhance size of soundstage (almost as important as #1) 3. Attenuate/tighten bass   I've read for example, that stuffing the earpads will increase the soundstage, but can reduce the mids, so that might be a no-no. I've also...
New Posts  All Forums: