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Laziness would be incorrectly stereotyping.   Apparently, there's ignorance too.  
Except that the 595s are only marginally different, so he still got the gist of it.
Yeah transparency isn't really a big deal for me in games. I figure I don't know what a plasma cannon is supposed to sound like in real life, so why should I care if there's too much treble? Most sound effects are not meant to be super realistic anyway.  
Anything off the Hell Freezes over album by the Eagles.
I have to add that I think Creative is a truly crappy and underhanded company who deserve to go out of business like how they pushed Aureal out of business with their silly expensive lawsuit that they lost anyway. If those other companies had been around to unseat Creative from its monopoly, the state of 3d sound wouldn't be the mess it currently is. Unfortunately, CMSS-3D (which is just Aureal's tech that Creative bought after bankrupting the competition) is the best we...
  I switch between HD555s and D2000s. The HD555s would probably be most similar to your AD700s. Back when I was using the HD555s exclusively, I would just boost the bass frequencies (the one step bass boost works too) to make up for the altered sound signature of CMSS-3D. I wasn't trying to EQ in a precise way so that there was no difference between CMSS-3D on and off since I don't think that's possible. I was just aiming to restore some of the bass impact that is lost...
    I find it harder to detect clipping in general on my laptop speakers also, but I think it's because they're too crappy to make it noticeable.   The distortion should sound like clipping. The flute is very shrill, but that itself wouldn't be considered distortion. Maybe that's what the blowhard means by "complex tonal resolution".  
If you find a pair, can I buy your D5k cups?
Well, he DID drill a gaping hole in his cups so...
Well, the HD555s are very cheap on amazon these days, so if you already you know you like them, go with the sure thing.
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