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The Denon pads are synthetic leather though. How did mold get on there?   I hope you kept the plastic anchoring ring before throwing the pads out. Jmoney pads don't come with the ring.
I think the point is that his neighbours don't hear.
With the number of progressions of this mod you're going through, compensating for one thing with another, you could be unknowingly shifting your perception away from its starting point. It could be interesting for you to listen to a stock pair of D2ks again as a reference. You might have forgotten what they sounded like.
I know you can find mesh at Home Depot, but the home improvement type mesh that kjoh found is different from the industrial design type mesh I have in mind.     A good idea is a good idea ;)
Does anyone know where to acquire the black honeycomb type mesh like the HD650 use? I think they're aesthetically more pleasing than square mesh. I finally found a pair of D7000 cups, so when they arrive, I may turn my D2000 into a convertible.
Sennheiser HD555s are available quite cheap on Amazon. You can do the foam mod to convert them to HD595s. There are threads about which headphones to buy already. Look into them.
You can't "burn in" a cable. Upgrading a cable is never going to do anything to attenuate excessive treble. From my experience as a guitarist, treble information is the first to go when using an overly long cable, or extremely cheap one. So if anything, it was to be expected that your treble would be enhanced from a cable upgrade. I guess I should have pressed the issue harder when I first mentioned this.   Also, I see that some people when "upgrading" their cables,...
Did the OP by any chance change the length between cables?
Before considering J$ pads actually, you should try stuffing your stock pads with something to raise them. Then you'll get an idea of what kind of changes to expect. The frequency response curves on this site for both the stock and J$ Denons show an overall flatter response with the J$ pads:
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