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Can't wait to see the measurements too. Do you think you can get measurements for different versions of your mod so we can see the effects of individual changes?
The difference is, people will think of you as a bigger tool for buying the $500 ones over the already ripoff $400 ones. But in all seriousness I don't think you're going to find a real answer to your question here. Most people here already wouldn't consider purchasing standard Beats, let alone a $500 model. There are classier looking headphones out there if looks is what you're after. Personally I think the Beats look just like the whole Hip Hop fashion it's inspired by:...
Human perception of a sound's location has a lot to do with sensory integration of visual cues as our interpretation of the world is visually dominated. This is why when you watch the news on TV, without thinking about it you believe the sound to be coming from the reporter's mouth when really it is coming from your speakers. If you can find a video on YouTube of a concert filmed from the front perspective without any cutting to close ups and different angles, you may...
First year undergraduate physics and chemistry.
There are multi-driver headphones, but they're made by gaming companies and tend to suck. As NamelessRPG already said, CMSS-3D and Dolby Headphone are better anyway. The problem with multi-driver headphones for surround is that when you hear a sound to your rear and behind you in real life, you hear it in both ears with a slight delay, not in the back of only one ear.
Yep, and since there is a preamp and power amp stage that both contribute to tone and distortion characteristics, getting that level of output into a headphone signal is no simple task. I find that amp simulators like the POD are very useful because they sound much better than any practice amp. I think there are also some software based amp simulators that you might be interested in trying. For high gain electric guitar, any decent pair of headphones that aren't horribly...
I hope you find that light at the end of the tunnel soon! I'd hate to see the clean aesthetics of the D2000 turn into a giant tape-foam-rubberband-tampon ball :P What do you plan to do about reducing the size of the hole? Second pair of cups?
Are you talking about beginner practice amps? Those amps are not meant to sound amazing to begin with. The built in speaker usually doesn't sound much better than the headphone output anyway. The headphone output is for functionality, not tone. I don't know of any tube amps that have a headphone out.  
I'd stay way from Tritton if I were you. I once found a used pair on my local Kijiji at an extremely low price, so I thought I'd try them out since they were the ones that had the multiple speakers in each earpiece. The photos on the internet are very misleading about the build quality. They're very cheap feeling and sounding. I ended up reselling them for no loss since I got them for extremely cheap, but at retail price they're definitely a huge ripoff.
Yeah but that's for guitars played and recorded through proper cabinets first. Loudspeakers for guitar amps (Celestion, Eminence, etc.) are coloured in a way that helps make the distorted signal more palatable. Unless the OP has something like a POD that models cabinets, an amp is going to sound like crap through headphones. I'd much rather prefer just playing with the amp on a very low volume.   OP: Unless you need absolute dead silence, you shouldn't worry about open...
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