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Has anyone with a pair of MarkL modded Denons considered sending them to Tyll at innerfidelity.com to see how the measurements compare to stock?
Don't know if you solved this already, but software based amp simulators just use the 1/8" microphone input on your sound card. So you just need a 1/4" -> 1/8" converter, or a soundcard that takes 1/4" inputs.
Yep. Title says it all. Later production serial numbers preferred.
The problem with the internet is that you can't tell if someone is being sarcastic sometimes. I think the reason why the headphones sound good to you though is that the raw frequency response data (the bottom series on the same graph) is more flat as a result of the rolled off highs. I'm not sure which graph is the more accurate representation, but you'll notice that some people purposely EQ a roll off based on the raw FR:...
  Stuffing the pads works best with closed cups I should add. It probably won't have much positive benefit for the open back mod since the pads are already elevated, and you wouldn't want to do anything to take away any more bass. But you should try it with the closed cups.   I have a feeling the higher end models sound "better" because they cost more ;)
Found this: http://www.head-fi.org/t/232846/denon-ah-d2000-in-the-house/660 Looks like someone had the same idea of a small hole.
  Sounds like you want LCD-2s. For what it's worth, you can try stuffing the pads to get the same effect as the J$ pads. MarkL recommends using fiberloft, but I just used cotton that I had on hand. If you tuck the stuffing deep enough so none of it pokes out, I don't see why it should interfere with the sound. But the bass is tamed greatly and the soundstage improved from such a simple mod.   Also, between the stock D2000 cups and stock D7000 cups, the D2000 cups sound...
Just got a pair of D7000 cups from Mark Lawton. Going to do the gamut of MarkL mods. See how they sound with the woodies, then see how they sound open back. If I prefer the woodies, I might put the stock D2000 cups up for sale if anyone needs an extra pair to play around with (looking at you Hans). If they both sound good, but different, I'll probably do the permanent open back mod to the stock cups.
If you plug your headphones into the power stage of your amp, you will probably risk damaging your headphones. If your amp was a tube amp, you would fry your output transformer. Most headphone amps have the power equivalent to the preamp section of a guitar amp.
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