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Nice to see you giving preference to Canadians. It's hard getting stuff second hand here. Bumping on behalf of Canadians.
Find some YouTube clips of CMSS-3D, Rapture3d or other HRTF technology at work and be amazed.
My summer project a few summers back:  
I have the same sound card, and roughly the same taste in music as you. The Denon D2000 sounds exceptional to me, but you really do need to do the MarkL mod, or at least part of it. For me, I put the stuffing in my earpads and that really helps balance the sound out. With both the D2000 and DT880, you can hear this lush reverb during the chorus of Romeo and Juliet as a result of the strong treble. The strong bass and good soundstage of the D2000 also makes the drums...
Examples? I've been recommending the M50 to my casual listener friends who want a portable headphone.
Don't mean to turn this into your financial planning thread, but have you considered renting it out, and splitting the income between a modest apartment and profit? You'll have some extra pocket money and you still get to keep the house for when you eventually need it. Come, let us continue this discussion over a cup of Tim Horton's.
  Pretty sure this is one of those critical points of one's obsession where a reality check is appropriate... and healthy.
Refurb HD555s after modding to HD595s  
Maybe that "Q" logo placed over what would otherwise be open mesh is responsible for the minute difference in bass. Quick, someone rip the Q off their Q701s and check!
It wouldn't make sense for them to do USB. You would need an Analog-to-Digital converter to convert the analog guitar signal to digital USB signal. It's much easier to just use the soundcard since 1/4" -> 1/8" adapters are ubiquitous.
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