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Hans, have you compared this mod to the markl mod?
I have to chime in here. I own the HD555 which have the same housing construction as the HD598. The bump he is referring to is just the place where the headband hinge joins the earcup. Look at the outer design and you will see it corresponds to where the bumps are. Since the drivers are angled toward the ear for a forward soundstage, the baffle is much shallower in the front than in the rear. The wires for the right cup also run through this hinge, so the cover is a bit...
If you're on a budget, try finding a refurbished HD555 or AD700. I got my refurb HD555 for $70. Add a soundcard with HRTF on top of that and you're golden. HRTF is a must in my opinion for accurate positioning. Also, there are some $2 laptop boom mics on dealextreme that can be attached with velcro or even zip ties to whatever headphone you use. A better implementation that a clip on microphone I think.
I guess in terms of detail and soundstage it's not as big of a difference, which is a good thing given that I was expecting a smaller soundstage with the closed design. But the frequency response, and the tendency for the bass in the D2000 to be less tight than the HD555/595 is definitely something noticeable on fast tracks. On the flip side, the Denons also do a much better job of making you feel ambient reverberations on slower material.  
Are you talking about the modded D2000 or stock D2000 here? I've had the HD555 (foam removed) for a few months now and just picked up a pair of D2000. To me, there is a huge difference between the stock D2000 and the HD555/595. Also, would doing this mod negate the need to perform any part of the markl mods? I like how the D2000 sounds with slower, bass-light music, but find the bass slightly overwhelming for a lot of other things. I'm considering doing this mod to my...
Is it just me or does the volume pot look a bit crooked?  
Has anyone had any experience using non-headphone tube equipment for powering headphones? I'm new to this headphone business, but I've accumulated my share of high end guitar equipment. I've noticed that some headphone amps use 12AU7, which are sometimes used in preamps, and not too dissimilar from the more widely used 12AX7.
I think I've found the answer to the LVA-7330 scarcity:
How much for the DT880 by themselves? Also, Canada Post is on strike right now, so you'd have to fedex.   EDIT: Nvm, didn't notice the DT880 price.
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