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Where would you say the weak point of the construction is? I've read that they switched from a straight plug to angled plug with better strain relief. But I did read a review on amazon dated only a month ago that talked about durability issues with the housing.
What do you think of the build quality on the HF5/3/2? I've read some mixed reviews about that, which is why I'm considering the MC5/3.
Get an ASUS Xonar DG. They can be had for $20-30.   For headphones. None of those, especially none from Razer or those other mousepad companies. Consider one of the headphones mentioned in the Mad Lust Envy thread and attach a boom mic or clip on mic.
My small eared brothers and sisters, where are you?
Oh, I'm not considering the EtyKids. It's either the MC3 or HF3 since the mic will be handy. Do you have both the Kids and the HFs?
The Beats fad has nothing to do with wanting better sound quality. People who buy Beats don't buy them because they sound good, otherwise they would be buying different headphones. Jewellery is jewellery, Beats just happen to sound better than stock iBuds.
Hi all,   My girlfriend's birthday is approaching and I'm going to be taking this opportunity to introduce her to the world of hi-fi.   I've settled on either the Etymotic HF3 or MC3 as she's also been looking for a hands-free for her iPhone. I was leaning toward the MC3 as I've read the HF3/HF5 durability can be suspect. However, I've also read that the larger housing of the MC3 is harder to get a good fit with, and can be uncomfortable with some.   Can...
  You should really go ahead and spend another $96.01 more.    
You don't have the expertise to stuff cotton into an earpad? That one step alone does a lot to flatten out the frequency response.
Good grief no not that video. I don't know why someone would bother using CMSS-3D and Dolby Headphone to compare a crappy techno track. Completely against what they were designed for. I meant a track of a video game.
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