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          Total cost = $5   Stand is a $8 mug rack from Walmart.   Stay tuned for Kickstarter (Early bird price: $19.99).
Looking for a pair of the newer Chinese K702s with the bumpless headband.   Local sale in Toronto preferred, but I have a US address I can ship to if it's a good enough deal.   Thanks :)
Selling a pair of Denon D2000 headphones modded with D7000 mahogony cups purchased from Lawton Audio. I can't justify the luxury of owning multiple pairs of headphones so I'm thinning the herd. These cans are immaculate and have been babied/kept inside a DT880 case (not included) when not in use. The only physical flaw is some wear on the outside edges of the left earpad (see 2nd picture) that came from doing a partial MarkL mod involving extra stuffing under the...
He is exaggerating in my opinion. I have the 2ks, and modded them with wood cups. The bass is more controlled with the stock 2ks because the wood cups do not have damping unlike the stock 2k cups. So the upgrade is not necessarily better, it is just different. And I have no idea why anyone would think there are more mids in the 5ks when the bass is more prominent with wood cups. My ears and Tyll's graphs tell me the 2k has more mids than a 2k with wood cups (which is...
+1   I wouldn't even recommend them for gaming, especially if they're "bass-enhanced" as these are.
Maybe split your budget between a ~$100 IEM for portable and a used ~$200 full size open for home.
That's not how economics work. The 600/650 are the highest Sennheiser I'd consider purchasing. Without the 600, their appeal to people who want a neutral headphone in the mid-fi price range will diminish.
If you're not the kind of person to care about size of a portable, get them. You will need the E7 or other amp to use them though.
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