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ljokerl   you own the 8.A?   Have you also heard the 4.A or the 4.Ai? (in this case I'm particularly interested with the comparison between them and the W4)
  That's true,   Still, if you don't usually hears at higher volumes, it's acceptable. I have the combination above mentioned, and I feel happy enough for most tracks and even with quiet tracks and tracks with high dynamic range, the leckerton don't get shy.   Even so, there is no denying that the leckerton shines with IEMs and easier to drive headphones, but I personaly don't have any problem with it driving the mad dog nor with the DT880. But this is my personal...
  Mine does,   I thought it was normal, but aparently isn't   still, nothing seems to be malfunctioning, and I'm enjoying it a lot
Hybrid uses at least one BA and one Dynamic driver
As far my memory go, the SE535 is very similar to the HD600, but not so much to the HD650, but that's based on memory and on the feelings that they caused me.   For some strange reason, not in every music, but in some music, both the HD600 and the SE535 made me stop, listen and say: "WOW" I was realy, realy, close to buy the HD600, but chose the DT880-250 instead, mainly due do the fact that I found it more flexible genders-wise. And I didn't buy the SE535 basicaly...
I don't realy know. The 6S mkii is very clean, and leckerton claims that it can be used as a preamp (like you are trying to do), but I haven't tried it.   I can try if you wan't and see what happens.  
My first thought is my own leckerton UHA-6S mkii, it drives my Mad Dogs (moded T50rp) and my Beyer's DT880-250 Ohms fine enough, and works great with all my iems. I was looking for something up to US$ 400 (and considered up to US$ 500 too) at the time, and I was most pleased having spent less then US$ 300, not forgeting that the amp section competes (acording to some people) to the likes of RSA SR-71A, I can only say it's great.   Some people complain that the dac...
 The UHA-6S mkii have enough juice for the LCD2?   That would be unexpected I belive?   (well, it drives well enough my mad dogs, so maybe not so dificult to be true.)
ok, got the mensage.
Dan, the website is showing US$ 69 for the alphapad set, are you still selling the set for US$ 45 ? There is not problem with the other price, is just to know if the price that some people mentioned here is still valid.
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