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Tyll measured the VC02s. Spectacular measurements, were it not for a distortion bump in the upper midrange and the dip in midrange response (which corroborate with Rin's measurements). Rin says the dip is cancelled out in actual listening though. What is intriguing is the distortion profile of the VC02s up to the lower midrange is that it looks like a BA, but with lower distortion of a dynamic. Also, perhaps due to different measurement apparatus, Rin's measurements show a...
  Lawson - Learn to Love Again   Not really my cup of tea, this Britpop (I surmise?) thing. Catchy but not really engaging or particularly memorable. I had to check them out after some of my female acquaintances gushed over them when they visited their school.   Times like this makes me wish I was:   a) born a girl b) born two years earlier c) able to score extraordinarily well in my national examinations when I was 12   - just for the mere...
Some comments by LMUE intrigued me. It seems as if supply of VC02s by the distributor was a little messed up, affecting stocks and RMA. Perhaps due to component shortage, or perhaps, product revision? The price increase seems a little coincidental. Nevertheless, the detachable plug is just a tad on the flimsy side, in my opinion. Hopefully they've fixed it, if it is a revision.   .. .... ....   They'd better. A new VC02 is due tomorrow for me.
Well, I was eying an entry-level custom at one point, but for me, I would leave customs at home. CIEMs don't strike me as particularly durable for the most part. Another thing is the price. With impressions and shipping accounted for, a top CIEM (i.e. Fitears and UERMs) can cost in the kilobuck range. For my usage it thus doesn't make sense. For home use, I would vastly prefer a speaker rig. In fact, one of the challenges I set myself in building a great speaker rig was to...
Surfing Weibo to get some preliminary impressions on the VC1000. I did not have to look very far. Literally the first hit told me this (translated): 'The VC1000, bar none, has the best bass quality amongst the hottest new releases to the (IEM) market.'    EDIT: some more quick impressions: 'great separation, understated/refined (or bland, really; they can mean both, but I am giving the benefit of the doubt on context) in terms of sound signature'
Woops. Agreed. Listening, I find, is often a battle of the mind and heart. I can't pass judgement, but thought I'd share what I read. FAD's designs are very much pandering to the heart (e.g. emotional response) rather than anything really purely logical and... objective (for want of a better word). Would love to try their designs someday. Thanks for the clarification and praising my avatar! :P
Looks like the Piano Forte XIII got measured. The measurements are pretty... funky to say the least. I shan't comment on what I haven't heard, and I have never posted here before, but I found it worthy to be raised in this thread. Find it here: http://rinchoi.blogspot.sg/2013/03/final-audio-design-piano-forte-viii.html, unless this has been mentioned before???
Interested to know too. In any case, I am highly satisfied with them. Going to RMA them and continue using them. Some say it is a bit on the thin side. In my opinion, whilst the high treble has a very slight edge to it, it is overall more on the mildly warm and sweet side of neutral - the way I want it. It excels in upbeat, rhythmic stuff like J-Pop and instrumental jazz. Definitely a keeper.
Exactly. You'll be looking at the esoteric stuff and CIEMs if you want the assurance. At least an Ety ER4, I believe.
That is a shame. Many earphones that come with great build quality and destroy many similarly priced offerings from brand-name companies actually originate from boutique audio companies based in China and Japan. Not to knock on continental offerings, but generally you have to spend much more to get equal sound quality and build for them. Case in point: Vsonic and HiFiMan. Perhaps try communicating to her the distinction between such companies that work on the cutting-edge...
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