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This may be a little off topic but @caracara08 how does the IE8 sound like with the TWag? I noticed you posted a FS notice on your IE8 TWag. Now that might be interesting. Thanks.   Zer0
Yeah it's kinda mind-blowing.   
Firstly, sorry for reviving an old thread. My 'xams got me bogged down for a couple of weeks. Just got myself an RSA Predator (also, like the IE8, takes ages for the sound to sweeten), and it's pairing up very well with the IE8. In addition, it also looks like the IE8's mids and highs seriously open up at the 1900-2000 hour mark. It is simply amazing. Personally, I believe that a good IEM should be paired with a good amp, it justifies the price, no? The iBasso series...
Hey there Magic X. Through my experience, you are right about the burn-in affecting the sound of the IE8s. For me, the bass only started to make a serious appearance at 700 hours, while the drums gained impact only about 1000 hours into the burn-in. I feel that the IE8 actually has a very neat midrange and highs, but they are masked by a veil and are often overshadowed by the mid-bass hump. A good amp would serve to ameliorate the sound sig. Just tried it today with a...
Hey there everyone. I'm contemplating between purchasing an iBasso D12 and this little amp here. Could anyone provide a comparison between the two amps?   Thanks and Much Appreciated. Zer0
Hey there Poosh.  I've just got my IE8s after considerable deliberation between the SM3 and the IE8. After some auditioning, I felt that the SM3 excels in the field of pop. The liquid mids and deep, fast hitting bass made pop sound really good. However upon switching to rock, the separation between the instruments were too distinct for my liking... It's like the whole song's been segmented and broken up into pieces. The IE8 excels in this area however,...
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