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I bought this pair a while back while I was getting into the hifi headphone scene but ended up using these a couple of times and then eventually went in my drawer for many months. These headphones probably have less than 5 hours of music played through them. They have been cared for in a non smoking home, wrapped in bubble plastic during its time in storage. It is the straight wire version, not coiled, and comes with the 1/8" adapter. All stock, no mods have been...
lol this should be fun.
Hey all, I am selling my lightly used Fostex T50RP, rastapants modded by me. I am the original owner and scored this pair from BHphoto about a month ago. I have been busy and hardly have time to dedicate to my audiophile gear so I figured I can pass this nice set to someone else. They have only less than 5 hours of usage.   After the mod these DEFINITELY sound better than stock. But I have not had a chance to fully explore all the possibilities from the mod...
Hi, would you consider taking trades? I have a very lightly used rastapants modded t50rp I am willing to let go. Let me know if you are interested.
I have had good luck with using paper from free junk mail catalogs, especially the super thin and glossy paper like the kind used in Bed Bath & Beyond catalogs. Of course YMMV.   I just cut a sheet out and tape it onto a regular sheet of printer paper before printing.
    I believe he is using diylc    
Yep, I would say the majority of Harbor Freight's inventory is bottom-of-the-barrel quality. I normally grab tools/supplies there when a project needs disposable tools. And thanks Brian for starting this resources thread.
I have had my dt770/80 for a few weeks now and I love them. The bass is at its max potential with an amp, I get pretty good low frequencies from my E9 but I don't listen to enough jazz/classical to answer your question though. Comfort is really good because of such large ear cups, there is plenty of room inside. As far as sound isolation, they are okay. I wouldn't recommend them flights if you rely on something to counter engine noise.
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