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oh please, before I sent my goods u have already withdrawn ur payment. how is this me scamming u? Get your facts right. Obviously I wouldn't send to someone who withdraw their payment.
Ety IEM in perfect condition 10/10, bought less than 3months. Comes with complete box set with all earbuds given completely new.   Willing to trade + top up money for:     1) Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G 2) TTVJ portable Slim 3) ALO Audio Rx amp   4) Pico Slim   Or Trading it for DigiZoid ZO + $100 (You Top-up)   Please give me a PM if you're interested.
is 500sgd a fixed price?
Hi,    I'm currently planning to buy a CowonJ3 > FiiO E11 > UM Miracle   however, I just realised that the FiiO doesn't seem to have any LOD for Cowon?   and I read somewhere that if I were to use the jack-to-jack wire to connect my MP3 to AMP,  it wouldn't work as well, in fact it might affect the SQ in a bad way.   So I need some advice whether I should go ahead and pair them up, OR I should do the following rigs:   1) Currently have a iTouch,...
thank you, any more suggestion?   anyway, Leckerton UHA-4 looks good!
Almost Brand New, completely no scratches. comes with box + charger. bought for roughly 2-3months. rarely used. charged for less than 10times, this gives you an idea of how rarely i use it.   Buyers in Singapore = local pickup + pay on the spot buyers in other countries = pay for shipping + paypal gift or buyer pays extra charge.
you've got PM.
you've got PM.
Bought for roughly 3 Months, the 3.5mm jack has been replaced before due to freak accident where the jack got bend, however SQ remains the same.   Other than that, it is looks new, with no damages to the wire or monitor. Comes with the original box, and all the given tips except for 1used M-sized tips.   Looking for roughly 80~100 to fund my UM Miracle.   For Singapore buyers, local meet up + pay on the spot For other country, buyer pays for shipping +...
Bought for roughly 2 months,  In mint condition, looks like brand new. Completely no damage at all to the wires or the earpiece as I take extremely good care of my IEMs. Comes with whole box set with completely brand new tips that are given with the box set (I used Shure Silicon tips for it)   If you are interested, please PM me if you need photos of it.   Selling it to fund my UM Miracle, Singapore buyers might pay on the spot + local pick up Any other...
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