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Is it worth to buy a decent amp? I have the Fiio E6, I'm thinking about upgrading to E10 (or something in that pricerange, any suggestions)? I notice that the sound is better, even with the Fiio E6, so I' wondering if it's worth it to upgrade it. 
I'm looking for something that has a similar "slightly warm and fun" sound of Sennheiser Momentum, but with a bigger soundstage. I recently bought the Philips Fidelio X2, it's really good, but it lacks some bass, and I like it when the sound sounds really close to the ear, if you get what I mean (like Momentum). Is there something like that, that's open?    I'm going to use at it, so sound or leak of sound doesn't matter. I want to use it for movies, games and music, but...
Thanks guys! It seems the wise choice is to wait for the samsung S7, I'm not such a big fan of LG phones. I was hoping the Sony Z5 would be good, but it seems I have to wait.   Mythos   I guess you were referring to me. I'm new to this kind of forum and I didn't have time to go through all of the pages of the thread. 
I was hoping to get some info. I'm planning on buying a new smartphone. I'm trying to decide between Sony Z5 or Samsung S6/Edge, which one would be better for audio quality? Also, I'm open to other suggestions (new phones only).
I'm looking for a smartphone that can handle flac and also be a great portable device for my music. I'm currently torn between Sony Z5 and Samsung S6/edge. Which one would be better? I'm open for other suggestions too. 
I have the sony f806, but lately it has been lagging when it comes to the screen, and the battery life is pretty bad. I need to recharge it everyday, so it's getting quite annoying. Is the sony f886 worth buying in this case? Does it have better batterylife, screen and audio quality, or is it basically the same? Thanks
Hi! I'm having a bit of a problem choosing between these two. I'm planning on using them when I'm outside, but also when I'm watching movies or just when I'm inside. I have never had an over ear type of headphones, but I have tried them. I have found that they sound a bit muffled, so I have never gone after one. I have currently a aiaiai TMA-1, which I love (on ear headphone), but I'm looking for something new. I have heard that the over the ear momentum is superior to...
That's a shame. What is "headphone based players"?
I'm really starting to go for the F-series, is Sony thinking about coming out with a new one?
The F sounds really good.  I really don't like treble, is there a problem with that?
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