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I have the sony f806, but lately it has been lagging when it comes to the screen, and the battery life is pretty bad. I need to recharge it everyday, so it's getting quite annoying. Is the sony f886 worth buying in this case? Does it have better batterylife, screen and audio quality, or is it basically the same? Thanks
Hi! I'm having a bit of a problem choosing between these two. I'm planning on using them when I'm outside, but also when I'm watching movies or just when I'm inside. I have never had an over ear type of headphones, but I have tried them. I have found that they sound a bit muffled, so I have never gone after one. I have currently a aiaiai TMA-1, which I love (on ear headphone), but I'm looking for something new. I have heard that the over the ear momentum is superior to...
That's a shame. What is "headphone based players"?
I'm really starting to go for the F-series, is Sony thinking about coming out with a new one?
The F sounds really good.  I really don't like treble, is there a problem with that?
But is it boring? I want something that I can listen to when I'm out, and something that I can actually enjoy. I like having the detailed sound, but I want it to be fun, and I plan to use it almost everyday. 
Music is the most important factor. I'm not going to watch movies, just use the internet and music. 
I'm on the verge of buying one of these, but I don't which one I should get. I have read a lot about them, and this is my summary of it: Sony Walkman F: - Really portable - More detailed sound - Better batterylife - The sound quality is a little better.   Sony Walkman Z: - Better screen - More fun sound, and with much more bass. - It's really easy to hold when you watch videos. - It's got a bigger screen.   Which one should I get? 
I'm kind of torn between which one I should buy. From what I've read, the sony z is superior in the sound department, but with how much? Is it worth buying the sony (that cost the same as the ipod), but it doesn't have a camera or anything special. Which one should I go for? I mostly have flac files and it is really important with the batterylife, I really don't want to recharge it everyday. It seems the ipod touch is more worth the money, but I don't want it to suffer...
Yes, perhaps 400 euro (well actually we use kronors, not euro) is a more correct way to say it, I just thought it might be easier since a lot of members here are from the USA. The problem with iRiver ak100 is that they don't sell it in Sweden. 
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