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Same as hifiman Phanom
Good idea but might not be practical due to - limit space inside the ak100/ak120 - slide switch required CNC on the case to make the rectangular hole look nice
Here is the explanation related to change1. Replace WM8740 with WM87412. Add extra micro controller to control WM8741 in Software mode. This controller also control the attenuation function of WM8741 so we can volume control it output.3. Due to volume control is manage outside the current AK firmware, the in screen volume slider will no longer work4. Good news - since we not change any AK firmware, you still be able to upgrade it when new firmware come out.5. Due to space...
Few customers in South East Asia plan to provide review soon. Many thank for AnakChan on your help so far.
DrSheep. Thank for correction. It optical in that to be replace with balance out. Anyway both balance out and switch is optional. Some of our customer select to retain optical since they are not using external amp. For the filter switch, there are two options Option 1: Select only one filter and donot install the switch. If you are listen to audiophile or vocal and would like to get sweet sound, we can default to Minimum phase soft knee. If you are listen to pop rock,...
Open the tape of original battery then unsolder the cable and used it for new battery. Donot need to cut the cable so you can solder it back to original battery if required.
For the AK100 battery, you have option to use the higher capacity like the 2450 mAh Phanom
Count me in
It is real. Laser engraving.
Kimvictor Since you plan to do it yourself. Here are some tips - Make sure your technician is skillful on soldering very small smd component. If the demage happen on the circuit it may not be able to repair - Used multi strain cable with soft shield not single solid core otherwise when you blend it may pull your connection point. - as pic 2 Connect to the headphone female jack is better since it bypass the circiut. SQ depend on your cable signature and soldering material....
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