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[Mod Edited]I plan to do the analog tuning to get more depth of sound stage and bass impact without modification.Analog tuning is the lengthy process of listen by audiophile specialist ear and selectively playback (song or freq) to gradually twist the sound signature of the audio component without modification so the original warantee still valid.This technique had been proved to ak100, ipod classic and many headphones at least by myself e.g. pk1, forte X, fitear 334,...
How it compare with your new ak240 mod?
Might out of topic here but answer below. More infor mation, please sent me PM or AB test by yourself since I leave my fitear334 and cable with Yeo who arrange the headfi mini meet in singapore. 1. Change the outter tube to aluminium to get more sweet and resonance 2. Customize the cable and analog tuning the fitear unit (Human ear expert tunning using different song and freq) to get the 3D depth and stage. Both mod might too hardcore for normal customer if your...
With wm8741, Battery life is Approx 20 percent less than the wm8740 depend on resolution of the song you play
Bangkok. Opposite Pantip Plaza IT Mall Pratunam Please book in advance so we can arrange for your mod and pick up during your stay
After report bt Anakan, we change the resister value so the delay is minimal. Pouch isnot included. It only given until stock last Phanom
Not the same as hifiman or ak240 901 base R-, L-, R+, L+ tip MS AK base L+ L- R+ R- tip Phanom
Good idea but might not be practical due to - limit space inside the ak100/ak120 - slide switch required CNC on the case to make the rectangular hole look nice
Here is the explanation related to change1. Replace WM8740 with WM87412. Add extra micro controller to control WM8741 in Software mode. This controller also control the attenuation function of WM8741 so we can volume control it output.3. Due to volume control is manage outside the current AK firmware, the in screen volume slider will no longer work4. Good news - since we not change any AK firmware, you still be able to upgrade it when new firmware come out.5. Due to space...
Few customers in South East Asia plan to provide review soon. Many thank for AnakChan on your help so far.
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