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I am happy with my system so I am not looking to trade.   Regards,   Adam
Selling my LCD-2 rev 2 as I now have the LCD-3. It is in great condition (No chips in the wood) and works flawlessly.    It comes in the travel case with the graph and stock cable.   Price doesn't include shipping or paypal charges. If you live in London I can meet somewhere (Preferably central) to cut the postage costs.
I bought this near launch at Bartlett's Hifi. It is in great condition and is working perfectly. I updated the firmware so it plays nice with the latest version of OS X. After this update "Audiolab" doesn't appear on the screen at startup anymore but "Lakewest" does. This is well known so you can check up on that if you want.   It is the silver version and comes with the original box, PSU, remote, manual and purchase receipt. I am selling this as I have just got the...
So some time after trying out Somnambulist's m51 at the UK meet I finally decided to grab one for myself and I'm loving it. Well worth it's price and dominates the M-DAC it replaces.   Just one question, does anybody know how to check the firmware that is currently on a unit? I've read that you just have to hold the input button while powering on but that doesn't work for me.
I think you should try an Auditor. Heard that setup and thought it was great. I use a V200 and it solves a lot of the problems for me except for the soundstage. 
Item is brand new and sealed. Selling it as I have the NAD M51. This is cheapest price for a brand new one I have seen.   I do have some good feedback here but you can check my ebay profile "efferion" and see I have over 500 positive feedback.   Listing doesn't include paypal/delivery fees. It can be picked up in the London area.
Ya that was me . Thinking about selling a watch to fund it. Only problem is that it's a lot bigger than I thought it was making it a bit tricky to fit it on my desk.
OK a suitcase it is then. Probably gonna have to use clothes to pad my DAC though.
So how is everyone bringing their stuff? Would it be daft if I stuffed a suitcase?
Hey guys if I bring some stuff do I have to come early? I can safely say there's no way I'll be able to make it for 10.
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