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After a bit of research I went ahead and ordered the K545 - thanks!
Thanks a lot.   That doesn't talk about the maximum input power difference or sensitivity though.   Overall, I gather that the K545 has both advantages (bass) and disadvantages (soundstage) over the K551, which makes my decision even more difficult.
I'm not totally new to headphones - I own a HE-400, which I use with Schiit Modi + Vali.   I'm looking to buy my second headphone, and it will be an AKG - I'm considering the K551 and K545. I'm aware that the K545 is more portable than the K551. I would prefer a portable headphone, but only if portability does not come at the expense of sound quality. I'm very confused about whether the K551 sound better than the K545, and searching seems to show up conflicting...
subant05, I would recommend trying the Vali. I have listened to it now (not completely broken in though), and it does sound warmer and better tonally than the Magni to me.
Yes, I'll do that!
I've already ordered the Vali, but it hasn't come in yet!
Does anybody know where, if at all possible, I can BUY Jergpads? I'm not good with my fingers and will invariably blotch up a DIY. Thanks.
I asked a Schiit rep (Nick) if he'd suggest Vali over Magni for HE-400, and he replied with 'definitely'. I have also heard from various sources that the HE-400 is good with hybrid amps, and I was curious to try the tube sound in general. That's all I know, really.
I'm selling my Magni, because I'd like to switch to the Vali.   The Magni was bought on January 19th 2013 - so it's less than a year old. (I can send you the order invoice to prove this.)   This was my very first headphone amplifier - and used lovingly and sparingly.   No cosmetic defects.   No functional defects.   I paid $99 for this a year ago, excluding shipping.   I'm offering it at $66.66, excluding shipping.   Thanks.
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