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  Gratz man! Getting them flat or getting extended bass isn't too hard, but getting both is something else. Curious to see what you did.    
Nice score! Do you know if you got the silver driver version?
Yeah, too bad those are probably the most bass lite YH-3s in the world, I really like the upper mids, and those tiny ortho drivers are crazy fast! I bet a bass heavy one would be pretty sweet sounding. If you can get a perfect seal the bass goes from nothing to decent, but they're still pretty lean. That crazy treble peak can probably be fixed, looks like I went crazy overcompensating for that drop at 10k. I couldn't figure out where that harshness was coming from. But...
It's the older T20v2. My damping scheme is basically this, I just get get rid of the chamois and stuck a 3/8" plastic reflex dot to the back of the driver.   Some of that weird treble might just be the headphones fault, I don't know. But to my ears that reflex dot mostly boosted everything 7k and up, and that's right where it starts looking really weird.
Same! I ended up with the Koss DJ100. To me they come pretty close to combining the fun bass of the Panasonic with the detail and vocals of the SRH840, I like them a lot. Not as bass heavy as the Panasonics though, if that's a problem.   Shouldn't go wrong with those Beyers, but if you want something cheaper there you go! $80+$20 for some M50 pads from sweetwater.
Has anyone measured a T50rp with a reflex dot before? Because uh, T20v2 with reflex dot T50rp without Different driver, but still. That just looks too weird. Probably why the clarity on the V2 didn't seem as good! Strange thing is it doesn't sound that bad, you'd think they'd be ridiculously harsh.
Whoa. That reflex dot looks great!   I was wondering how that would turn out. Looks like it's increasingly distorting everything from 3k on up.
  Maybe you got a dud? The one I got needs a little more power than the T50rp, but they're not hard to drive at all. Don't notice a massive difference between the two honestly with the same earpads, you can tune them to sound nearly the same. Main difference I can hear is the T50 seems a little more resolving and the T20 is smoother with a bigger soundstage.   Yeah, sounds like your amp is clipping. The stock cable is a little microphonic though.
Have you tried a reflex dot or some felt on the back of the driver instead of using the binding post? To me it does the same thing but sounds even better.
Look up the baka bass mod. He uses plumbers putty but you could probably use something like plasticine and get similar results.   My understanding is that loose cotton makes things brighter and gives you a bigger soundstage, at least on orthos.
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