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Posts by supra1988t   If you prefer the warm silky sounds of a tube amp over a sterile solid state this shirt is for you!  Show the world that tubes are not obsolete!   Taking reservations for 14 days and then shirts will be printed and shipped, don't wait! 
It was a real eye opening day when I discovered my own expectation bias.  Noone wants to believe their brain is tricking them, but it is. 
As great as this thing is I just never use a portable setup anymore so the UHA-6S-MKII is up on the marketplace. :(
I just don't use this much anymore so I'm letting it go.  Comes with AD8610 op amps installed which had no rfi issues with my phone and an extra pair of OPA209A op amps which were originally installed.  Condition is good with some light scuffing from use but no scratches or anything deep into the anodizing.  $235 shipped conus, paypal only.  You can view my ebay feedback here.  Thanks for looking.
I am selling my Hifiman HE-500s on ebay here.  I am the second owner, the previous owner hardly used them.  I, on the other hand, used them quite a bit in the 7 month period I have owned them.  They have been taken care of and show only slight signs of wear in the leather on the headband as you can see in the pictures.  I would rate them 9/10.  They sound fantastic and I wish I didn't have to sell them but I need to fund other projects.  I have a copy of the receipt from...
I've never had this issue on my ibasso D10. I'm sure a different opamp will fix it though.
Thanks guys, I do have the 209.  Looks like I'll have to pick up an 8610.
Well I've had my UHA-6 MKII for a few weeks but haven't given it much serious listening time.  I got a mini to mini OTG cable and finally got around to using the Leckerton with my GS3 today and the UHA-6 picks up tons of interference.  Its ok when just music is playing but if i use the phone for anything else (which I usually do) it is unbearable.  I am surprised I haven't heard of this issue if its common.  Anyone else have this problem? :(
I found some "up" angled cables here and they accept paypal:
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