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 Hmm, it could be a contender based on what you're describing.  But I do want to point out - and I think Ultrazino would back me up on this - the RE-400's signature is significantly different from the MA750[i].  I would say that the MA750[i] has got much more of a pronounced LF response, while the RE-400 is noticeably more even and linear from the mids on through the highs.  I like them both, but they are different is all I'm saying.    True dat.      Yeah, in fact I'm...
 Word!  I don't always drink beer.  But when I do, I make sure it's free.  Lol, how are we all gonna hang if you're spinning?  Peter is coming?  Tragic, just tragic. 
I love the case on that thing!  I didn't get to hear it in detail at CAS4, but I distinctly remember it having a sense of immediacy.  So I'm inclined to agree with the speed assessment. 
Nomax, I think we all appreciate your enthusiasm.    But if you don't calm down (especially with the unsolicited PMs), I'm going to have to calm you down.  And I'd rather not have to do that. 
What the?!?! 
I dunno.  There's dancing?  This is going to be my first CanJam. 
Just back for a moment guys, still working my ass off on some CanJam stuff.  Should be done soon...
 Just in case anyone missed it...
 Thanks guys!  Even Jude is wearing it... dethroning his Avatar avatar after nearly 10 months!  Or drop out and get whatever Dsnuts says to get.    LOL, I AM?!?!  That must be why you moved 400 miles away after meeting me, HAHAHAHA!      Bro, I'm looking at the list of people coming... and I don't even know how we're gonna fit that many people in one room.  Pretty sure none of us has a suite.  We need to find the brotha with the biggest room and OCCUPY THAT *****! 
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