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***HOTEL/ACCOMMODATIONS UPDATE!***   I've been getting a fair number of inquiries about where people should stay, so I thought this would be a good time to revisit the hotel situation.   The Westin South Coast Plaza 686 Anton Blvd Costa Mesa, CA 92626 866-573-4235 * Fully-booked since last year, but heard a rumor that uber-expensive suites are available   Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel 3350 Avenue Of The Arts Costa Mesa, CA 92626 866-573-4235 * Heard that...
 kayandjohn, did you listen to the AKT5p in isolation?  Or did you hear it with the AK240 > AKT5p EQ > Balanced > AKT5p?  
Wishing you a great meet fellas!  Have fun!  
 LOL you guys, take it easy on him... it's his first post.    Welcome to Head-Fi Karol!  
Definitely!  In fact, that CanJam @ RMAF currently holds the record for the best and most epic CanJam yet!    I'm just saying that I'm very proud of the enthusiasm for this one so far.   
Interesting Factoid of the Day:  Two weeks before CanJam @ RMAF 2014, there were 150 posts in the CanJam @ RMAF thread.   
Hi everyone!   Welcome to CanJam SoCal 2015.    Post your live impressions and pics here, your fellow Head-Fiers are waiting for them!    
 Nor are we, which is why official Head-Fi meets and events do not sell raffle tickets or any other opportunity to win.  
 In the context of CanJam, it's our Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway. Here's a link to last year's explanation about SHaG at CanJam @ RMAF:
 But wait, that's not the amazing thing here... what's astounding is that you joined 14 months ago, and this CanJam SoCal t-shirt order was your first post.  We're honored!  
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