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 Oh, no, this is much better than that.  I've heard modded T5ps, including a nearly legendary one modded by Audio DNYA, which was capable of insane bass.  But that tended to be more along the lines of moar bass, an almost wet and reverberant bass at times.  What I'm finding here, via an AK100II > AKT5p EQ > balanced out > AKT5p, is increased bass response yes, but some brutally fast bass at that. Lemme put it this way, I wouldn't so much say that it's a T5p with bass......
Hey guys, I'm actually field-testing a Cozoy Astrapi right now, and it sounds pretty darned good.   Initial impressions running TIDAL via an iPad > Astrapi > Sony MDR-Z7, the sound is very detailed and musically balanced with excellent dynamics.  And for a USB-stick form factor (i.e. lots of miniture components packed together), this has a surprisingly low noise floor.     As twister6 pointed out in his review, this is done by the same people who did the Shozy Alien,...
 No bother, I should be updating everyone, sorry about that.  Just a LOT of final prep going on leading up to the show is all.  
 Lol, I do.  Been busy with the various print deadlines, but I'll touch base with ya tomorrow.  
Hey everybody, IT'S T-SHIRT TIME!    Those of you who have ordered t-shirts at our SoCal meets before already know this drill.    To reserve your shirt, please reply (post in this thread) with your Head-Fi handle, the size you want, and how many of that size that you want - all separated by pipes. If you need to order multiple sizes, please start a new line.  For example, this is my "order": warrenpchi|L|3warrenpchi|S|1 The above order accounts for three shirts for me, and...
 Coffee for me, but same difference.    One of the guys here falls (or fell) into that situation.  Hopefully he'll make is this time, and hopefully so will you.    See the next post.   
 Gonna be way fun, you know I'm right!    Lol, I'm pretty sure you're coming no matter what.     YES!!!!   You're in luck!  I believe that Frank I needs to leave Sunday night as well... via LAX... and he needs to be there by 10:00p I think?  The meet?    Well, if we did that for you, we'd have to do that for everyone... and now we're in a position where all the exhibitors have to wake up an hour early to finish setting up that much sooner... and well, basically, no.   ...
 Ooh... juicy!  
 Lol, I said that?    I mean, it's true and all, but just asking.    You guys do realize that all of this is - at least in part - due to an elaborate ploy to make sure I don't have to eat breakfast alone right?   Hey buddy, you can have all the lunch you want, as long as you have breakfast with us.    LOL    NO, IT DOESN'T.    We all listen differently, it's all good.  ::fist bump::  All fixed!  Actually, United Sciences will be a part of the UE delegation. 
   Or here:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/741136/canjam-socal-2015-march-28-29-2015-its-official#post_11021560  That's United Sciences, and yes, they will be there (with Ultimate Ears).   
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