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I would think that, with wear and tear, such a thing would fall apart fairly rapidly... require periodic re-investment at an untenable rate.
 It's very possible.    To the best of my knowledge, there are no final-tuning versions of the EL-8 (whether open or closed) anywhere in the world right now.  And the pair that Tyll heard could easily have been a singular unit that is farther away from the expected final tuning than most. Whatever the case may be,  I think it would be a good thing of we all take a little chill pill to gain some perspective.  Or, alternatively, we can just keep going on as we have been, as...
 Actually, I believe that we had all of the current A&K players there (AK240, AK120II, AK100II) as well as our AK120s.  That was the week we did the Astell&Kern DAP comparisons. And FWIW guys, I have never heard any iteration of [what is now] the EL-8 open-backed that I would call bass light.    If there is such a unit out there, I would most certainly classify it as an aberration.
 Yes, it will be.    Lol, he actually is!    I have no doubt that a 445 would drive it adequately, and may even have some special synergy with it.  But I get the distinct impression that the EF1000 was voiced to pair specifically with the HE1000... and vice versa... and I think that what many of us heard at CES would tend to reinforce that notion.
 Just to satisfy my curiosity... how might we go about discerning what is +26dB versus +20dB for the volume knob?    Sounds plausible, I'd stretch out on that limb with you.  And for the record, those were simply my subjective observations, nothing more.  So for everyone concerned, please season them with appropriate sodium levels as you see fit.    Lol, with any luck, maybe the term vaginal will catch on around here.   
 LOL, I figured that might have been the case (largely based upon the supposition that no engineer worth his salt would trust an end user to actually read and follow the manual)... but I still didn't want to take the chance of somehow damaging a review unit.  
 Sony has some hi-res audiophile DAPs... namely the ZX1 and newly announced ZX2.  I haven't given either a good audition so I can't say anything of value here... but others' impressions so far seem to suggest that the AK240 is still better sounding.  FWIW, Currawong ran an HD 800 balanced from an AK240 and thought it was pretty good.
 Thanks guys!    I just wanted to point out that - like any review site - we all have different writing styles, viewpoints, etc.  I have yet to hear the V281.  And with all the new gear shown at CES this year, I doubt I'll get to it anytime soon.  But most impressions seem to be favorable so there's that.  If I ever get a chance to try it out, I'll be sure to post impressions.    Hmm, I don't think you'd be happy with the V220 and HE-6 pairing either.  Likewise, I think...
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