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 He's just busy I think.  Plus, there's an expectation to NOT cover all of RMAF because it's just not possible.  Whereas covering all of CanJam IS expected... and at least this year, CanJam was huge (3 dozen exhibitors showing God knows how many products - many of which are new). Also, Tyll had a few panels to moderate, so I think he had a little less time than everyone else.  Mimouille, just so you know, we call them the Grand Tetons... because everything here is bigger. ...
 LOL!  If I recall correctly, that was in the bylines of the TMAC charter.  It's predicated on the assumption that mods don't have time to read through all this stuff.       L  M  A  O  I wanna but Ima have to instead.  Also, .      Oh no!  Who said that? 
It's a loonnnngggg story, but I've only now gotten home.  First of all, thanks to Jude and Joe for their tireless work to put on this event!  The amount of blood, sweat, tears and dedication required in mind-blowing.  Thanks guys!    And of course, thanks to all of my friends - both old and new - exhibitors and attendees alike - for making the event so much fun!    I'll be posting up a full report soon, but in the meantime...  I did yes, and I was quite impressed with it. ...
Okay... since no one else is saying it... Happy Birthday TwinQY!
I'm pretty sure that RHA is going to be at CanJam this weekend.  I suspect that there may be a few more impressions rolling in as people get to try them out.
 Yes, but as hifimanrookie pointed out, it's not just a matter of the material, but of labor and processing.  Stamping out - or cold pressing - a piece of metal is going to be far faster and cheaper than hand turning/boring a chunk of bamboo. 
 Since I never win anything anyway, Ima give all my remaining good luck equally to y'all!  Good luck everyone! 
 Lol, hey I'm just the guy that makes the avatars!    Though... I've been slacking on that lately.    Here's a humble suggestion for y'all... This is the season for all kinds of crazy Head-Fi news, product announcements and product launches.  Because of this, we've been seeing some awesome Head-Fi videos covering it all.  But one man can only do so much, and it's easy to miss the guy on the other side of the camera... the guy that doesn't post often (if ever), but works...
 Hehe, just a few days away now.  Things are starting to get exciting! 
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