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  Nah, I was just kidding... but seeing the responses makes me think they probably should have jackets.  I'd wear it with my JH hat and UE shirt, just to confuse people.  Heck, might even put on some Schiit pants. 
Weird, everyone wants the t-shirt, but no one seems to want the jacket.
 Lol, yes he did!    OMG, dat video...
Lol, what is all this stuff?  
Why would it get incarcerated?  
 Lol, zardak.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/656394/too-much-competition-what-headphones-should-i-get-for-100-180 (I didn't get into it until page 2).  Not one of my finest moments, and honestly I probably would have left him alone to his thoughts, except that he was out there trying to give buying recommendations.  Saying what you like and don't like is free speech.  Telling people how to spend their money is something entirely different.
 Paradoxper, to my knowledge, there is no rule against calling out a reviewer.    As long as you're not making a personal attack, it's fine.  In addition to that, and since reviewers are somewhat considered public personalities, I personally believe that some latitude should be given to us all in questioning them or their motives - and when appropriate - issuing some criticism when applicable.  What I'm trying to say is that if you believe a reviewer has been compromised,...
 I tend to agree about Etymotics, especially with regard to the ER-4 series, and the ER-4PT in particular.  I consider it to be mid-centric as well.  And though I might apply the term neutral to its mid-range presentation, I would hesitate to call the ER-4PT outright neutral across the board (even if I can understand why others would).  And no, I would not call the ER-4PT "flat".  To my ears, the Noble 4 and the ever humble RE-400 are "flatter" in some ways/areas. With...
 Hmm, that color scheme reminds me of something...  
 I think you'll like it.  
New Posts  All Forums: