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  Of course not!  
 How so?  LOL  
Only a few more days left guys... then @mikemercer and I can stop holding it in.  Lol, I actually know this, but I can't say.  
 Oh, that's what it was for!    My bad.  Yup, we will definitely be doing that.  In our continuing efforts to mind suggestions given to us after previous events, we'll be featuring the member showcase (and thus both members and the rigs that they are bringing).  Coming soon!    You're never going to forget this, and be prepared to make some lifelong friends.    Hey David, we always design posters and t-shirts, even if we ultimately end up not making them.  That said, I'm...
 Nah, it's cool, reviews are lame.  
 2014 SoCal Head-Fi Meet!    ...and the backbone of Pentatonix's rhythm section. 
I love your curated lists!  They save me so much time and disappointment in music discovery.    Thanks so much!
 Complete with an internal channel for cables, and a special semi-hard shell pocket for the IEMs when not in use.
Okay, a few more questions if you please?     Is there an internal storage?  Or is all storage handled via SD cards and USB drives? What is the retail price of the unit? Will you be distributing this in the U.S.?
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