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 Will do.  Is there a third unit I should do the same with for comparison purposes?  Noble 4?  1P2?
 Nope, there will be both universal and custom versions.  The universals should be available at the end of the month, with customs following in Q1 2015.  Pricing on the customs are TBD though.
 Same here.  
 The NDA I signed is secular.  
 There were times when I almost wish I hadn't heard it, lol.  That sound has been haunting me for a couple of months now... and even worse, I couldn't share thoughts and impressions with very many people.   Now, that said, hold off for just a second.  We're getting both the Layla and Angie in for detailed reviews.  If it turns out that the Angie is excellent for the price, and something that you'd like just as much, that could save you some BIG money.  Or, alternatively,...
Presenting Jerry Harvey's New Sirens:  Layla & Angie     Audio360.org>>IEMs >>Presenting Jerry Harvey's New Sirens:  Layla & Angie Thursday, December 18th, 2014 by Warren Chi and Michael Mercer     Knowing what we know, we can easily say that 2015 is going to be a mind-blowing year for high-end personal audio. Now, we'd love to say that we totally called this in our mission statement - back when we first started Audio360.org - so we're gonna!   "Audio360.org...
 Sorry, not just yet.  
The K702 Annie is good, but I'm pretty sure that will be more than 200 Euro.  
 Yup, sure did!  Although, under certain circumstances, some of the above might fit a Beyerdynamic DT880 as well.  You might like the bass as is, especially when amped.  It's a fast, analytical bass.  But it's nice to know that you can mod it if you wish.    Yes, very much so.
 You've just described an AKG Q701.  
New Posts  All Forums: