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Quote: I know EXACTLY what you mean.  I asked a friend of mine how much he thought they were... after quoting the specs and showing him all the accoutrements.  He actually returned a figure that was twice what your brother said.  I think he was a little swayed by how closely these resemble the K3003.  Maybe RHA should charge more? 
 Hey H20, thanks for the impressions.    Looks like our initial thoughts line up pretty well on this.
Double post alert!    Think you need a lot of electronic production tools to pull off Daft Punk?  Apparently not.  All you need is this acapella group (and some clever mixing skills):  
 Do you have a preferred cable?  I find the prototype cable I'm using to be much more engaging than the stock cable.  Now I'm dying to try out Drew's silver.  From everything I've heard, that one is the shiznit.
Like the title says!    Just one rule, no (staged) selfies.  I'll start with a couple from recent memory.  
 Well, we dunno yet.  But I put in my nomination for you and Tom.  So here's to hoping!    Yeah, that is a cool idea I must say... it's better to give and to receive!    What's everyone listening to these days?  I find myself losing track of space and time with Vondelpark's Seabed.  You could say it's mellow, because it is.  And you could say it's a good groove, because it is that as well.  But I'm also finding it very daydreamy, in the sense that I lose myself in it and...
 Thank you jgray!    And good luck to you and Tom with the RHA thing.  Also, never too late to return...   That's almost two years away! 
Tom, thanks for the avatar! 
Good luck to everybody! 
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