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 Yes, but it's a good hurt.  You need to understand that, knowing you IRL, that little icon is PERFECT!  LOLOLOL!    Yeah Currawong, you might as well.  If you want to delay the inevitable, that's cool you.  But you would only be delaying the inevitable.    That's okay, it happens with the Woo WA7 as well, as that also has a 32-bit DAC.  I think it's just part of his special charm.  Hey!  Good thinking!  That totally went right past me. 
 I honestly don't remember the last time I heard a pair of headphones and immediately wanted one this bad.  I think the last time for me might have been an SR-007 Mk I that was paired with (what I now believe is) a KGSSHV. Mercer, I would love to hear a rig consisting of a competent DAC + E.A.R. HP4 + dat cable + LCD-X.  Can you imagine that system?  Actually screw the DAC, put vinyl at the front of that chain.    Yeah, I would easily agree with that.  There must have been...
 I believe so.  Dunno.  But I auditioned it with my WA7, and that pairing was fantastic.    I can't wait for everyone to hear this so that Mercer and I don't just sound like two voices out in the wilderness here.
Okay, so who HASN'T seen this yet?  I am beside myself with beside-my-selfness!  
 As with any soup-or-salad question, the right answer is always yes.  Remember you don't have to accept the limiting premise of the question.    Probably want to toss a coin between the LCD-X and the Roxanne though.
 No idea.  Does it matter though?  Sound = good = take my money.  That is our Bushido code.  You know what's strange?  Despite these supposedly being heavier than the LCD-3, I found them noticeably more comfortable.  I think they lessened the clamping force or something, because it definitely felt better on my noggin than the LCD-3.  Um, because it's ready now?  I dunno really.  But I can tell you one thing.  If I found out that such a thing was ready now... and it was...
 Oooh, are you going to have a full review soon?  If so, please drop us a link here when you do!    I actually haven't run any hard rock through them.  I did listen to a bunch of old alternative stuff though (shoegazing, BritPop, etc.) and it was a thoroughly enjoyable listen.    750, definitely the 750. 
Hmm, I've heard a date, but I should double check on that before I say anything.  I'll have to get back to you on that. 
 The LCD-X's bass is incredibly well-controlled, I was unexpectedly impressed.  And yes, I am totally with you on the LCD-3 being a bit too dark at times.  I should mention that the new [third-party] LCD cable that I'm field-testing does make the LCD-3 less warm in and of itself.  If you don't want to take the LCD-X plunge just yet, that might be a good alternative.  Lemme check with the powers that be to see when I can start talking about it publicly.  Yeah right?  For...
 That would be part of it yes.  But for me, the LCD-X is also more transparent and revealing.  It pulls away another layer of gear-haze between me and the music.  No. 
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