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 Hey guys, I just wanted to add one point of clarification here... there is no way we can possibly know the exact odds of winning, because we don't know how many orders there will be, and thus don't know how many Carbons will ship.  It'd be great if I had the power to see the future - in which case I can imagine how my life would be very different right now - but I don't.  
Hi guys!     First of all, thanks to @Allanmarcus for pointing out the ramifications of the Golden Tickets.   Of course, for us, this was most certainly not a sweepstakes or anything of the sort.  We just wanted to celebrate the outgoing Carbon with a bang by doing something cool.  But we also don't want to (even if inadvertently) do anything that even remotely runs afoul of any ordinances.  So as of this moment, the Golden Tickets are cancelled indefinitely.  Sorry...
 Yes.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/803956/cavalli-audio-liquid-carbon-final-production-run  
Updates & Errata   Please note:  As of 11:25a (Central Time) on April 5th, 2016, the Golden Tickets portion of the offer above has been cancelled indefinitely. Details to follow in the thread.  Thanks in advance for your understanding!   
 Hi everybody!  Nearly one year ago, our Liquid Carbon was officially launched here on Head-Fi.  We created it as a “thank you” to the community, offered it at an outrageously discounted price, and then watched as our server crashed from the rush of orders (that was a bit embarrassing). Since that day, many of our Liquid Carbons have gone on to serve their owners faithfully and well, covered by our lifetime warranty.  Others have traded hands a few times, as those who...
Hmm, I'll talk to @Currawong to figure out what's the best way to tidy everything up.  
 Actually, they're showing very sound logic here, IMO.  To go at it themselves would discourage others from adopting their drivers, because that negates the possibility of having exclusive rights to the drivers by having the manufacturer themselves be a source of competition.  But more importantly, they'd have to commit to brand building and marketing, and that comes with it's own set of costs.  They are focusing on their core competency and not overextending themselves....
New Posts  All Forums: