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 Hey Tom, I had wanted to come, but it looks like I won't be able to make it either.    Like dusk, I have a conflict on that date. Wishing you guys a terrific meet, as it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!  Please give everyone my best!  
 Excellent, then I'll leave mine at home.    I'll bring the EL-8 Open, to round out the family.    Awesome, leaving Abyss at home then.    Because ban hammer.    Also, Jude's bringing the Carbon proto.  I'll be bringing an early portable proto that has a special feature not found in the protos that were at CanJam SoCal.  Hmm, some ETHER-on-ETHER action... BRING IT!    What are you going to drive it with, WA5?  I'll probably have an LG or LAu at the meet for...
   I'll explain. So those who have been here a while know that Currawong has a specific graphic that he likes to use, to remind people that he is monitoring a thread so that we should all remain civil:  When I became a mod, I adopted a similar pic of my own.  However, since I was the junior mod, I chose something a little lower on the aviary totem.  In addition, I have traditionally been viewed as somewhat of a "nice guy" instead of the bad ass that I really am.  Well,...
I'm going to take a wild guess and say Alpha Dog, Alpha Prime, or ETHER... or any combination thereof.
Regarding power cords, I don't need one, but this is still an interesting read:
  Did you post that there?   I think my favorite one is the same at drgajet's:  My cats chewed on this cable and now they can both speak. One of them is gay and the other wants to kill me. I would have rather not known.
 Right??  That's not even the original one... that's a new one people are having fun with because the original one was discontinued.
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