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 Is that modulor's stuff?
Hey @Allanmarcus, if you can get the AZ guys to shift their meet to the 10th, you can hit that on the way home!   
You should joke with them and say "yep, just us five guys.  But we're not selling our gear.  For that, you might want to check out one of the TWENTY OR SO EXHIBITORS DOWN THE HALL JACK."
CANMANIA UPDATE!   MrSpeakers is sold out of Alpha Dogs, and only has two more Mad Dog Pros on hand!     However - for anyone at the show who wants to purchase either an Alpha Dog or a Mad Dog Pro - Dan Clark is offering the show special pricing of:   Alpha Dog (MSRP $599) = $540 Mad Dog Pro (MSRP $449) = $399   and adding free shipping (all show orders will be shipped first thing on Monday).   Or alternatively, instead of the pricing above, you can choose to...
Hey y'all, we're only two weeks out from this little SUMMER MEGA MEET!    Time for a push to get the word out.  Here are some Head-Fi avatars and a Facebook-friendly image that should help.    
 Yo bro, lookin' chill!     Tomorrow (or today rather) is the Head-Fi meet, so there should be quite a few peeps there!
 LOL!  If that's the new LCD-3 (w/Fazor) then I haven't even heard it yet.    I concur!  I helped out where I could but Frank I did most of the heavy lifting.  Great job Frank!  I completely agree!    I know a lot of people like to pair it with a Chord Hugo, but I found it perfectly fine all by itself.  LOL, LOLOLOL, I forgot to warn y'all about that.  Unlike other manufacturers who just bring select items from their current line, Moon Audio has a TON OF GEAR on display! ...
That's bad ass!  Thanks @jude and @joe! 
 Yup!    Truth be told, I didn't think that would actually happen until I heard the prototype.  Once I did, I wanted one.    Exactly!  It's one thing to just be another cable mfg... but in the same vein as Drew Baird over at @MoonAudio, Alex wanted to offer value as well.    And maybe me too?  A little bit?    Hey, that should make for a pretty good pairing!  Interested in your impressions when you get a chance.    BTW guys, I just wanted to note that something magical...
Lol, damn skippy!      That extra kick-in-the-head at the end, that's what makes it art.
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