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Hi guys!    Just to be clear, SE output #1 (on the left) is a lower gain output.  SE output #2 (on the right) is a higher gain output.  And yes, the difference is fairly profound.  Balanced operation (in terms of levels for left/right channels) is not affected in any way.
 Those are Bendyhead stands, from Peter James of HeadAmp.  They're nice!    Peter is @Iron_Dreamer here on Head-Fi, you can probably PM him here.
 Oops, my bad.  It was listed under "Accessories supplied" but there's a footnote that it's optional.   
 I like the form of it actually, especially in terms of how it harkens back to Focal's branding.  That said, my particular concern is with how heavy that base is.  I use a Woo Audio headphone stand myself, because the sheer weight of it keeps it from moving or toppling as I rest/remove headphones.  As long as that bass has enough heft and mass, I would consider it nicely done.
 On that note, who likes the headphone stands that are going to be included with the headphones?
 FYI, that was the information I was initially given as well (32Ω for both headphones).     Also, I know I'm no longer a moderator here, but might I suggest that a more general discussion about flagship pricing, inflation, or value be forked off into its own separate thread?  It seems to me that such a discussion is a worthy one to have, but it applies to multiple products and brands (as well as our hobby at large), and thus is probably deserving of it's own thread.  Maybe...
 Oh no, it was just a quick lick, I'm totally fine.    Tastes like chicken BTW.
 Which is how I know exactly what Beryllium tastes like.
 Lolol, wrong event.  This one's all you bro.   I'll be bringing the coffee and croissants for the CIEM event though.  There's a fantastic cafe near me that's got pretty good coffee and killer croissants... and I don't mean that light and airy stuff, I mean the way the French do it, where they are not afraid of butter.
New Posts  All Forums: