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 +1  Speaking of going overboard, how did things go from disagreeing on a headphone (the HE-400i in this case), to jumping all the way to Stillhart pushing the Elear on people?
 Here's the part where @HiFiGuy528 says "so that's why the KSE-1500 sounds so dead to me..."   
 Thanks!  Though I wouldn't say that business is booming since we don't have anything to sell, lol!    We're spending our time making production is on schedule for the runs that we currently have open.  On top of that, we just finished the industrial design phase of the Liquid Spark (portable), and we're moving into some rapid prototypes before going into production soon.  And of course, we're working on perfecting the Liquid Tungsten.  Lots to do!  
No, I haven't yet.    Work has been pretty busy in the past couple of days so I just haven't had the time.     I'll post them here for sure as soon as I get them written up though.   
 Yes, definitely!    There's more than a reasonable chance that whichever HD 800S is there would be different from yours, in terms of burn-in, pad resilency, etc. so it may sound different from yours.
 Welcome!    Yay!    Um, wut?    Though my favorite Cavalli amp is still the Liquid Glass (for a multitude of reasons, some of which are not related to sound quality), I do have to admit that what you described is my favorite thing about the LAu.  It's ability to playback music that sounds completely natural, while remaining highly resolving and dynamic, is something that I find rare.
Hi guys!     In all of the busy-ness leading up to our Focal Launch Event at The Source AV, I didn’t have a chance to post up the impressions that I gathered a while back.  Since I had a little bit of downtime today, I thought I’d take some time to post some up.   I'll be setting specifications, materials, technology, and comfort aside for a moment - to focus solely on sonic impressions.   BTW @Greggo, I know I still owe you some answers to your questions, and I hope...
 Hmm, I'm not a big fan of that tone wheel... but if I absolutely had to use it, I'd say the Utopia is probably something like this:
Slightly off topic...   I got a chance to get a quick audition of the Focal Listen yesterday, and I must say, it's a very competent headphone, particularly given it's $249 asking price.  Obviously, you won't get the detail, staging or imaging that you do from the Elear, much less the Utopia... but it's got a very nice tonal balance indeed (well-balanced overall with a very shallow U and slight upper-midrange accentuation).  If anyone is interested in this headphone,...
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