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Just got back home. @russtafarian, @jw111 (a.k.a. John Williams from the Cavalli table), @shiorisekine (from the Schiit tables) and I had to rush back early this morning to attend an LAOCAS (Los Angeles Orange County Audiophile Society) event featuring a ton of McIntosh gear. Sooo tired, but here are a few brief remarks before I forget.   First of all, my utmost thanks to @third_eye (Ethan) who did most of the heavy lifting for this meet.  He's the one who worked for...
Impressions thread is up fellas!    If you're at the meet, please post your live updates!
  Post them pics and impressions fellas! 
 Has happened before.    Sure, for you, no problem... um, WTF, no!    Seriously though, sorry about that.    We try not to conflict with too many other events, but it's hard enough just trying to not collide with other audio events. 
Quote: My understanding is that the Onkyo app is pretty effing awesome.  IIRC, it also plays DSD files, albeit via software DSD-to-PCM conversion?  Gawd I love this hobby (and the community on which it is built)!
Some Important Meet Updates!      Looks like Sennheiser and JH Audio won't be able to join us this time around.      But Avatar Acoustics and AudioVision SF are confirmed additions!     Speaking of AudioVision SF, they come bearing sale prices and demo units:   Ifi Micro Idac 24/192 USB DAC/Headamp:  retail $299 - 1 demo at $249 IfI Micro USB Power:  retail $199 - 1 demo at $179 Burson Soloist HA-160:  retail $999 - 1 demo at $849 Burson Conductor 1793... 
 Lol, you're fine. 
 You're an exhibitor, and hence ineligible. LOLOLOLOL!    Or lemme put it another way.  If I can't get in on the giveaway, then fo dayum sho you ain't getting in on it.
 gzone, due to unusual circumstances (several mfgs. couldn't make it but did send gear), we have amps up the YING YANG.  Come by third_eye's table to hook it up to any number of amps laying around.  Or come by the tables I'm sharing with baronkatz and try hooking it up to a wide assortment of Schiit (including the Ragnarok).
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