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 Thanks bro!  More likely than not sounds like there is hope? 
14 feet?  Holy carp that's long. 
You guys want to wager on how many people have to chime in before we get a performance artist or something like that? 
 My ears were what I had at the time.    That said, the differences I noticed in levels was consistent after initial perceptive volume matching, if not authoritatively accurate.  But thanks for the idea!  I'll try to do that for the full review. 
 Depends on how much room you have to work with right? 
 And from reading Frank's show reports about the meet, doing a pretty darned good job of it too.    It'll be great workin' with ya.  Lol guys, I think it's widely acknowledged that there are more Head-Fiers in NY than anywhere else in the country.  Hopefully what we do will be worthy of that. 
 That is what I believed (or hoped) would be the case when I compared all three.  But alas, there was a difference in sound.  I know not why. 
 FWIW, I found that to be the case without the mod as well. 
 Hi archer, sorry, I haven't.  I don't have the AK240 here anymore, so I couldn't even do a three-way optical shootout if I wanted to.    Hi Ultra, mikemercer's impressions are at and my impressions come right after his in the post following that one.    Nope, just the volume dial.  Well, technically, if you run the AD balanced, the "Balanced Out" configuration serves as a gain...
Thanks for the thoughts guys.    Yes, I agree, Saturday would be best.  What would probably happen is this:    They would provide space for a meet. They would ask each of us to pay for entry to the show, for at least the day of the meet. We would just need to bring our rigs and have a good time.   That is generally the model used for combo meets/shows, like last year's California Audio Show and this year's CanMania at Capital Audiofest.  Basically, they assume the...
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