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No need, I made you one.  
I think we need a new thread to reboot everything.  
 This entire thread exists as a splinter from the two Liquid Carbon threads.  It is, by virtue of it's very nature, off-topic.  It's essence is that of something that was not on topic with something else.  And so I say... 
 Audio Technica ATH-M50S, Sennheiser HD598, Denon D600, Westone umpro30, Mr.Speakers Alpha Prime.
Cool!  Now, back to the business of getting headphones, DACs and cables for our Carbon rigs.  Is everyone all set?
 I gotcha!     It's all good.      Thanks for the kind words fellas!    But I made a badge for you!     
 Yes!  Please do!  By all means, bring your reference headphones or IEMs.  Also, if you're going to be evaluating headphones or IEMs for a portable rig, by all means bring your portable rig.  And finally, bringing some reference tracks via USB flash drive is always a good idea.  Hi Ra97oR!  Sorry, I've been furiously busy recently.    Yes, we would love for you to be in the Member Showcase.  Let me find your email and get back to you with some specifics.   
 Lol, please stahp!  Every time you guys post something like this, John bursts a vessel... AND WE NEED HIM!  
Yay!   I've got a fun-filled weekend ahead of me, I'm finishing up custom member badges for the meet: 
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