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Hey guys, thought you might want to check out the EPIC show report that @Currawong just posted up:  
 2.5mm?    But how would they work "Liquid" into the title?  Liquid Runner?    Also, pretty sure namesaking Blade Runner is Audeze's schtick at the moment.   
 What if Chord does a factory tour with a HugoTT as the giveaway prize?  
 Thanks for the reminder Andy!   Hope you don't mind, but we've taken the liberty of creating a special post for the Cambridge Meet that you've been working so hard to organize.  It's the second post, immediately following the announcement: We've added some basic information there, along with a link to the meet thread.  But if you can think of anything else that we should add,...
 You overestimate my skills.  I can't change Jude's gender!  Oh wait...   YES!      Photoshop makes all things possible.
 First round's on me mate!    BTW, your job is utterly fascinating!  Yup!  Group hug everyone, we made it happen!  
Lol, no one has it... the production run hasn't started... it hasn't even been on the market for 24 hours.  Of course, logically, we should all be thinking of how to mod it now.     YOU'RE AWESOME! 
 Something else?  CRIMSON?!?!   Lol, well if 396 was first, then I wasn't first after all.  So we both fail!    Hmm, Ima say no.
 Okay sure, why not?  CT awarded, as I said I would.   
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