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  I would love to see The Wizard do something with bismuth... hollowed out to accommodate the innards... and then finished off with crystal instead of acrylic.  Would probably be as heavy as **** but would be amazing!  Bismuth (for those unfamiliar with it:   
Yup, in the Product of the Year issue.     
 Why don't I get one?    C'mon, it's Christmas!  
vixr, I'm so sorry.     I don't know if this is appropriate either, and certainly you probably want to have some private time to grieve, but when you feel ready to talk about him, I'd love to know more about Seth... he sounds like a pretty cool and stand-up guy.   -Warren
Hmm, Jude's write up for the Pendulumic Stance S1+ seems to be missing from this thread... here ya go!
Review: Pendulumic Stance S1+ by @warrenpchi, @mikemercer and @third_eye     Bluetooth? Really?!   Ethan:  As many of you know, Warren and I have been the organizers of several Head-Fi meets in California over the past few years. As the Lead Organizer, I routinely handle the reservation and booking of exhibitors, while Warren helps exhibitors prep for a good showing as Co-Organizer. It's a lot of work, but incredibly fun, as Warren and I work very smoothly...
 Just a disclaimer for the new people, though they'll probably find out soon enough.  
Welcome to Head-Fi!    Sorry about your wallet.  
 I concur.
From the "Funny comments from the forums" thread: 
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