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Hey everyone, I've updated post #2 with the latest info on who is bringing what to the meet.  Please let me know if anything there is incorrect, and whether you will be needing more/less table space.  Thanks! 
 Yup, the show part of it (CanMania) runs for all three days.  So all the exhibitors listed above will be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
 Not just CEntrance, but a few others as well!    Here's an updated (and pretty much final) exhibitor list fellas:   Also, it now appears that I won't be able to make it due to personal reasons... but no worries, Frank and Mercer will be there! 
 Dude, this is ALWAYS the best part isn't it?  You know what's crazy?  It took this meet - 400 miles away from home - to bring me together with some SoCal friends (even though they are WAY close to me).  Funny how life works.  It's so reference it's not even funny.  Now other IEM does what this does (at least none that I've heard) and that makes it singularly special.    So glad you got a chance to hear it.  The guys at Schiit - even in tough times - did us a huge favor by...
Just got back home. @russtafarian, @jw111 (a.k.a. John Williams from the Cavalli table), @shiorisekine (from the Schiit tables) and I had to rush back early this morning to attend an LAOCAS (Los Angeles Orange County Audiophile Society) event featuring a ton of McIntosh gear. Sooo tired, but here are a few brief remarks before I forget.   First of all, my utmost thanks to @third_eye (Ethan) who did most of the heavy lifting for this meet.  He's the one who worked for...
Impressions thread is up fellas!    If you're at the meet, please post your live updates!
  Post them pics and impressions fellas! 
 Has happened before.    Sure, for you, no problem... um, WTF, no!    Seriously though, sorry about that.    We try not to conflict with too many other events, but it's hard enough just trying to not collide with other audio events. 
Quote: My understanding is that the Onkyo app is pretty effing awesome.  IIRC, it also plays DSD files, albeit via software DSD-to-PCM conversion?  Gawd I love this hobby (and the community on which it is built)!
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