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 Let's go!  After set-up on Friday!    Or alternatively, we can bring it back to set-up, and let the lovely scent waft through the hotel... 
 Yes!  Everybody, don't forget about the discussion panels!    Alex is going to be on the Ask the Designers panel, and I'll be moderating the Ask the Editors panel.  These usually wind up being pretty fun, as interesting questions turn into lively discussions sprinkled with all kinds of funny anecdotes.
 Shopping is always an option, and SCP tends to have more upscale stores so it's not junk.  Not sure exactly what your schedule is, but here are some fun options: Dogfighting @ http://aircombat.com - These are not via simulators!  You get to dogfight in actual fighters (prop of course). Whale Watching @ http://www.newportwhales.com/newport_beach_whale_watch_offer_16.html​ - Cruises off the shore in Newport... watch (and if you're lucky touch) whales.
What are you into?  Other than music and headphones of course...
This will help I hope:  http://www.metrolinktrains.com/home/    I believe they have a $10 weekend pass with unlimited rides?
 You got it bro!    Lol, if I had that kind of power over time and space, you'd all own LAus.
Actually, now that you mention it, the Liquid Tungsten's circuit does employ negative feedback... So y'all please feel free to contribute as much positive feedback as you want, just to bring balance to The Force and all.
 Be careful that karma doesn't bless you with car trouble.    If the Tungsten, in prototype form, is anywhere near the WA234, given the cost difference, I think he'd rather not know, lol.    That's pretty far... though I think Chunbeng from Pendulumic (Sg) is going to win this round.   
That would have to be whoever is coming from UTC +04:00 or UTC +05:00.  So... is there anyone coming from India?
Of course, please do!    I know that a lot of exhibitors will be asking for opt-ins (email addresses).  That's perfectly valid, nothing wrong with that.  I just feel that doing it this way is better for everybody in the community.
New Posts  All Forums: