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I would personally get it direct from Audeze... so that I could choose the options I wanted.  And if it were me, I would try to get the same show discount that was offered at CanMania (assuming there was a show discount). 
MrSpeakers actually launched the Mad Dog Pro at the SoCal meet back in March, so it's fairly recent.  I would characterize it as such:   If you have the Mad Dog on one end, and the Alpha Dog (w/o Doggie Treats) on the other end, the Mad Dog Pro is almost halfway between the two, but closer to the Mad Dog.  So basically [Mad Dog]----40%----[Mad Dog Pro]------60%------[Alpha Dog w/o Doggie Treats]. If you're talking about having the Mad Dog on one end, and an Alpha Dog...
Thanks for a great show and meet fellas!    See y'all in the impressions thread:
Last day, only a few hours left!    Is anyone going last minute?
 Yup, there's no turning back now. 
 LOL, I have my own differences of opinion with the Abyss, although it has nothing to do with fit.  I'm just not wowed by the sound.   I mean, it's fine, I'm not complaining.  It's just not, like, wow for me.  That said, I do believe that the LAu is the best amp there is for it.  So if you don't like it with the LAu, you're probably not going to be enamored with it driven from anything else either.    The one rig that I most enjoyed... ever... even more than an Orpheus...
As long as you don't forget to bring you, I think we're all fine with whatever you decide. 
 Funny you should ask that... @mikemercer's impressions: My impressions: mikemercer is actually at the show... so if you catch him there, you can probably ask him to elaborate on what he posted. 
 I just called one of my friends at the meet not too long ago, and modulor's stuff was one of the highlights for him as well. 
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