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Lol, just trying it out with a humble little CEntrance DACport LX (seen to the left in that pic).   
  Happy Monday everyone!     As CanJam London approaches, we are now calling for Member Showcase participants.   As many of you know, with the return of Head-Fi's independent and standalone CanJams, we are once again reviving member participation as an important part of the overall CanJam experience.  Our Member Showcase at CanJam SoCal 2015 was both a success and a good time for everyone who attended, and we hope that CanJam London will be, at the very least,...
I did... and in theaters no less... 
Actually, you brought up a good point!  Who's planning on going up from SoCal?  Maybe we should plan some car pools?
 That's actually what Currawong did a couple of years back.  He had WyWires build him a series of different heads and tails... heads being different headphone terminations, tails being different amp terminations.  I forget what the central linkage termination was, but I believe that it might have been mini-XLR.
 In this hobby?    One can but dream I suppose...
 Funny you should mention that.  I've actually been on a search for a new reference DAC lately, and that was on my list of DACs to evaluate.  I've reached out to them (maybe about a month ago?) about a DAC-2 DSDse loaner to check out... but as they are heavily backordered with that, they didn't have any units available to send out.  I doubt I'll wait much longer before making a decision, so I'm pretty much scratching them off my list.
Cool!  My only reason for going Kobiconn is that if it were an IEM or portable, I wouldn't want a heavy, metal thing-a-ma-jig hanging off the other end of [what would almost certainly be] something that is more delicate than a full-sized headphone.
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