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 You can ask third_eye about this, but I always make you a personalized badge, always.  Even when you say you can't make it.  Just on the hope. 
 Over my dead body! 
Hi everyone, SoCal Head-Fier here, but I would love to visit NY again and meet all of you.  If you wouldn't mind having us, third_eye and I would love to work with Frank to organize a NY meet.  We have a reasonable amount of experience with meets and shows... I don't think we'll mess it up too badly.   
 Is it soft or crispy?  Man, if I had a penny for every time I got teased and taken in...   LOLOLOL!    I concur.    Maybe a dual birthday celebration then?
 Not wild about it either.  I wasn't eligible for the raffle at T.H.E. Headphonium either, as Mercer and I organized that  Whatever, as long as everyone is happy, it's all good.    I think they might actually be happy for us.  But just to be cool, we're not even gonna go there.  Plus, we're way too busy with the meet to spend time on the treasure hunt anyway.
Okay, here's how I see it.  All of our reviews, be they here on Head-Fi or elsewhere, are subject to peer review.  I've had people call me out on things I've said about products - both good and bad things I've said about products - and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Why?  Because it is a VERY effective way of curbing the result of any and all bias, regardless of where that bias originates.   I believe that ultimately, this peer review system is FAR more important...
 Yup, and in that sense it isn't truly a raffle as there is no charge to play, and no one makes any money from it.    We should really rename the raffle to something else. The whole thing is designed to get attendees and exhibitors interacting with each other... trying out gear, giving feedback, that kind of stuff.  In return, exhibitors generously donate prizes.  Basically, if you put in the work, you get an entry, and no one gets more than one entry for better prize...
 This.  This exactly, and I told him as much.    Actually, to people that don't know him as well as we do, that's EXACTLY what it looks like.  Yup, sure have.  And while there is something very noble about the intentions - if not naive (I agree with you there) - the execution of it was basically screwed from the start. It should have been done as billy suggested above... where a real (and not led) discussion took place.  And then, should a pay-for-content model have been...
 That's exactly how I feel about meets!    LOL!  Hey, does anyone here wear t-shirts? 
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