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Hey guys!   I just wanted to remind everyone that the Post-Your-Impressions contest from the show is still running!  Don't miss your chance to win something cool... something über cool... like a Modi/Magni Uber Stack!  The contest runs until 11:59p Pacific Time on Friday, August 21st, 2015.  More details are in the first post.   
I've been binge listening to Hide and Seek lately.       ... as well as some Frou Frou stuff.
 Well, we haven't made the formal announcement yet... but if you need to make plans regarding travel, family, etc., I feel perfectly comfortable having you do so for those dates.  
 Of course!  Are you coming to CanJam London as well?  If so, I can enable that badge as well.  Nope.  But even though I am technically one of the organizers, I still rock an attendee badge with pride.  Hopefully that will suffice?  
Lol, no, this isn't the official RMAF thread.  I'm sure that will be posted up shortly.  This is just the "are we there yet?" version of it.
 Your wish has been granted.  Given your preferences, yes!    It is not.  The ETHER C is much closer to its open-backed sibling than the LCD-XC will ever be to the LCD-X... though it is still slightly [perceived] brighter than the ETHER.  Ah my friend, you forget that the ETHER itself started off as a closed back.  Yes, and given that I know exactly what you like, I can confirm that you will.  Very much so.  This might be the last headphone you buy for quite some time.  I...
Glad to be awesome twice!  
If my guess is correct, I think the ETHER C will sound fantastic with a Viva amp.    Je veux acheter un ETHER C bien que je ne pas avoir de l'argent.   
Hi everybody, the SchiitShow impressions thread is now open! http://www.head-fi.org/t/777730/schiitshow-2015-impressions
 On Saturday - August 15th, 2015 - over a hundred lucky Head-Fiers descended upon SchiitShow 2015 at the Hotel MDR in Marina del Rey, California. They were among the first to experience the first production units of three new and amazing products from Schiit, and a brand new headphone from MrSpeakers.  And though 2015 marks only the inaugural year for of SchiitShow, it was by all accounts a fantastic time for all!   Those who heard and fell in love with the Gungnir...
New Posts  All Forums: