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 Lol, you know what took the longest?  Believe it or not, it was the little doorways.    Right.  I would have shown that in the map, but then I'd have to run a line right through all of the Ventura exhibitors.   
  You keep that up, and I might have to give you a custom title.
I think you should look into a dedicated set of portable cans, or IEMs, for portable use. Portability and mobility has it's own set of size, weight, durability and interconnect requirements.  And trying to find one solution for both home and outdoor use will force you to make sacrifices both ways... i.e. it will never be a mobile as you'd like, and you won't be getting the exact sound experience you'd want at home.   Lol, why do you think so many of us have multiple cans...
 The meet is on!  Pics, impressions, post 'em if ya got em!     First, I want to thank and give a round of applause to third_eye (Ethan), our lead organizer for the past four meets. I don't think most people know how much time and effort he puts into the meets.  But hopefully, this will give everyone an idea... Without Ethan, our meets would simply not exist.  Thanks bro! And special thanks to Lisa (Mrs. third_eye) - plus Elliot, Ari and Isla (the little third_eyes) - for...
 Thanks!  I'd love to make a series of comics out of that someday... would be hilarious! 
 Lol, yup.  We made a little joke about that in our review.    Actually, it's not.    The unit we reviewed didn't have an accompanying case (it was way in advance of the nicely boxed units).  Multiple drops and not a scratch on it.  In case y'all don't know what review I'm talking about:
 Both are pretty close to the AK240... as both are machined from a solid block of aluminum.  The only major difference that I can see is the use of carbon fiber on the back of the AK240, versus something other than that for the AK100II and AK120II.  Still, I don't imagine that the carbon fiber makes THAT much of a difference.  So assuming that the internals are assembled similarly well, then yeah, the durability should be roughly on par as well. They certainly feel as...
Welcome Kenn! 
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