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 Yay!   ^ This.  +1
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Canlanta 2016 a success, and fun!   As a former Head-Fi meet and CanJam organizer, I can tell y'all that what you guys hosted was definitely something to be proud of.     It was organized well, so things ran smoothly, and it was surprisingly well-attended.  In fact, it was just about on-par with the first L.A. meet that @third_eye and I organized a few years back (the meet that eventually morphed into CanJam SoCal).  So...
Unfortunately, no. It was injured on its trip back from AXPONA. It's now headed back to Austin to receive treatment from Dr. Cavalli.
Well, it is kinda warm and moist up in here.I had no choice. It was either come early or super late. I came early. Don't even think it @shotgunshane.
Atlanta, I am inside you!
Hi Greggo, funny that you should mention it, as I am gathering some detailed information for a big status update now.  We'll be emailing that out shortly, but in the meantime I can answer your questions below.  Yes.    Stacking the Liquid Carbon with a DAC, either above or below, is just fine.  My DAC happens to be larger than the Liquid Carbon, so I have the Carbon on top simply for aesthetic reasons, but you may opt for the other way around.  Either way, it will be just...
 Glad you joined up Mark!  
Looks like everybody is planning to bring some pretty cool stuff!    I guess now's a good time to kick in and up the ante?     I'll start with a Liquid Tungsten rig.  The Liquid Tungsten proto that I'll be bringing should be the final voicing that we want to go with, so I'd love to get some feedback on that from you guys.  If all goes well, I'll be feeding that with a new Bricasti M1 Special Edition, which sounds fantastic with our stuff!  And if all goes really well,...
 Would you mind if I get a few minutes to listen to your TH-900?  I've never heard it on the Tungsten and I'm curious about how it will sound.  
 Yes, please do!  In fact, if any of you guys have modded a HD 800 of your own (or any headphone for that matter), and want to make it a three-way deathmatch for your auditions, bring 'em on down!    Swannie!    Are you moving over for career's sake?  Or did we convince you with CanJam SoCal?  
New Posts  All Forums: