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 Yes, you should DEFINITELY come... before you get deeper into the hobby and start spending all kinds of money on trial and error.  Come on down and join us.  You get to listen to a whole bunch of stuff without having to buy all of it.  And we're plenty friendly.    Come say hi to Jude and pick his brains for advice if you like.  You won't have any trouble spotting him, he looks like this:  See, he even looks friendly! -Warren
Looks like y'all had a great time!    So happy for you, congrats on the meet!
For anyone looking to try a lot of gear in a short time, I would like to invite you to CanJam 2014.      Not only will there be a veritable cornucopia of gear from exhibiting manufacturers, but attending Head-Fiers often bring their own rigs to share as well.  It's a wonderful place to form impressions, and share impressions with others, in a condensed period of time.   And this year, we're also going to SHaG with our CanJam 2014 Scavenger Hunt &...
 Congrats mscott58!  I went to my first last year, and had a blast!  Can't wait to get back there and see some good friends again.  I'll be there starting Wednesday afternoon, so if anyone gets there early, we can hang, assuming I'm not busy with set-up myself. As for the SHaG, there will be cards at both the entrance to CanJam, as well as at the Head-Fi table.  The allure to just start listening to gear will be considerable, but please don't forget to pick up your cards...
 Something relatively neutral or flat.  For me, the UERM is a good fit in terms of customs - while the Noble 4 does it for me in terms of universals.
Wait, srsly?  Because as far as shirts go, I know a guy...   This is but a heartbeat away from being a reality.
 By the power of Greyskull, WE HAVE THE POWER! 
Excellent!  It's like the gang is getting back together... or something. 
 Hi jackaroe!  Welcome to Head-Fi.    Sorry about your wallet.    Okay, here's what you are looking for.  Basically, you want an analytical signature that leans neutral-bright with fast bass response, prominent mids, extended highs, and with a heavy preference given to detail, staging and imaging. Basically, you want this:  I would seriously avoid placing complete trust in graphs before you've (a)...
 Denon D600.    Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm (better quality bass, and better comfort for extended sessions).
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