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The party continues! Our buddy Jonathan Cheng just won a pair of 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth/Passive over-ear headphones. He had a choice of either red or blue, and he went for the red one, good choice! Next giveaway is at 2:00p!
Hi y'all! Jason's birthday party is in full swing here! We're having a great time listening, hanging out, and goofing off. But more importantly, we just had our first giveaway, and long-time Head-Fier mice_blue just won himself a brand new AudioQuest DragonFly! We're doing these birthday giveaways every hour, on the hour, and the next one is at 1:00p. So hurry up and get down here, you're missing some valuable win opportunities!
 Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the first of our final LAu units should begin shipping on September 15th (about a week from now).     I concur!    My Utopia impressions were gathered with a LAu:​   Where did you get your demo pair from?  I might be able to help with getting you a deadline extension on those?  
 Listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about.   
Noon.  And it's supposed to end at 5:00p... but realistically it'll end when we all feel like ending (which has been known to be WAYYYY past 5:00p as some of you might recall from past events).
 It's going to be awesome sauce!   
   Good thing you caught it before paying!  I picked up a deal sometime ago (might still be active) where I got the entire discography for under £10.
Hi all!     A quick tangent if I may... was there any new music that you discovered at CanJam London?  If so, please share?   One of the tracks that we were demoing with, was a Yosi Horikawa piece named "Bubbles" that was a relaxing sonic treat.  I wasn't at the booth the whole time to know if all of you enjoyed it (seminars, duty called), but I hope that everybody enjoyed it through the Liquid Tungsten and the ETHER Flow!     And you can learn more about Yosi...
Hi y'all!     As many of you already know, we're switching up our Summer Series schedule this weekend!  Instead of the regularly scheduled event, we'll be supporting our good friends from Schiit Audio to celebrate Schiit Show 2!   It's going to be super fun, and we invite y'all to join us there!  Please click on the graphic below to learn more.       And as a special surprise, we're going to post an updated Summer Series schedule after Schiit Show 2.     We've...
Congratulations Val!  
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