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 LOL!    ...which is still less than the weight of a human hand.  
Wow, thanks for all the info and impressions @jude!  @MattTCG, I'm definitely looking forward to your thoughts buddy, as I know we both share similar thoughts about the original ETHER.   I'll be updating this post with my impressions as well, but that might take a little time, especially since things are pretty hectic today.  For now, I'll simply leave an excerpt from some stuff I've already jotted down:  [[SPOILER]]  
Reserved for a pending announcement about a special event.  I'll update y'all soon!    
First of all, congratulations to everybody at MrSpeakers on a stunning sonic achievement!   Here at Cavalli Audio, we've been auditioning them for some time now, and we're excited that you'll finally be able to hear them for yourselves!       At the 2016 Official San Francisco Head-Fi Meet, MrSpeakers will have their new ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow headphones for audition at the Ultimeet Showcase, a special event within the meet.  If you're in the area, please...
 I dunno about that.  Head-Fi's glossary seems to indicate that sibilance can begin at 4Khz: Sibilant (or Sibilance) - "Essy", exaggerated "s" or "sh" sounds in vocals. Sibilant sounds carry most of their energy through the 4Khz to 8Khz range, but can extend to 10kHz, depending on the individual. Sibilance is often heard on radio. Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing in favor of the 20dB drop.  But like I said, I've seen worse notches that didn't seem to bother people too...
 My guess would be that it was intentionally done to reduce sibilance in the 4Khz range.  But I've seen much more severe notches in FR, even in headphones that people seem to favor here on Head-Fi, so I guess it can't be that bad.
Hi Guys, I'd like to drift off-topic for a moment, but in a way that I feel is relevant. If you don't feel like indulging me for this, no worries, please go ahead and skip this post. When I first joined Head-Fi, I lurked for about nine months. This was a foreign world to me, where the culture - and even the language - was incomprehensible at times. Even after I finally worked up the courage to start posting regularly, I was still very much a noob. And in many ways, I...
 +1  Speaking of going overboard, how did things go from disagreeing on a headphone (the HE-400i in this case), to jumping all the way to Stillhart pushing the Elear on people?
 Here's the part where @HiFiGuy528 says "so that's why the KSE-1500 sounds so dead to me..."   
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