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 Oh no, this meet's small enough, he's gotta make 'em right and proper for sure!   
  MWAHAHAHAHA!    That's what you get for getting it before me BIOTCH!  It's for a Headphone.Guru review I believe?
 You have no idea!    BRB, Ima Facebook this.  
Wait, isn't there someone else from Winnipeg in here?  Get thee to Arly's place!  
Spill the beans Freak!
Okay Arly (@DigitalFreak), I know you got your Liquid Carbon review unit today... IMPRESSIONS?  Maybe we should all bug the heck out of you via PM?  
Cleaned up the first post, and updated it with MattTCG's impressions from the Nashville meet.  
Oh, I'm pretty sure Bill's working on some proper name badges right now.  
Oh no, I wasn't going for the TZ reference at all.  I just wanted to post the scariest music known to man.   For those of us who were kids in the late Eighties, WHY DID OUR PARENTS LET US WATCH DAT SCHIIT?  
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