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Good morning everyone!    Just a couple of quick updates for y'all.   First, some of you might have noticed something new in your signatures.  Don't be alarmed, this is a good thing.  We're rolling out some merit badges (longbowbbs, contain yourself) for Head-Fiers that have done something cool and meaningful.  In this particular case, we are awarding merit badges for people that make the pilgrimage to CanJam SoCal 2015.  Wear it with pride ladies and gents!   Second,...
Just a small reminder for those able to travel to Southern California at the end of the month:  if you want to check out the EL-8 in person before buying...    
 Hmm, we might have to run this by Jude for permission?  Jude, if you don't respond in 3 seconds, that means you approve. 3... 2... 1... Okay then!    Thumbs up this post to vote for a Jude tee  
SolitaryMan, a good way to think about CanJam is to imagine that it is just like Head-Fi... only in real life.  
 Whoa, lie is a pretty strong word...    ...not sure I would go there per se. The fact is, some people do get their kicks withholding specific knowledge, while enthusiastically stating the importance of possessing that knowledge.  It's an I-know-something-you-don't-know-because-I'm-special kind of thing.  For those of you who've been around Head-Fi for a little while, this kind of behavior can be found in the posts of zardak, and to a lesser and benign extent, Nomax. Wow,...
Hard to believe that we're only four weeks away!    
Post 'em fellas!    I've been enjoying them tremendously over the past few days, and I'll have some impressions to post shortly.
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