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 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Off-topic... LOVE YOUR AVATAR!  
   I would heavily suggest choosing on the basis of sonic preferences before factoring in price... "cheapest" doesn't mean anything if you don't like the way it sounds.  Sounds like Gisele needs to exhibit at CanJam London 2015!  
 Duncan, stop whatever you're doing and get your ears on a pair of Noble Savants, RIGHT NOW!    You can thank (or strangle) me later.  
Asr, sorry for the intrusion, but YGPM (about the meet).   
 Exactly!  Though, as much as I try, I don't think I'm making it get here faster?    Still, I try.  Hey guys, I'm temporarily suspending the rules about posting things for sale, for this thread only.  Since we are all looking for DACs, and ones that meet certain requirements, if you have a possible candidate to sell, please feel free to post a link to your FS/FT thread here.    DACs or DAC/amps with line out only please.  Thanks!  Lol, these things are no longer in...
Woo hoo!  My new (old) DAC is almost here!  It's now in Bloomington, CA - having survived it's arduous journey from Durham, NC.  
I've been pretty enamored with the way the new AK380 sounds, since I heard it at Munich.  It uses two AKM AK4490 chips - one for each channel.
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