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 Ooh, the plot thickens!  
 Of course it is!  How do you think I became immune to it?
Hello everyone!   Welcome to the UK Head-Fiers group.  When you get a chance, please introduce yourself to the rest of the group.    I'll start.   Many of y'all know my story already.  I kind of fell into Head-Fi when I started doing a lot of commuting by train a couple of years ago.  From lurker to poster to moderator to meet organizer and beyond, Head-Fi has been my main hobby over the course of the past few years (outside of listening of course).  These days, I even...
 You got mail!  
 I just happen to own a WA7 with EH gold pin upgrade tubes and a WA7tp power supply.  And the answer to your question is yes.  Lol, I'm immune.  Now Schiit pants on the other hand...
 I would disagree, especially with respect to degree of difficulty.  There is a significant learning curve, for most people, to designing a DAC.  Reviewing an amp is far easier.  What censorship?  Nothing was edited or removed, I simply articulated my view.  To quote you: 
Sadly, yes.
   So excited for this, it's gonna be the schiitiest audio show evar!   We're gonna be announcing some cool schiit in the weeks leading up to the event, so you'll see what I mean soon enough. In the meantime, I've got my Schiit pants... ...and my Schiit shirt! My body is ready.
 My only request, for those that criticize reviews or reviewers, is that they take the time to try writing a review of their own.  It's not always as easy, or as fun, as it seems.
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