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 Thanks, everything will be just fine.    I imagine we'll be meeting up sooner or later as I love meets.  Are you going to CanJam by any chance?  Man, gonna miss you!  John will be there though, as will Mercer.  Also, you get to take our little panda - bowei006 - under your wing and show him the ropes.  It's his first real meet. 
 basquetebol, exactly what billheiser and Barry S said.  The entire point of a meet is to share out gear with others.  And everyone is MUCH friendlier and gracious that you could ever imagine.  Everyone's first meet is filled with anxiety and trepidation, everyone's.  But once you've been to a meet, you very quickly realize just how open and fun it is.  I highly encourage all Head-Fiers to attend at least one meet someday.  It's a rewarding - and fun - experience.    Lol,...
 Jason Stoddard's father unexpectedly passed away.    And since they are much more like a family there than they are a company, what affects one of them affects them all.  I actually have some great news to report to them about the recent S.F. meet we had, but I want to give them some time and space before I do. 
 Sorry guys, that's my bad.  I found myself extremely busy leading up to the meet, dealing with all kinds of logistical issues for three different meets/shows.  As a result, I wasn't able to the give the meet's maps/signage my best.  Add to that the fact that I hadn't ever been to the venue, and well, yeah.  Now that I know what it's like, I'll do better next time.    Thanks bro, it was pretty cool right?  And in just 2.5 weeks, we have the L.A. meet to look forward to! ...
 Of course I am, particularly alongside a Rag as that pairing has "my next rig" written all over it.  But, I shall be patient.  In light of what the Schiit family is going through right now, I want them to take all the time they need.    Love to hear your impressions after you do.  Hey, wouldn't it be cool if your birthday was during the meet?  And we all went out together?    I know, me = lucky bastard.    That definitely sounds like a multi-table setup, especially if the...
 Have a good time, and travel safe bro! 
 Wow, Brooks Berdan is coming?  I'm feeling two worlds (Head-Fi & LAOCAS) collide here.    It was pretty much the worst kept secret to begin with, so might as well reveal. 
 Lol, no worries mate.    Well, it has a pleasingly warm signature that some actually prefer to the AK240 (and its ilk).   I'm inclined to go with sonicaudio's rationale here.  The AK120 and 1p2 did not pair well, and I believe that is due to compounding two like signatures.
 Wow, now there's something we don't see (hear) everyday. 
 Awesome!  Might need to use an adapter as Bill is running an Asgard 2, but should be workable just fine.    In retrospect, it might be because I hadn't had my coffee yet.    Thanks for the clarification though!  Excellent!    I agree.  I've heard Tyll's pair, and it's pretty amazeballs.
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