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 Lol, here's a fun fact for y'all... If only 32 people wind up completing their SHaG cards, then EVERYONE WINS!   
 LOL, with all due respect to RHA, these are pretty different from the MA750.  These are much better!  I can't wait until @Dsnuts and @sfwalcer get a hold of these.  Things are gonna get kinda cray cray.
 Any ones in particular?
Muppet, any impressions of Thom Yorke's new EP (Tomorrow's  Modern Boxes)?  
 That is correct.  And in that sense, both are perfectly valid, regardless of whether we agree or not.  In any case, I believe you have made your position clear.  I believe I have done the same regarding my position.  And I would be fine laying this subject to rest if you are, and leaving RHA to decide what they feel is best.
 I think so too, though that alone should not disqualify him in any way.  There are several others in the thread who joined up just to post their application for a unit as well.  It's because this offer was posted to the Head-Fi Facebook Group, and I would imagine that there are a few lurkers there who saw it and responded to it.  That's fine.  Perhaps not ideal given their lack of community involvement up until now, but not exactly against the rules since they are...
There are two separate issues here.  Issue no. 1 is your negative experience with a different RHA product.  Issue no. 2 is your request for a T10i review sample.  Those two are not related, and you should stop trying to use your discontent from issue no. 1 to weasel a positive result from issue no.2.  No, perhaps they should honor their warranty and replace your defective unit.  That should make you feel better about their company, and that is a reasonable expectation....
Well hello there!     I'm honestly going to be playing massive catch-up with everything that's been posted so far.
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