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 That was the best part! Like getting to the chorus of a song... memories.
 That's a tough question there.  But let me just say that I'm in the same boat as you, so yes I knowhatumean.  The past year, and the year to come, are going to be lean years for me - so I also had to think about whether I should be getting a Carbon at this time.  But in the end, I came to the following conclusions: I know that I want the Carbon, and favor it over a lot of other gear I have around here. Seeing as how I envision getting it sooner or later, I'd rather get it...
 Um, wut?  Seriously though, I'm not even sure what you're describing, and that concerns me because you might have a much bigger issue on your hands there.
 Yeah, Ima give him funny looks for a while to see if he cracks under the pressure... um, or not rather, as I kinda like how he's thinking these days.    Lol, don't say that, @DigitalFreak is gonna go apeschiit with anticipation! YOU'RE FREE!    I know who I'm voting for!   
Wait a tick, first you sell us an endgame amp for under $600, then you tell us not to spend money unnecessarily... are you sure you're a hi-fi audio manufacturer?  Because you're not sounding like one right now.  
 Lol, we've got a few months of waiting ahead, and we're bored.    Wow... them's some strong words there.     Also, someone finally started an impressions thread for Nashville:
Impressions Thread:
I know!  Don't make me feel worse, lol!    I haven't been there in almost 20 years... and I wasn't in Head-Fi then so I've never met the NY crew (except for you and Vinnie that is).  
 Hey Tom, I had wanted to come, but it looks like I won't be able to make it either.    Like dusk, I have a conflict on that date. Wishing you guys a terrific meet, as it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!  Please give everyone my best!  
 Excellent, then I'll leave mine at home.    I'll bring the EL-8 Open, to round out the family.    Awesome, leaving Abyss at home then.    Because ban hammer.    Also, Jude's bringing the Carbon proto.  I'll be bringing an early portable proto that has a special feature not found in the protos that were at CanJam SoCal.  Hmm, some ETHER-on-ETHER action... BRING IT!    What are you going to drive it with, WA5?  I'll probably have an LG or LAu at the meet for...
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