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 @Dillan, in that case, I would specifically recommend that you consider the Elear over the Utopia... and would do so even if they were the same price.  
I had the opportunity to audition these for hours on end, on my own rig, and I wholeheartedly concur with Jude... with the one exception that I find the Utopia to be far more exciting than the Elear.    Yes, at $3,999, it's not what would typically be considered affordable, but I can tell you guys that I find it superior (by far) to another $4k flagship that comes to mind.
These sound fantastic!
We're almost there fellas!    
 Just so y'all know, the answer is not in there.    Although a few other brands are... just to throw y'all off the track.
 @Zashoomin, are you sure you don't need a full table?  
 Lol, I met you way before Canlanta.  In fact, it was at Newport, which is coming up real fast.  ANNIVERSARY!  
 I'm so sorry Bob.    I went through that, a few years back, and it's never easy. But I also remember that many of my friends here on Head-Fi helped me get through that time by being there for me... and that made it easier if not easy. So if you think I can help, you lemme know okay?   
Here's a little story for you guys.     I'll begin by describing one of the more useful features of being in an Apple ecosystem.   If you happen to have a multitude of Apple devices, you can have your other devices alert you whenever you get a phone call.  For example, when I get a call on my iPhone, my iPad and Mac Book Pro will also ring.  Moreover, I can even answer from those non-iPhone devices as well.  I usually don't, but I could if I wanted to.  Anyway, my...
 I hope everything is okay?  Please feel free to PM me if you want to chat about it.    Oh... that video!    Don't be so sure about that.  I once thought as you did.  And now look at what's happened!  
New Posts  All Forums: