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 Lol, yup.  We made a little joke about that in our review.    Actually, it's not.    The unit we reviewed didn't have an accompanying case (it was way in advance of the nicely boxed units).  Multiple drops and not a scratch on it.  In case y'all don't know what review I'm talking about:
 Both are pretty close to the AK240... as both are machined from a solid block of aluminum.  The only major difference that I can see is the use of carbon fiber on the back of the AK240, versus something other than that for the AK100II and AK120II.  Still, I don't imagine that the carbon fiber makes THAT much of a difference.  So assuming that the internals are assembled similarly well, then yeah, the durability should be roughly on par as well. They certainly feel as...
Welcome Kenn! 
 You mean like a beater audiophile DAP?  Simply for the fact that it costs much less, I'd award the AK120II that role.  However, I would like to point out that the AK240 we tested and reviewed is one tough SOB.  It stood up to multiple drops, and I challenged anyone and everyone to find even so much as a mark on it.  They - including Amos - could not.
 At first, the familial resemblance in terms of signature is very obvious.  It actually took a little while to be able to consistently detect the differences.  Don't get me wrong, the AK120II is a very, very, very good player.  But every time I would switch to it from the AK240, I lost a little bit in terms of staging and coherency... which saddened me because the AK240 is effing pricey!  Only one of my test tracks was DSD, the others were all PCM.  I found the differences...
 I try to be pretty chill and understanding most of the time... but in this case, I felt that was warranted.
 No, you do not. I'm sorry, but I just don't believe you.  You've practically made a little career of selling review samples here on Head-Fi: 1. DUNU 5X 150 Received (1/1/12): (6/28/12):  2. Hisound Crystal Reviewed (6/6/12): ...
Ah, yeah, it kinda is.   Just something we say 'round these parts... for good reason. 
The "sorry about your wallet" thing you mean?
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