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Liquid Carbon Nope, not yet.  We're finalizing a few things here... some very important things... which I know you guys will like.  Please be patient with us fellas?  It will be worth the wait.      Lol, do you mean the fingerprint magnet thing?    It's a bonus feature.  In addition to sounding great, the Liquid Carbon can also help solve crimes.   Thank you sir!    Yes, correct.  Unless someone switched them while I wasn't looking... which would have been relatively easy...
 I have a pic that proves how gnarly it was!  
Lol, I just tried to do one of my ginormous quote-fu posts... and failed miserably!    It looks like I'm going to have to break this all up into different products, which would probably be tidier anyway for replies.  Liquid Spark  Thanks guys!  We're particularly proud of the upcoming Liquid Spark.  Those of you with a longer memory will recall that this has been under development for a looooonnnnggggg time.  We're glad that the final voicing has been locked down, and that...
Hi everybody!     I hope everyone had a good time at CanJam SoCal 2016.  As you guys probably know, this was the first independent CanJam that @third_eye and I worked on, so it will always have a special place in my heart.  I'm thrilled to see that every one had such a good time.  Thanks to Team CanJam!   And for everybody that came by to spend time with us, either in the Cavalli/MrSpeakers room, or in our Tungsten room upstairs - thank you so much!  I know how...
Liquid Tungsten Audition Slots Hi guys!    Based on your requested audition times, here are your time slots:   12:00 PM velvetx 12:15 PM CrocCap 12:30 PM artemart 12:45 PM sonictransducer 1:00 PM audiojun 1:15 PM Khragon 1:30 PM husafreak 1:45 PM buke9 2:00 PM rajivavora 2:15 PM swampsong 2:30 PM ??? 2:45...
 Sure thing guys!    Awesome!  Thanks for being super flexible!  Nope, the auditions are happening on Saturday.  PM me though, with the times that you'll be there on Sunday, and lemme see what I can do.    Wow, packed already!    Look forwards to meeting you!   Fun times, and the show hasn't even started yet!  Me too!    Awesome!  I'll book you in the first free slot!  
Thanks guys!  You're locked in for those times.  I'll send you location-specific details as soon as I have them.  Seems like even longer than that!  
 Correct.    RMAF covers a much wider range of topics, as befitting the scope of the show. FWIW, as I used to organize the personal audio panels at both SoCal and RMAF, the quality of the personal audio panels is comparable at both.  The mood of the discussions vary, especially when we get to Q&A, because the audience then determines what direction the conversation goes in.  But qualitatively, panels at both shows are equally informative.
 OH SNAP!    
 Again, I shall refer you to @bangkokkid  
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