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Okay, we're now just a few days away from the big unveiling!    As such, it is now my duty to throw in a plot twist! In addition to the three products mentioned previously, there is now a FOURTH product making its debut at SchiitShow 2015.  I was going to let you guys guess at what it might be... but I know that would be torture, so I'll just tell you.  [[SPOILER]]  Yeah, you read that right.  And no, I'm not bullschiiting you.  Jude will have all the details shortly, so...
 Hi Dmitri, I did not receive your list of CanJam London 2015 specials.  Could you please PM them to me?  Thanks!   
Hello everybody!     For those of you interested in knowing what show specials will be offered - as well as what SHaG prizes are available - we've updated both of those posts!   Show Specials:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/762797/canjam-london-2015-is-official-august-29-30-2015#post_11506850 SHaG Details:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/762797/canjam-london-2015-is-official-august-29-30-2015#post_11506851
Sure he does.   
 Lol, now a thread has spawned a thread, which has spawned another thread!  It's getting generational up in this biotch!  
I just took a step back, and I find it remarkable that there exists an entire thread to cover the search for a DAC to pair with the Carbon.  I can't think of another amp in recent memory that has sparked this kind of excitement for a complementary DAC.   
Just in case you guys are wondering, yes, I have heard both the old pot and the new pot.  There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, I want the new pot and won't accept anything less.  
 Yup, we sure will!    We're just assembling final prize information now. 
Nope, we've got ya covered mate.  
Hey everybody, IT'S T-SHIRT TIME!       Those of you who have ordered t-shirts at our meets and shows before already know this drill.    To reserve your shirt, please reply (post in this thread, do not PM) with your Head-Fi handle, the size you want, and how many of that size that you want - all separated by pipes. If you need to order multiple sizes, please start a new line.  For example, this is my "order":   warrenpchi|L|3 warrenpchi|S|1   The above order...
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