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 Yes, by all means, bring your gear and your music!  That way, you can audition whatever it is you are missing or want to upgrade.  
***IMPORTANT***  When are you arriving?   Seems like a ton of us are getting in early in the week, so we should start coordinating and getting our social on!    In fact, some of you are getting in as early as Monday (you know who you are).   We can hang out, enjoy each others' company, have ad hoc mini meets (I have a JH Layla, Audeze EL-8 Open Back, A&K AKT5p, Cozoy Astrapi, and some secret prototypes with me), or just enjoy a world without slush, ice and downed power...
Good morning everyone!    We are now 171 hours and 8 minutes away.
 Actually, that reminds me, try to leave early if you can?  A few of my friends and I have been cursed with cancelled flights this winter due to weather.  
 Be good to finally meet you.   Only us beach city and south bay peeps get fog though... we'll be in Costa Mesa.   
 From last Spring's SoCal meet if I recall correctly... 
 Hey Aaron, do you happen to know what's going on with stoney?
To all my friends in places where it snows... please know that our Springs are like your Summers.  Bring one set of your normal attire to avoid freezing to death when you're leaving or returning home.  Other than that, it's basically "shorts weather" here.
 Lol, unless you become an exhibitor at CanJam, no.  Pretty sure I hooked klesk up?
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