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 Lol, it's not that.  Let's just put it this way, @jw111 has a greater fascination for Steely Dan's Gaucho than any man I've ever known.
Thanks bro!    Send me the code! 
 That could work, but they'd have to license the rights to the photos.    Yes, by all means!  The more we have to choose from, the better! 
 This.  Seriously good.
The Official 2014 SF Head-Fi Meet Giveaway   Since it's not really a raffle... and more like a giveaway as we're not selling tickets... let's just call it what it is.  So, here's the lowdown on the prizes and how the giveaway works.     The Prizes (current as of Tuesday, July 15th, 2014)   LCD-2 w/Fazor in Bamboo (courtesy of Audeze) IEM cable (courtesy of Audio DNYA) Complete Out of Your Head software package (courtesy of Darin Fong Audio) HM-700 DAP &...
Hey y'all!    Just wanted to share the meet map with you guys.     Of special note is the new portable lounge room.  We've been noticing that there's a lack of space for people to check out each other's portable rigs - so we got some extra space with a huge conference table and big comfy chairs.  There should be plenty of room to lay out some portable rigs, mess with interconnects, change tips, etc. 
 @hselburn, you need to meet @jw111.  He'll be at the Cavalli Audio table. 
Talking to TAVES now, looks like this is gonna happen! 
 Nice!  Nope, not a bad thing at all that they're like guitar picks.    Just wanted to mention that in case it sparks any ideas.  LOL!    Thanks dude!    Yup, both of those dates work for mee! 
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