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Frankly, I'm surprised that no one has posted anything like the following:   "Alex, I love the way the Carbon sounded at [INSERT_SHOW_ATTENDED_HERE].  I was wondering if you could tell me what cables you used so that I can get the same ones.  Thanks"
Yay!  Thanks Amos!  
 I've just checked with the powers that be, you are indeed special!  I'm optimistic!  I've invited 305 Head-Fiers to join, which is more than enough to overtake the SoCal group (which is currently in the #1 spot with 198 members).
 That remains to be seen... 
This varies by municipality, but generally, it's not strict at all in any of the larger cities.   In NYC, you cross when you can, where you can.  If that happens to not be at a crosswalk, then so be it.  At most, I've only gotten a visual tsk tsk from a nearby policeman.  Here in Los Angeles, it's even more liberal than that, and there basically is no enforcement of anti-jaywalking ordinances at all.   So you'd probably love it here in that respect!   Having said...
We are now the 5th most popular group on Head-Fi!
 Yup, that's Moe (a.k.a. Maurice).  You totally missed that.  Not only did he have his own IEMs, but he was also curating nearly two dozen IEMs that Jude brought over.  It was quite a sight to see (and hear).  You should totally PM him!   
 SR-009.  Sound like me when I get too hot.
 That's dedication!  
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