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Haha, looks like you guys did fine without me!  
Lol, that reminds me of the joke we made at CanJam SoCal:  From up close, it looks like an audio t-shirt; from afar it looks like a martial arts t-shirt.  Either way, we're kicking ass!   
 IOW, "my give up."  
Welcome back to Head-Fi!    Sadly, £200 isn't what it used to be... that said, I'd take a look at Fiio's X3 (2nd gen) or Shanling's M2.
If you guys schedule a little meet-up for when I'm in town, we'll have even more to listen to!
Welcome to Head-Fi!    Sorry about your wallet.     Happy listening!  
 Yes, but you still know what they sound like, and what IEMs would work with them.  My logic is sound.   
Here ya go,  
 IIRC, I think he's familiar with those genres.    He does.    You read my mind.    Welcome!   
 @Stillhart, where are you?
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