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 BTW, there are meets in Winnipeg. 
 Yup!    Good thing we have three days.
Since I've been drawing the prizes for the past four of these in our Cali meets/shows, I've been ineligible.    The last one particularly stung because there was an HD 800 in the mix.   Luckily I don't have to manage the prize drawing this time... SO I'M SO FREAKIN' ENTERING THIS ONE. 
Silent [One] September? 
 That's true. But there is a problem with expanding the map to show the registration desk.  At that point, the map would be covering 60% of the width of the hotel's ground floor, with is double the current map's coverage of 30% of that same width.  The resulting map would simply be to small to read.   This is more of an abstract infographics map, which uses the main lobby, atrium, and Front Range Trading Post as points by which someone can get their bearings.  If someone...
 That works for me.    BTW guys, there's a little lounge area right in the middle of CanJam with comfy chairs and little coffee tables and such.  That might be a good place too.
So... what's everyone up to these days? 
 I think so... especially for those of us on an audition mission.  Gotta have a known source (and amp) for testing headphones, gotta have a known headphone and/or IEM for testing rigs (or components thereof).  Just everyone bringing those two things alone can account for quite a bit of gear.    I guess the question is, should we try to get a scheduled time going?
 **** that!    I'm on vacation!  Actually, I'll be working, so I doubt I'm going to make it out of CanJam at all.  I don't imagine anyone will have problems finding where CanJam is once they get inside the Marriott.  But just in case, here's a map that you can save on your phones:   Random Head-Fiers walking the show always seem to have gear on them that others want to hear.  Maybe we should set up an ad hoc mini meet somewhere?  The Head-Fi table in CanJam maybe?
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