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We're definitely going to do this at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Plus it'd be good to hang out again!   ATM though, we are furiously working on announcing the second Carbon run, before a lynch mob starts forming.  Hmm, are those torches and pitchforks I see outside???     On another note, love the impressions that Scot Hull and Chris Martens left in their show reports for Part-Time Audiophile and Hi-Fi+ respectively: 
 Cool, I should be around... assuming I'm not in Munich at the time.    Lol, it took a while!    For those not in on our private joke, his review is looooonnnnnggggggg.  For sure!    Yup!  I might be at Munich as well, just not sure yet.  I'll be at CanJam London for sure!    Hey Aaron, I sure will, though I hope to be doing at least some of these sessions in the Bay Area as well.  Just FYI.    Hey bro, thanks for being there!  You rocked it, and we couldn't have done it...
Nope, not yet, but we will soon... very likely within a week's time.  
 I was super tired each and every single night that I was there... but I have to admit, that room was great fun!  LOL, your QP1R comparisons are... um... comprehensive!   Yeah, I'm actually thinking about doing a little mini-meet around here, and bringing the Tungsten out for more auditions.  That's why I ask, because I'm thinking that we might want some quieter and more extended auditions.    You know what else is funny about that?  @jw111's relative lack of motion in...
I think it's luck of the draw sometimes.  I've gotten stopped for absolutely nothing before.  And yet, a few years ago, I was carrying box of tubes wrapped in some serious audio cabling.  The only thing I was missing was an alarm clock and some duct tape.  Went through with flying colors.  Go figure.
 LOL, uh oh, this thread is about to get super long!         Hey @moedawg140, did you get a chance to get a quiet audition with the Tungsten?
 Of course, anytime!    Again, sorry if I wasn't being clear before.  It's been an extremely hectic week here in the aftermath of CanJam SoCal.
 I'm sorry, please let me clarify. All of our premium amps (Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold, Liquid Lightning 2T) are being discontinued on April 19th (the last day to order is April 18th). Because the second run of Liquid Carbons will not ship until well after that, there is no way for anybody to upgrade from a second-run Carbon to any of the premium amps... rendering any and all comparisons between them moot.  So a more fitting question might be... What is the...
Just got back from the airport.  I'm experiencing such a profound combination of anger and disappointment right now, you don't even know.  
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