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 Believe it or not, this was an agonizing choice for us.  Here's a little backstory on how we made the decision... For the past few years, the most frequent comment we've received about the LAu is that the faceplate was too subdued and hard to make out.  The comments were all roughly the same lines:  (1) it looks great out of the box; (2) it still looks pretty good a month later; (3) WHY DID YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO READ, ESPECIALLY WHEN I'M LISTENING AT NIGHT?!?!?! Since we...
You'll never forget it!    I love all of the CanJams... but there's something very special about CanJam @ RMAF for me. First of all, it was my first, so it popped my CanJam cherry. But here's what it really comes down to:  it's out in the middle of Bumfudge, Egypt and there's not that much to do outside of the show.  Yes, technically Denver isn't too far away, but more often than not everybody stays local.  As a result, it's three days of all of us being in the same place,...
 The first batch shipped today!   
 RMAF maintains a channel on YouTube, and they traditionally post them up as these are their seminars.  That said, there is usually a delay of 4-8 weeks before they get posted, IIRC.  
This just keeps getting better and better! Richard Diaz just won a Questyle QP1 DAP! Wonder what the next giveaway will feature? Gotta go, the food just got here!
The party continues! Our buddy Jonathan Cheng just won a pair of 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth/Passive over-ear headphones. He had a choice of either red or blue, and he went for the red one, good choice! Next giveaway is at 2:00p!
Hi y'all! Jason's birthday party is in full swing here! We're having a great time listening, hanging out, and goofing off. But more importantly, we just had our first giveaway, and long-time Head-Fier mice_blue just won himself a brand new AudioQuest DragonFly! We're doing these birthday giveaways every hour, on the hour, and the next one is at 1:00p. So hurry up and get down here, you're missing some valuable win opportunities!
 Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the first of our final LAu units should begin shipping on September 15th (about a week from now).     I concur!    My Utopia impressions were gathered with a LAu:  www.head-fi.org/t/811270/focal-elear-and-utopia-review-preview-with-measurements-head-fi-tv/540#post_12664561​   Where did you get your demo pair from?  I might be able to help with getting you a deadline extension on those?  
 Listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about.   
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