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 Yup!  Too bad I missed that one.  I had gone to the one the year before, but I couldn't make it last year.    Hey, that's very cool!  Oh, that reminds me, I still think CEE TEE's idea of putting together a guidebook for people planning "my first meet" is a great idea.  Has there been any movement on that at all?
 For that specific usage case, no, no cons.  Just out of curiosity, what was the deal?
 That was the best part! Like getting to the chorus of a song... memories.
 That's a tough question there.  But let me just say that I'm in the same boat as you, so yes I knowhatumean.  The past year, and the year to come, are going to be lean years for me - so I also had to think about whether I should be getting a Carbon at this time.  But in the end, I came to the following conclusions: I know that I want the Carbon, and favor it over a lot of other gear I have around here. Seeing as how I envision getting it sooner or later, I'd rather get it...
 Um, wut?  Seriously though, I'm not even sure what you're describing, and that concerns me because you might have a much bigger issue on your hands there.
 Yeah, Ima give him funny looks for a while to see if he cracks under the pressure... um, or not rather, as I kinda like how he's thinking these days.    Lol, don't say that, @DigitalFreak is gonna go apeschiit with anticipation! YOU'RE FREE!    I know who I'm voting for!   
Wait a tick, first you sell us an endgame amp for under $600, then you tell us not to spend money unnecessarily... are you sure you're a hi-fi audio manufacturer?  Because you're not sounding like one right now.  
 Lol, we've got a few months of waiting ahead, and we're bored.    Wow... them's some strong words there.     Also, someone finally started an impressions thread for Nashville:
Impressions Thread:
I know!  Don't make me feel worse, lol!    I haven't been there in almost 20 years... and I wasn't in Head-Fi then so I've never met the NY crew (except for you and Vinnie that is).  
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