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 Off-topic, but it sounds like you've been hanging out at Reddit.  
Yes, but I mean well.  
 I see now where things have gone pear shaped.  At CanJam London, you'll have to try the Uber cable.  Then you'll find yourself truly conflicted between the 1p2 and Layla.  
 Right???    Did you hear it on the Theta/Decware rig or the Violectric rig?
Really looking forward to this now!    Wondering what I should bring...?
The Stance S1+ is one of those units that makes you re-think Bluetooth audio quality.
I was just listening to the Savant while watching one of Lachlan's videos.  It made him sound far less ranty and much more balanced in terms of perspective.  #savantisprettyamazing
 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Off-topic... LOVE YOUR AVATAR!  
   I would heavily suggest choosing on the basis of sonic preferences before factoring in price... "cheapest" doesn't mean anything if you don't like the way it sounds.  Sounds like Gisele needs to exhibit at CanJam London 2015!   
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