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 It's going to be awesome sauce!   
   Good thing you caught it before paying!  I picked up a deal sometime ago (might still be active) where I got the entire discography for under £10.
Hi all!     A quick tangent if I may... was there any new music that you discovered at CanJam London?  If so, please share?   One of the tracks that we were demoing with, was a Yosi Horikawa piece named "Bubbles" that was a relaxing sonic treat.  I wasn't at the booth the whole time to know if all of you enjoyed it (seminars, duty called), but I hope that everybody enjoyed it through the Liquid Tungsten and the ETHER Flow!     And you can learn more about Yosi...
Hi y'all!     As many of you already know, we're switching up our Summer Series schedule this weekend!  Instead of the regularly scheduled event, we'll be supporting our good friends from Schiit Audio to celebrate Schiit Show 2!   It's going to be super fun, and we invite y'all to join us there!  Please click on the graphic below to learn more.       And as a special surprise, we're going to post an updated Summer Series schedule after Schiit Show 2.     We've...
Congratulations Val!  
 Good to see you again @Odin412!  The Liquid Gold was fed by an AK500N, while the Liquid Carbon was fed by an AK380.    Also, I just wanted to thank you guys and gals for coming out and spending your Saturday afternoons with us today.  It was a beautiful day today, made all the better with us listening to music and hanging out together.  Thanks!   I also wanted to mention that - in case you guys missed the event today - @TSAVJason, @shiorisekine and I left the Cavalli rigs...
Lol, that's a reference to something I wrote when I reviewed the original ETHER: "The ETHER is ridiculously comfortable due to its absurdly low weight and nearly non-existent clamping force. In fact, it’s just about the most comfortable circumaural headphone I’ve ever worn… with the possible exceptions of a Sennheiser HD 800 or a Denon AH-D7000.At only 370 grams, the ETHER weighs in as one of the lightest top-of-the-line headphones I’ve ever used – and it’s definitely the...
 LOL!    ...which is still less than the weight of a human hand.  
Wow, thanks for all the info and impressions @jude!  @MattTCG, I'm definitely looking forward to your thoughts buddy, as I know we both share similar thoughts about the original ETHER.   I'll be updating this post with my impressions as well, but that might take a little time, especially since things are pretty hectic today.  For now, I'll simply leave an excerpt from some stuff I've already jotted down:  [[SPOILER]]  
Reserved for a pending announcement about a special event.  I'll update y'all soon!    
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