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Chicago, I am inside you!
I'll contact them to see what can be arranged.  
 I haven't yet, though I wouldn't mind checking them out.  I've got an AH-D7000 and an AH-D7100 here for comparison, and I think it'd be interesting to do a three-way multi-generational shoot-out.  I've got that here as well, so maybe a four-way shoot-out?
 We should have a record of that.  If you can PM me with your name, email, and LC serial number, I'll be able to check our list to make sure you're on it.  
 And it seems that they're not even going to use it... apparently they just want to profit off it!   Thanks to @boneofimba's vigilant eye, the culprits have been found!   Somebody named jonsaudio is trying to sell Carbon #700 on an Indonesian site called Tokopedia:  And they're also trying to fraud whomever might buy it, by crudely attempting to change the serial number to 480.  boneofimba wisely snapped...
Well of course!   Did you get to hear it at CES?  It was relatively close by to you for a couple of days, at that place where you wanted to talk to them about the thing that I brought a few days earlier.
     I wish I didn't have to compound that with more bad news, but after years of being very careful - and having the best customers that any company could hope for - we've finally gotten hit with a bit of credit card fraud over the holidays.   So, as a quick public service announcement to anybody in the market for a second-hand Carbon 2.0, please know that Liquid Carbon #700 is NOT covered under warranty.  It's now considered stolen property.  Please don't buy it. We...
@Dutch1Schaefer, did you make a purchase yet?  There's a new IEM coming out soon that I think you'll like.  I can't talk about it yet, as I've been sworn to secrecy on it, but if you can wait a while, I think you'll like it.
How much of the rig are you looking for?  IOW, have you already got the source covered and you just need a headphone (and possibly an amp)?  Also, do you have a preferred sound signature?   
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