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The impressions thread is now live! http://www.head-fi.org/t/779242/canjam-london-2015-impressions-thread-august-29-30-2015
Post 'em if you got them mates!
Oh Cavalli forgive me, for I know not what I have done!     And here you guys thought I was just messing around...     And NO, I will absolutely NOT say whether or not I am listening to a prototype of it, so don't ask.  
 Lol, I have no idea what you're talking about.      BTW guys, just to chime in on the IEM cable discussion... I would personally do the following when sourcing a balanced cable for IEMs: 1.  Get them terminated for A&K players (2.5mm TRRS).  That is about as small as it can get.2.  Get adapters built for all other terminations (RSA, XLR, etc.).
Hi everyone, I have a few last minute updates for you!     First of all, a bit of news.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Member Showcase will not be happening this year.  As we've learned from experience, the first few CanJams in any given region tend to see much excitement from attendees at the wide variety of exhibits available, and very few of us want to be stuck babysitting our own rigs at such an event.  We look forward to holding it soon, but it just...
 On that note, I am continually surprised at the feedback on the LC so far.  Hundreds have auditioned under meet conditions, about a dozen have auditioned under loan conditions, and not a single negative impression so far.  That's pretty darned impressive.
 From my "experience" (ahem), keyed feet of a specific shape and orientation usually signals some intention to mate it with another complementary and matching component.  I wonder what would constitute such a thing?  Wait, did I just say that out loud?    TREASEL!    LOL!    And thus, the DAC-finding thread is re-ignited!  You have done well grasshopper!    Is California easier?  We're only days away from announcing anyway, but if you promise to keep it in this thread and...
 It weighs less than a human hand (assuming average sized male).  LOL!   
      Yup, RHA is an ardent Head-Fi supporter!    I can't prove this, but I'll bet you anything people would get extra special service if they said they were a Head-Fier when contacting customer service.
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