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Yup!  There is much to see and do here for her outside of the show.  With any luck she might like it enough to make an annual pilgrimage out here.  
   Lol, might find something here:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/763905/finding-a-dac-for-the-cavalli-liquid-carbon-only-four-months-to-go/390#post_11706218
 She'll be fine (yes it's a she).  If you think you'll have a hard time, a good tip is to try and avoid unnecessary eye contact.    I've actually been eyeing that, as well as a Total DAC, for a little while now.  Is the T+A detail galore?  Lol, your collection will finally be complete good sir!  
 That's a pretty fantastic combination there!  Wondering how Amarra 4 will affect the sound... I guess we'll know soon!    Lol, no I think it's great!  It's just been a running joke that there are so many Carbon threads.   If I have a vote, I'd cast it in favor of leaving this thread open.  And if you ask me, I even think the "Finding a DAC" thread should be re-opened as well as it was fairly useful.
Welcome to the sixth Liquid Carbon thread everybody!  
As always, Cavalli Audio will there!  And this time around, we should have something completely new!  
Good morning y'all!     As many of you have noticed, your Liquid Carbon 2.0 has shipped, and it is on it's way to you now.  In addition, there are more units shipping this week, and we expect to have all of them shipped out by the end of the week.   On behalf of all of us at Cavalli, I wanted to thank you for your patience during the production period.  I would also like to personally say I'm sorry for not communicating with you guys as much as I should have during...
 Smart man, avoiding the wilderness trek!
 Was there someone in particular that you were hoping for?    On another note, Sarah Jarosz came out with a new album and I only just found out about it!  My first CanJam was at RMAF as well, back in 2013.  And while I've been to, and worked on, other CanJams around the world... there's something unique and indescribable about CJ @ RMAF.  I have some words of experience for y'all, if I may: Don't miss your chance to audition or A/B.  Do you have reference headphones, or a...
New Posts  All Forums: