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 No idea.    That said, specs are not the be all and end all of products.  And also, I'm not sure anyone has proved that they have the same components yet?  Or has Vinnie done a tear down?  I think this is fairly likely.
Hey guys, sorry, but it looks like I'll have to miss it this year.  I wish you guys all the luck in the world though, and a fantastic meet!    On a side note... from one meet organizer to another (and as the person who does the graphics for our California meets)... LOVE THE ARTWORK YOU GUYS HAVE GOT GOIN' ON!   Might I suggest that you guys make a small run of t-shirts to commemorate the meet?  I'd buy one.
 Yeah but you NY guys are on a whole other level, so you don't count.   
  Yeah, definitely.  We're already at the point where most events would have crossed over into a multi-day format, so I think it being AT LEAST two days is now a necessity.
 Actually, Hajime has it.  Maybe you can convince him to bring it to the next LAOCAS function?    Hey dude, there are like six women in all of Head-Fi.  One was in Texas at the time of the meet.  Another didn't show up.  And four women were at our meet.  I'm pretty proud of that.    Now if only I could get Grado to come to one of our meets (because they NEVER EVER go to meets), then my meet organizer bucket list will be complete.  You mean the room you were in?    Or the...
Hey y'all, I'll be responding shortly,  I just have a family thing to take care of in the next few days. 
 Thanks guys!  I didn't get a chance to see the form responses (you guys remember how hectic things got towards the end).  I auditioned it against several other highly-regarded amps a few weeks ago, and it held it's own VERY well, so I'm very curious to know what everyone else thought of it. Yeah, I wish we could've accommodated more source and headphone options as well... but early on, the decision was made to not allow for the infinite case.  To make sure the data was...
Hey you guys, I didn't get a chance to talk to many of you about this... but did y'all get a chance to hear the super secret headphone amp that was at my table?  Any additional thoughts about that rig, good or bad?   BTW, I thought it was pretty awesome that we had some girls at our meet.  Not just girls that were dragged there kicking and screaming by their boyfriends, but girls that dig personal audio. 
 Big thanks to adorable for posting so many live update pics from the meet!    Most definitely, that's what impressions threads are for after all.    But yes, all impressions of any kind are most welcome! 
Impressions thread is up!   Post your live updates and pics fellas!
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