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 I would imagine so, as the microsuede is only available by request.  Good luck! 
BTW, you're going to love the LCD-XC's isolation.   I mention this because I'm trying to get some LCD-X ear time in, but there are some cats (felines) trying to shoot a pr0n video or something next door - so LCD-XC to the rescue!
 Lol, I hear ya.    No worries, and I for one love the enthusiasm there!  Hey, I have an idea!  Let's duck out of the meet for a little bit and go hit the nearest Ralphs.  Might as well grab the Coffee and Donuts one while we're at it. 
 Okay you're all good then!    As for music, basically Dream Theater will do it.  My personal test for how cleanly a rig or headphone can resolve is:   Wow, I knew the LCD-3 was on The Price Is Right, but I didn't know the LCD-XC was.    Why does Head-Fi not have a ::facepalm:: emoticon?   Right with you there buddy!  I'm reviewing the LG now, and I love it so much that I'll probably end up buying the thing! 
 Oh lol, that'll be epic!    If that's all it is, I would be disappointed that they didn't infuse essence of donut into the ice cream.    I didn't actually try it, and the pics are less than explanatory, so I might give it a go next.  No worries, you'll have a half table next to us.  It'll be a good time, and sux 2 b them!    Welcome to Head-Fi!    Sorry about your wallet...   OMG, you're gonna have such a good time.  Did you want some table space?
 HAHAHA!  Ever the kid in a candy store bro, lookin' good!    No idea, though from a personal audio standpoint, there technically was no CanMania last year.  So CanMania-wise, we jumped from no attendance to however it was this year, which of course means infinite growth %.
Holy moly Lee!  Still not exactly like being there, but your pics are the next best thing!    First, a quick shout out to all of our friends who were exhibiting (i.e. working and not able to enjoy the show)... my boys Brannan (Noble Audio), Dan (MrSpeakers), Owen (Astell&Kern), Jimmy (Astell&Kern), Mike (Woo Audio), Simon (Woo Audio), Drew (Moon Audio), Mat (VPI) - and of course the one and only Mr. Alex Rosson (Audeze) - love you guys, wish I had been there! ...
 At Ralphs, it's Kroger's Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream.  Another flavor they have is Coffee and Donuts (no joke).  I have a feeling that one was created for law enforcement.
 Well, neither actually.    They withdrew from the upcoming L.A. meet... again.  If they keep teasing like this, the only thing that'll be blue are my balls.
So I went out for ice cream tonight.  It's been hot, and after the week I've had, I so deserve it.  As I'm perusing the flavors, one catches my eye.   Now, y'all should know that I love lemon.  I also love sugar cookies.  And of course, love ice cream, LOVE IT!  So what did I find?   LEMON SUGAR COOKIE ICE CREAM!   Lemme tell ya' there aren't that many things in the world better than lemon sugar cookie ice cream.  I mean, just think about that as a concept.  Bad ass...
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