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 Here, go try your luck again in HiFiMAN's CanJam Music Appreciation Contest   
Ring Them Bells by Sarah Jarosz        -or-   Wild Mountainside (Live) by Trashcan Sinatras        -or-   Get Your Hopes Up by Taylor Eigsti     Honorable mention would be No Scrubs by TLC
   It was great meeting you, even if it was so short!    Marcus is reading the above and weeping right now.    Amos was so happy, I think he smiled for 30 minutes non-stop!   
 He was there all weekend!    He's the brains behind the Riva Audio Bluetooth speakers.
 For those of you who weren't there, we technically announced CanJam London 2015 at CanJam SoCal 2015.  We did it quietly and without much fanfare, but it was the entire inside back cover of our official show guide.    So no, definitely not a joke.
I think that - at some point - there needs to be a Woo Audio WA8 vs ALO Continental Dual Mono vs Analog Squared Paper comparo.  
 *** IMPORTANT! *** As Donald clarified above, there are TWO new Cavalli amps about to be finalized and released.  This thread is about the long-awaited portable amp, currently named "Liquid Silicon" as a working title. I've gone ahead and created a new thread for the Liquid Carbon, which is the new mini desktop amp.  That thread can be found at  Accordingly, I've moved some of the Liquid Carbon related...
Hey everyone, just performed a bit of thread maintenance to minimize confusion.     All of the posts in this thread BEFORE this post were moved over from the "New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works" thread.   All of the posts in this thread AFTER this post are native to this new thread that is dedicated to the Liquid Carbon.
 Yup, I'll be there for sure.  It's local and I go every year.  
• • • T-SHIRT INTEREST CHECK • • • Hey y'all, I've been asked by several of you, both at CanJam SoCal 2015 and afterwards in PMs, about the possibility of doing a second t-shirt run.  Is this something that a lot of you guys are interested in?   Thank you sir!    Will you be in Denver?  Or do I have to wait until CES to see ya again?
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