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Of course!  It was for you after all.  
 I think they've done much to address this.  Perhaps not definitively, but some excellent progress indeed.    Hmm, there's nothing I can do to stop this train is there?    Love your signature BTW.  It's honestly not bad at all.  I just tend to be a little harder on RHA in general because I've been tracking their progress since the MA350.  I have high hopes for them, and high expectations as well.  Whoa, hold on a second there mate... don't want to audition them first?  
 Lol, wait, before this spins wildly out of control... lemme take a moment to qualify that impression. So back at CanJam SoCal, I got to hear a prototype that I would most definitely characterize as bass-light.  What exactly do I mean by bass-light?  Think of an improperly driven K701... or a K3003 with a treble filter.  IOW, I think that unit would safely be characterized as being anemic in the lows by the vast majority of Head-Fiers.  Subsequently, we've learned that...
And some of us from the States as well?  BTW, it was nice to finally meet you in Munich.  😃
Hey y'all, just wanted to chime in that the latest T20 prototype at Munich was most certainly NOT bass-light anymore.   
 Sounds like you've got a winning combo mate!   Yeah, that expansive presentation in the 1p2 is really something.  And taken together with the bass, I found it akin to a D7000, albeit slightly less airy at the top end.  Well, I think you know what must me done (if you like it, then you should put a ring on it ).
 Wow, good score!   I've also been looking into local alternates for lodging as I expect the Hotel Russell to sell out.  Seems like there are a few surrounding hotels that - while not on par with the Russell in terms of luxury or convenience - are nonetheless fantastic deals.  For example, the Tavistock Hotel (only a few blocks away) has single rooms for only 78 pounds:  Really?  I haven't heard it, but have heard...
 Actually, I know for a fact that there's one person that comes before all of us, and that's the guy (or gal as there were women there) who won a Liquid Carbon in the CanJam SoCal 2015 SHaG.  And I suspect that Alex may want to keep #001 for himself.  So if he's #1, and the lucky SHaG winner is #2, and there is in fact none before me, then #3 is the earliest one that I'd get.  Hey, what else is early ordering good for?   
I am the order 396, thou shalt have no other orders before me!  
 I was #396.  
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